"Polesskiye Robinson": summary.

Yanka Maur - the famous Belarusian writer, known for his literary and pedagogical activity.His real name - Ivan M. Fedorov.Throughout his life, the writer devoted to working with children, it was written many works on the life of adolescents.One of these works was the adventure story "Polesskiye Robinson".

combined total disaster

recall with a summary."Polesskiye Robinson" is a story about the amazing adventures of two young men, Victor and Myron.They are very different in character and preferences, however, even in a difficult situation, guys are true friends, ready to help at any moment.

book "Polesskiye Robinson" - a kind of encyclopedia of flora and fauna.Victor wondered fauna and everything connected with it, Myron prefers botany.The guys are totally dissimilar, yet they complement each other.Miron and Victor as two poles, so distant, but at the same time, the existence of one without the other is not possible.It is in a critical situation reveals their true nature, both are capable of true


circumstances in which got guys really proved extraordinary.The boys who dream about sea travel and the pursuit of exotic animals, in fact, did not go beyond the threshold of his museum.Their extensive theoretical knowledge, but skills are minimal - that's the whole problem.

How it all began?This tells you a summary."Polesskiye Robinson" - a book worthy to be read by every teenager.

ill-fated boat

Adventures of young men begin with the fact that they are on the lake during the spring flood.Comrades, sailing on a semblance of a boat, which all the time tries to turn over.The first time Myron and Victor lucky, they escaped with only a small fright, when the shuttle suddenly lurched sideways and scooped some water inside.For the second time luck turned away from them.The boat fell into the maelstrom, both fell into the water, and the canoe floated down the river.

What happened next?You will learn about this by reading the summary.Polesskiye Robinson will be taught how to behave in extreme conditions.

So Victor and Myron have to get to the shore by swimming, wet clothes, which is not so easy as it seems at first glance.After heavy fighting with the lake, they finally find themselves on the beach.Exhausted and stilled guys are falling without strength in the warm and dry land.When he came to, and a little rest, young men perform the audit of their pockets.It turns out that they survived a crust of bread, a little tobacco and four wet matches in the box.The boys decide to be content with what they have, and stay for the night.

first night

Victor and Myron found a place among the roots, veiled all their rookery dry leaves and put to bed.But sleep does not work, the guys were freezing.Then Victor came up with the idea about how to keep warm.It causes Myron compete.After a few minutes of brisk fighting, both lay and fell asleep again.I woke up their sharp cry.It turned out that the owl caught the hare.Schoolboys lucky enough to catch them both.

guys again trying to make fire.However, their grasps another setback.Victor and Myron again find themselves in a pit between their roots, and after many attempts to sleep overcomes them both finally sleep.

"Polesskiye Robinson": a quick guide to survival on a desert island

Waking up in the morning, the guys decide to make all your strength, and finally start a fire.Surviving the match were completely unsuitable.After several hours of effort reinforced the long-awaited fire finally appeared.

Now the travelers there is another problem: there is nothing to cut the hare.By applying his own ingenuity, the guys go out victorious from this situation.

Hunting and house

Miron and Victor go into the forest to make a living.Then again, they come to the aid received prior knowledge.They are hollow protein, full of nuts, then a little fungi.After a successful outing guys are happy, they are taken for the construction of housing.In this case, our Polesskiye Robinson succeed and build a great tent.

the end of the day they came up with the idea to fish with the help of his shirt.And then they make a kind of tank.As a result, die of hunger they are not threatened.

Life on the island

Days go by, children gradually mastered, and even meet dangerous wild animals such as wild boar, bear and snake.I found a hedgehog they use as a weapon, the snake - for catching grouse and turtle - as utensils.For life on the island guys acquainted with the animals and plants that inhabit the woodland and learn to make dishes out of clay.

After failing to get off the island guys are back to their former place of residence.About omitted if they hand in their work to tell you a writer Yanka Maur."Polesskiye Robinson" - a story filled with many obstacles, but with a happy ending.

man.Another attempt

returning, the young man suddenly find the butt of a cigarette.Plagued by doubts, they decide to be on the alert.

guys over and over again trying to get off the island.However, their attempts failed.

Forced to live in Polesie, Victor and Miron each day meet the animals and see that they really wanted before.For example, they get acquainted with the family of beavers.Guys with great trepidation and curiosity are watching their life.

unexpected meeting

suddenly appear on the island by two men with guns.From their conversation, our heroes learn that the bandits want to kill them, because at this point they are illegal storage of things, in addition, they are saboteurs.Smugglers is necessary for two weeks to leave the island, then they promise to go back and figure out exactly what happened to Victor and Miron.

most interesting moments tells summary.Polesskiye Robinson decide to be well prepared for their arrival.While searching for food the young man suddenly find the same warehouse smugglers, which was discussed in the beaver hut.There they find a gun and take it.During the two weeks long and Victor Miron live in constant tension.They set up camp in an inconspicuous place and begin to wait for the bandits.After a while, the men appear again on the island, they lead to a prisoner.He turns out to be a Soviet border guard surnamed Savchuk.For some time he watched one of the smugglers, but criminals are calculated and it caught.

work that wrote Yanka Maur ("Polesskiye Robinson"), tells of a young man who brought the Soviet reality, a true pioneer.They do not only care about themselves, the guys like a man ready to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of a stranger in distress.

guys decide what whatever was help captive.Miron and Viktor Savchuk pass one of revolvers, and together they disarm and bind bandits.Then, the same fate befalls and their accomplices.

new problem arose before the children: all together to go back through the swamp is not possible.Then Savchuk sent for help once, but Myron and Victor left guard bandits.During the night which only tricks did not invent the criminals, but the guys did not give in to their tricks.There was even a time when the life of the young men was under threat after one of the prisoners burned the rope binding his hands.However, the guys were able to react and then tied the culprit.The final product is well discloses summary.Polesskiye Robinson finally gain the hope of returning home.

morning Savchuk came with several Red Army.Do not put into words the joy experienced guys at a meeting with them.And so ended the adventure of two young men on the island, from all sides surrounded by swamp.