Literary Analysis: Tiutchev poem "She was sitting on the floor ..."

main themes of creativity FITiutchev become human feelings and experiences, reflections on the meaning of life, the image of the beauty of Russian nature.Verse "She was sitting on the floor ..." is an example of the romantic lyric poet.

plot works

If you look at the outline of events in verse, we can see that there are many actions, which are usually not in the poetic texts.In the work the two heroes: the lyrical hero, on whose behalf the narrator and heroine, for which he observes.The heroine parses old letters, takes them up and throws.

creative history

Without research the history of the creative works make it impossible to analyze.Tiutchev poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." dedicated to the poet's second wife, Ernestine Feodorovna.It was created in the late 1850s.Just at this time, Tiutchev experiencing the most profound experience of the love of his life.It entered into an illicit relationship with Elena Denisiev.Elena was much younger Tiutchev, but broke out between real feelings.How

ever, the poet was married.Denisiev had the courage to be with loved ones.She had to break all their kinship and friendly relations, it is not recognized in society.She gave everything for the love of Tiutchev.Therefore, these years are filled with poems sorrow, suffering, as the analysis shows.Tiutchev poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." is no exception.However, it feels more suffering rather lyrical heroine, a victim of a love triangle.

idea poem

task of the poet was to show just how destructive force is love.Even the almost extinct human feeling causes the greatest suffering.After all, in this text character he burns the letters once wrote to her lover.She recalls lucid moments, which were in their lives.But looking at the letter as if it were something unimaginably distant and almost forgotten.

means of expression

poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." Tiutchev created using a lot of means of expression.Because of this, it turned out very bright, beautiful and sensual.The main technique that uses the author - a comparison."As the cooled ashes," "souls look from a height."Of course, the poet is not without his favorite means of syntactic - rhetorical exclamations.It helps to give the text a great emotional intensity.The observer struck by how the heroine goes through these letters.In every movement feel the pain and suffering of the soul is torn, because that love has passed, it is forgotten.

Another syntactic means - inversion.Wrong word order allows the author accents, highlighting the segments that are important in the sense.In addition, the inversion creates a special rhythm of the text.

dots that are at the end of rows, create some sense of understatement.Not everything that is now the soul of the lyrical hero and heroine, is possible to put into words, something remains unexpressed.This is one of the main motives in the works Tyutchev."Ineffable" first appeared in the lyrics of Zhukovsky, later this motif was developed by other poets.Tiutchev believed that silence sometimes speaks louder than words.Moreover, the words are false, can not be deep human emotions cloaked in the form of voice, while not distorting the meaning.Analysis shows that the poem Tiutchev "She was sitting on the floor ..." confirms this idea precisely because of the ellipsis, some hoaxes internal state of the characters.

formal analysis

poem written chetyrehstopnym pentameter.Making his rhythm and help pyrrhics spondee that are present in each row.Rhyme every four rows.Rhyme in the stanza - cross.Alternating male and female rhymes: "On the floor - the ashes," "to understand - I'm quitting."

emotional response

poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." (year of writing 1858) more than a half century.But what are the familiar feelings describes it Tiutchev!Go years and centuries, but one thing remains unchanged: the love of a person's life - it is the greatest experience.Everyone strives to ensure that the gain that feeling, but it does not always bring happiness.According Tiutchev, on the contrary, love - it's always a meal and suffering, "the unequal struggle of two hearts."People in love, to impose the death sentence for its second half.You can share this opinion, but can be considered differently.But what is described in the poem, probably at least once in a lifetime experiences every person, even if not so much.Faded love causes great pain.The man remembers all the good times going through again.Sometimes even after many years of meeting with a former lover - is pain or aching sadness of youth, of ardor and passion.In the poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." Tiutchev creates the same sensation in the lyrical, which is called the old letters.Involuntary witness this scene passed the same emotions.In turn, he is the author, on behalf of whom the story is told, wants to convey to the reader.

understand the mood of the verse allows a detailed analysis of it.Tiutchev poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." - a sample of the greatest psychological lyrics.