Sayings of great people about love - phrases that make you think

Sayings of great people about love - it is something inspiring and thought-provoking.What theme could be more widespread?Or rather, not even so ... The theme of love - it is eternal.We talk about it five hundred years ago, in the last century, today.And it will continue to talk.

Morality above all

It's not a secret that many of our predecessors were ardent champions of morality and honor.The same opinion was a great Anton Chekhov.He argued that the need to marry only for love.More precisely not the case - not needed and interesting.He said that to marry a girl just because of its appearance - it's the same way, if you buy on the market something unnecessary, but beautiful.It makes you wonder.And, apparently, the problem of estimating a person by his appearance there was in those days.It's no secret that the first thing to pay attention to the appearance, but such statements of great people love to remind us that, in addition to the eyes, you need more and focus on feelings and inner world.It is an

act of an intelligent man and a visionary.

Speaking of wise sayings of great men of love, more attention should be noted the phrase of St. John Chrysostom.He said that corruption is not just.It comes exclusively from a lack of love.This is the truth.After all, the presence of this high feeling to have no desire to debauchery.

Discord and unrequited love

Citations and statements of great people love not only inspire and inspire.There is such an expression in which the sad truth is hidden.For example, Shevelev said that for some people the family is a safe haven from adversity, but for others - a theater of war.Unfortunately, it is.Some people rush home to hug his beloved wife as soon as possible, while others linger longer at work or in bars, but would not see the person with whom life is just unbearable, and each sentence - a quarrel.

Dostoevsky, too, said one right thing: "Fall in love - love ... does not mean you can fall in love and hate."No need to think long to realize - we are talking about non-reciprocal feelings.Often it is about them compose sayings about love.Phrases, quotes, statements that read on the non-reciprocity, can affect virtually everyone.After all, almost all felt a sense of unrequited love.And it is so strong that you can even begin to hate with all my heart the object of his desire.Dostoevsky certainly knew about it and felt something similar.

Love - all drugs

Great Nietzsche's thought about high in a positive way.Not all the sayings of great men of love were so bright.He said: "There are only two ways to get rid of the pain. It's either a quick death or lasting love."And Nietzsche - is not the only one who thinks so.Not for nothing because there is still a saying - "a sweet paradise and in a tent."When a man feels wanted and loved, and the feeling is mutual, it is better not be nothing.Indeed any problems and suffering are almost imperceptible trifles.Or at least they become easier to carry.

approximately the same meaning is embedded in the phrase occurs in the Bible proverb: "Better a dinner of herbs and love with it, than a stalled ox and hatred."

That lives forever

Famous sayings of great men of love can raise doubts, confidence, frustration, they can find comfort and answers to questions.Short but powerful within the meaning of the phrase can even change the world.After reading the others, one is surprised - and this is true!So just ... writer Viktor Krotov the following words: "Love - a meeting of a lifetime."It is truth.We all know it, but in a way hardly anyone before it could formulate.And Maxim Gorky said that love - this is the desire to live.And he was right, too.It is in the human heart there is a sense (most importantly - each), for which he has - or rather, for whom exist.

Talking about the statements of great people about love, it should be noted attention to the phrase: "Goni love even at the door, she will fly out the window."It belongs Prutkov - a pseudonym under which published Alexei Tolstoy, three brothers and Alexander Ammosov Zhemchuzhnikov.It is not known exactly who said it, but the quote was published in the journal "Contemporary", infamous in the 19th century.And after all is said is true.As though a man renounce love, no matter how he wanted to fall in love, to lose his head, suffering (which many fear, because of what and beware of the high sense) - it would come to him in any way, without asking.Just out of the blue, when you least expect it.And this has to do with nothing.