Andrei Platonov: biography and work

famous writer Andrei Platonov was born in Voronezh August 20, 1899 (his birthday is traditionally celebrated on 1 September to a new style).Platonov - a nickname derived from the name of his father, but the real name of the writer - Clement.

time to test

Severe childhood and a hard life - that's different from the other writers of the period, Andrei Platonov.

his biography can only consist of a variety of interesting facts and events on the grounds that his life was not happy, and the whole was riddled with trouble and losses.He was lucky not to get into the camp, but for this he paid with his life of his own son.

parental home

Andrei Rakhmanov was born in the family of a railway fitter and watchmaker daughter.He was the eldest child, after each other there are 9 brothers and sisters Platonov guarded as he could.First, the writer studied at the parish school at the church, but in 15 years, dropped everything and went to work as agents in the family did not have enough and parents was very diff

icult to feed their children.According to the writer, he changed a lot of places, ranging from laborer and ending with a mechanic, as his father was not strong enough to keep the house, his wife and 10 children.Plato believed it their duty to help in every possible way their parents.

Study and civil war

In 1918 Platonov goes to study in the city of Voronezh Train Polytechnic, where he studied with great pleasure, as a child he has an affinity to the mechanisms.However, due to his prolonged study of the revolution until 1921.A year after the receipt of Platonov volunteered for the Civil War, where he fought on the side of the Red Army.

Even in such a difficult time of war does not leave Platonov creative path, and working as a war correspondent.It was during this period begins its formation as the present writer.There are the first essays, articles in local newspapers and the poem, the author of which becomes in the future famous writer Andrei Platonov.Biography of him as a man of the creative can safely begin with this point.


After the war, Andrei Platonov returned to his hometown of Voronezh and continues to study at the Polytechnic Institute, and then successfully land improvement works.His literary activity he combines with the ongoing work that does not burden it.

wife and son

In 1922, Andrei Platonov marries rural teacher who devotes two of his works - "Epifanskie stories" and "Sand teacher."In the same year, they have a son, Plato.However, the fate in store for the writer's great misfortune.

Andrei Platonov: biography and work for the younger generation

from 12 years, Andrei Rakhmanov actively writes poems, which indicates that his creative nature.When the writer turns 22, he published his first book "Electrification", consisting of essays.In it, he compares this process with the revolution.

The second book is a poetic collection "Blue depth".Despite many written poems, the name of Andrei Platonov's still associated more with prose works.One of them becomes Works "Epifanskie stories", which includes all previously published newspaper and magazine articles.

Who was Andrei Platonov contemporaries?Biography indicates that the attitude of the writer was ambiguous.Initially, all written works Platonov received approval and support.Even Maxim Gorky noted Andrew Platonovich great talent and his style of writing compared with the works of Gogol.He also advised Plato's emphasis on comedy.However, from the pen of the writer published a few works in this genre.

later fortunes abruptly turns away from Platonov.After Stalin's censorship of negative reviews rejects all works of the author.The writer and his family live from hand to mouth.Help them a few loyal friends.

One of the most famous works written by this author, is the story "Chevengur" and "pit" in the life of a writer who did not receive the recognition and were published after his death.

Great Patriotic War

In 1942 Platonov again goes to the front.This is the second war, in which he has to participate.There he worked as a correspondent in the military newspaper.

Then in 1946 he was demobilized and with the head immersed in writing.During this period he published his collection of three and one of his most famous stories - "The Return".However, the criticism falls on the writer again, and again his works are no longer printed.

last years of his life Platonov spent in a state of extreme poverty.From hopelessness writer refers to the publication of Russian and Bashkir folk tales.This helps to somehow make ends meet.

fate of Andrei Platonov, a brief biography is - evidence of a variety of their ordeal, nevertheless never betrayed himself.Despite the plight and persecution by the authorities, his views remain unchanged.The black strip writer's life began with that moment when from his pen came the story "in store" in which he denounced the collective construction.Alexander Fadeev, as editor in chief of the journal "Red Virgin Soil", took the risk and published this work.The story fell into the hands of Stalin and provoked a backlash.Fadeev, realizing what he is facing, quickly changed his point of view and wrote a revelatory article in which the enemies of the people was presented to Andrei Platonov.Biography of the writer is filled with many secrets, which became clear after his death.

