The best historical novels about love

There are various criteria by which you can choose the best historical novels about love.For example, it may be the characteristics of publishers, critics.But the most proven way to assess the relevance of the book is the reader.That choice of readers determines which stories can be called the most interesting and exciting.

Romance, which should pay attention

novels for many of the world such a great feeling, like love, it is the main theme of the story.Despite the fact that the books about love experiences is often underestimated, there is a large list of historical novels about love, have become classics of the genre.Of course, every year there is a lot of works of dubious quality, boring, uninteresting and meaningless, but along with them there are real masterpieces, raises serious questions of life and simply bewitching readers.

Alexandre Dumas

Post rating of historical novels about love have rightly novels of Alexandre Dumas."Mary Stuart", "The Count of Monte Cristo," "The Iron Mask," "The

Three Musketeers" are real masterpieces of world literature.

Love vicissitudes through fantasy writer skillfully woven into the historical events in France that era.Reliable facts connected with the invention so that they become impossible to separate.Experts recommend that the first time to read "The Three Musketeers" in adolescence, when the imagination is still immature mind of the child is fully immersed in the exciting adventures.

E. Chadwick

very interesting and exciting are historical novels about love Elizabeth Chadwick.Her book "Treasures of King" touches upon the history, customs and traditions of the XIII century England.The novel is different bright and vibrant characters and almost detective intrigue.The authenticity of some historical events described in the novel, is disputed.But it is important to remember that the romance - it is not the history books.The author always reserves the right to invent and change some of the details for the sake of artistic design.

M. Mitchell

choosing the most interesting historical novels about love, not to mention the immortal story of "Gone with the Wind."From generation to generation, passed the incredible life story of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.Page after page of mood changes: the laughter rolls, then the tears pour eyes.This novel is so captures the knowledge that it is impossible to break away from him.Against the background of amorous passion and torment the young Scarlett describes the terrible war, it changed the lives of all of America.

popularity only book Margaret Mitchell can not be underestimated - translated into forty languages, the Pulitzer Prize, the world fame and 8 "Oscar" for filming.This book can be a desktop reference for a variety of issues: how to seduce a man, to fight off her husband make a dress out of old curtains, build a successful business and manage plantations.As the experience of Scarlett, no matter what happens in life, most importantly - to be a true lady.

K. McCullough

Sometimes love is sometimes too cruel and condemns people to a lot of tests.But worst of all, if at the end of the path awaits them is not a happy ending, and the frustration and bitterness.The novel "The Thorn Birds" tells a very sincere and sad story about love.According to an ancient legend, there is a bird that is his whole life looking for the thorny bush.And performed his best and most soulful song, it dies by throwing himself on the spikes.And Maggie, the main character of the novel, all life suffered because only love that could not bring her happiness.

So many dreams, false hopes, and disappointments experienced accusations of Maggie, but all in vain.After all, it only became Father Ralph, spiritual mentor of the family.And whatever he wanted, no matter how feelings raged in his soul, he could not retreat from this vow.

Domestic classics

According to surveys of two thousand Britons in the list of the best love stories included Russian classics.At the forefront of note by Leo Tolstoy and his great novel "War and Peace", which tells about the emotional experiences of the characters and the complexity of life on the background of the war of 1812.

In second place among the Russian love of historical novels - "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak.Sophisticated and touching love feelings between Yuri Zhivago and Lara left their mark in the hearts of people around the world.

Jane Austen

In the era of Romanticism Jane Austen book about ordinary people no different talents and beauty, stood out among the others.These novels have become a real phenomenon in the literature and have not lost their relevance so far.One of the most popular is "Pride and Prejudice" - a love story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.Roman psychologically accurately describes the development of feelings of a young girl and a man - from hatred to love, sincere and reverent.

Georgette Heyer

Many call George. Heyer one of the ancestor of the genre.Her historical novels about love almost with a precision pass particular historical epoch, its social and cultural characteristics.The popularity of the writer began to grow after the publication of her works of the era of Regency.One of these novels is "The Magnificent Sophie."Young girl returns to England from continental Europe and stopped in the house of her aunt.She soon realizes that all family members are deeply unhappy.And from the slope she tried mightily to make a "happy" family life, although Sophie about it nobody asked.

Choderlos de Laclos

Another masterpiece of literature is considered to be the novel "Dangerous Liaisons."This is the only book written by General Charles de Laclos artillery.The main characters of the novel became the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte Valmont - jaded and corrupt people.They are plotting intrigue, entice people.Having developed a sophisticated plan to seduce young Cecile, they play on people's feelings.And Viscount and Marquis peers think only of each other and talk about the details of his amorous conquests.But that all changed when the characters made a bet on the seduction of a married woman.The virtue of their next victim was much stronger than the depravity of Viscount.And Valmont falls in love with a beautiful woman, but forget about his dissolute past is not so simple.The novel consists of letters and, according to the author, he just made some amendments in them, and all the letters are genuine.These historical novels about women's love is not lost its relevance in the 21st century, because they tell us about the formation of the human soul and the power of virtue.

Diana Gabaldon

book "Stranger" and its sequel tells the story of a young woman of the forties of the 20th century, which by coincidence is transferred into the eighteenth century Scotland.Features that have historical short stories about love Diana Gabaldon, her work stands out against the background of others.Her style is different detailed description of the historical background, irony and originality of the main characters."Stranger" even appeared among the "hundred best books according to BBC», and this is a huge achievement for romance.

Charlotte Bronte

«Jane Eyre" - one of the most famous works in the world.The book, which over the years has not lost its charm and relevance.The novel, which has grown more than one generation, has been filmed many times, but no one film will not be able to transfer all of its power and charm.Charlotte Bronte's immortal works reread again and again.At the youthful age of the novel teaches prudence, in the mature - sincere and forgiving love.Until now, "Jane Eyre" rightfully occupies the highest position in the rankings of world literature.