"Demon" AS

The famous poem "The Demon" by Alexander Pushkin described the condition of the person that has visited many people.For example, when we strive for something, somewhere in a hurry, do something, and then at some point stops and starts to think about his actions, analyze your actions, think about their consequences.

What lies beneath a demon?

«demon» - this is what brings to life the poet solid doubt that his life is doomed to a meaningless promise.But not only this to say Pushkin."Demon" - a poem that carries a hidden meaning is quite simple.This "evil genius" is in every human being.These are character traits as pessimism, laziness, lack of confidence, lack of principle.And those people that are able to banish this demon yourself, find the strength to go on, and in the future succeed.But those who can not cope with the "evil genius" and given his prisoner, lose self-confidence, fear the protest crowd and unable to achieve something in life.

detailed analysis

«Demon" Pushkin - this poem, the c

omponents of which are only 3 proposals.The first sentence tells about the lifestyle lyrical, where the reader is familiar with the demon.In the second sentence already spoken about the meetings of the hero with the "evil genius".This offer though is the shortest, but we can say that this is where the demon is revealed in all its glory.But the third sentence provides an opportunity to understand the author's and do a detailed analysis."Demon" of Pushkin's best quality is revealed in the third sentence, it is in it the author lists the worries and doubts that visited him during the "agony".

What author wanted to say?

main thing - to take the demon.These experiences a person feel even useful.But we must at the same time have a strong and persistent.Pushkin's poems "The Demon" says resistance, a strong will.While the demon comes to his victim, the person is given a great opportunity to think about the future, to rethink the past and get on the right path.At such moments, the most important opposition is considered a demon, the hardness and strength of will.We need time to analyze the situation and make the right conclusion and analysis."Demon" Pushkin teaches the reader to think about your mistakes, do not succumb to the temptation and firmly defend the opinion.

Demon Pushkin

Note that many friends of the poet could see the demons of a friend of Pushkin - Alexander Rajewski, as this man was bold and sarcastic, moreover, saw the world as if through dark sunglasses.The author also noted that they made the wrong analysis.Pushkin's Demon is a collective character and suggests that such temptations can attend any person.

While still a young man, Pushkin began to notice that the more pronounced his love of life, the more frequently visited his thoughts filled with skepticism and completely devoid of romance.Only when it's time has passed and there was heady youth gray everyday life, was born of Pushkin's poem "The Demon".

In it the author and display his skepticism and first disappointments in life by creating this mythical hero who has given human traits.The author was able to win with a time of a demon, he's philosophical about life, while not losing faith in freedom and love.

As Pushkin wanted to say?Demon - a poem, pushes man to resist the temptation to fight with himself, keeping the purity of his soul and his feelings, because that way you can defeat the demon, and achieved considerable success in life, and it's so easy to do when fate regularly checks our strength!