Revelation contemporaries understood what Fadeyev was the man who derailed a lifetime Platonov.That he missed an article with a similar content compromising print.In addition, Fadeyev stressed all places, which could subsequently lead to anger Stalin alleged to have removed them in the print shop.However, everything turned out quite the opposite.If you print all the magazine highlighted in bold thoughts and as such put on the table to Stalin.The reaction was immediate.Fadeev managed to stay in his place, but for the publications ceased to exist writer Andrei Platonov.Brief biography tells that the writer was not touched, but was sent to the camp of his only and beloved son of the anti-Soviet agitation.Released only with the help of some influential friends of the family, Plato finally returned home, unfortunately, already terminally ill with tuberculosis.He died in the arms of his father.

It is believed that the son of the Platonov contracted the deadly lung disease.This occurred because the writer, as if in some delirious, kissed the boy on the lips.

In 1951 in Moscow, Andrei Platonov died.For a long time after his death his beloved wife all the forces trying to keep the legacy left to them in life.It is because it became available to us some of the work.After the death of the spouse cares lay on the shoulders of Platonov's daughter Mary.It is worthy coped with a difficult task in front of her and kept all the priceless works of the author.

Writer, his wife, son and daughter, who died in 2005, are very close, under a single monument.

Andrei Platonov: biography (summary) and a particular style

at literature lessons in modern school in the study of the writer's biography, an average of one lesson.Nevertheless, in order to cover all the material and feel about life Platonov, is not enough for the week.On the one hand, the infinitely loving father and husband, and the other - down to earth and really seeing the full truth of life people - that was how the writer Andrei Platonov.His biography deserves special attention, it is important for a more detailed understanding and penetration into the essence, inherent in his works.Platonic style of well characterized inherent only to him roughness vocabulary special atmosphere daily, sometimes exhausting, but this required the labor of the working life of a man in continuous interaction with technology and nature.

interesting from the life of the writer

Platonov, the formation of which was quite far away from creative writing, nevertheless actively combined the both of these tendencies.It is with great pleasure to go to work every day, because I thought that the work is vital to everyone at the same time not forgetting about his creative destiny.

What kind of person was the writer Andrei Platonov, biography, interesting facts about his life - all this can now learn any reader really interested in his work.It is a pity that the situation was quite different in the Soviet times.

study of the writer's work at school

acquaintance with the work of Andrei Platonov begins in the third grade with the study of his life and work.It is at this stage of their education children first hear the name of this writer.Biography of Andrei Platonov for Class 3 is well set out in all educational textbooks, literature, and for students is not difficult to learn it.

In fifth grade, students begin to read Russian folk tales retold Platonov.All children love this genre, so they are ready to continue to study his work.Before releasing his collection, Platonov personally meet with storytellers themselves, therefore the story is with great love and care by the way.

The next step is to read the works dating "Magic Ring".It is its author's tale.

Before the eyes of the students presents a completely different Andrei Platonov.Brief biography for children written without lighting the whole brutal truth of his life.He is not in the image accuser gray reality and the image of a good storyteller.

In the sixth grade, children are introduced to the story of Andrei Platonov's "Cow".It has deep philosophical and moral sense, which is difficult to understand without the help of sixth grade teacher.Therefore, the lesson of this work takes place in several stages, which allows the student to discover new unknown facets of the writer.

before seventh grade students is even more difficult task - to understand and appreciate the story of Andrei Platonov "Juska."In this work the author reveals his heart and soul.The main idea of ​​the story - the importance of love and human kindness.

only the beginning of 10th grade students have the opportunity to have an adult to assess who is Andrei Platonov.Biography for children of this age set out in that form in which it actually exists.Before high school students presents writer and citizen.Children at this age - already practically formed person, so they can understand what was Andrei Platonov, how he was subjected to persecution and why.