The story of the life and work of Prishvina MM

Mikhail Prishvin - is one of the great Russian writer, who in his literary works inspired by Mother Nature herself.The most interesting is that all the information for novels and short stories, he drew from his diary, which described his impressions and observations of nature and of life in general.This he did very detailed and naturalistic.And these diaries he was accustomed to from childhood, to that his father taught.That's a little unusual in this way to develop talent Prishvina to fiction.

short story about the life and work Prishvina

When talking about his biography, he lived a long and remarkable life, which, like any man, was full of all sorts of events, good and bad.

story about the life and work of Prishvina should start with a description of the most important dates and events in his life.He was born on January 23, 1873 in the province of Orel Eletski County in grandfather's ancestral estate of Khrushchev-Levshino.His grandfather's name was Dmitri Ivanovich Prishvin, while he was a v

ery wealthy merchant.

father and mother

Father Mikhail Prishvin inherited a lot of money and possessions Konstandylovo.He lived in lordly, very fond of horses and horse racing, and was a breeder of Orlov trotters.He even managed to win prizes at the races.He also liked to plant gardens and flowers.Hunting was also a part of his life.

But this tale is over very quickly when he lost a huge amount of money.To pay his debts, he had to mortgage the estate and sell the stud.After such shocks, his health deteriorated, he was paralyzed, and he soon died.

However, the writer's mother, Maria Ivanovna, was a woman of strong and pragmatic.She came from a kind of Old Believers Ignatov.Left without a husband and children, she still managed to give them a decent education.

School and Education

Prishvina biography indicates that in 1882 he was sent to study at the village school for elementary education.A year later, he was transferred to Eletskii school in first grade.Study was given to him is not so easy.For 6 years of study, he twice stayed in the second year.And in the fourth grade because of the scandal with the geography teacher VV Rozanov (later became famous philosopher) Michael even expelled from school.

Prishvin In 1893 graduated from the Tyumen real school, then continued his studies at Riga Polytechnic.And from 1900 to 19002 a year studying at the University of Leipzig agronomist and his diploma engineer surveyor.Three years after he worked as an agronomist and wrote a number of articles and books on agronomy.


His first wife was a peasant Smolensk Smogaleva Yefrosinya Pavlovna, in his diaries, he mentions it as Pavlovna or Frosya.She already had a second marriage because her first husband was killed in the Civil War.From this marriage she had a son Jacob.However Prishvin she gave birth to three children.However, the first-born Michael has died as an infant in 1918.The second child, Lev Mikhailovich, when he grew up, became a famous novelist, who worked under the pseudonym Alpatov (the name was the family estate in Yelets) and took place in the literary group "Pass".The third son, Peter, became the hunters, and in 2009 wrote a book of memoirs.The very same Yefrosinya Pavlovna her husband lived in a little over 30 years later they divorced.In 67 years, he married a second time.Prishvin died in 1954 on 16 January.He was buried in Moscow, Vvedensky cemetery.

Prishvina features in the works

no matter how brilliant was Prishvin, yet up to 30 years, he has led a lot of preparatory work of a writer like to recruit more experience, then to express himself to the literary of artistic expression.

story about the life and work of Prishvina quite fascinating.After all, he traveled a lot.Once he first went to North Karelia.There, delighting local folklore, he wrote the book "In the land not frightened birds."It immediately felt that the theme of the people, nature, and Russia will be the main themes of his life and work.All this is very dear to his heart, and so he wrote about it with great love and patriotism.

Getting creative

Next Prishvin travels to Murmansk region, Solovki and Norway.His new experience formed the basis of the remarkable book "For magic ballsĀ».It appears your style, mixed on a strict documentary character, where there is a fabulous start and figurative and poetic style.

Prishvina creative history, or rather, his debut in the Russian literature, came in the revolutionary period in 1906.Then it was the most difficult to break into the literary arena, at the dawn of the "Silver Age", and a creative competition was very high.The first story Prishvina as a writer called "Sasha".It was published in 1906.

story about the life and work can continue Prishvina very interesting fact, which is that that serious competition it did not see his colleagues, for them it was a mere essayist.Yes, he was a member of the Imperial Geographical Society, was a photographer and the viewer.However, they did not even know that they face a deep thinker who in his diary describes the most dramatic periods in Russia.

new stage

Throughout his life Prishvin traveled and hunted.It was a lively and enthusiastic person, not a writer desk.In 1912, he met with Maxim Gorky, and with the help of his three-volume releases.

Then he published his book "The Worldly Cup", which reflected all the excitement and painful experiences Prishvina during the revolution and civil war.

In the 20s a big success to get the book "Springs Berendey", which included fishing, hunting stories and stories on how to become a gradually improving peaceful lives.The book is also included and is quite interesting, is not related to the nature of the description.Prishvina interested in post-revolutionary Russia, where the warm hope of a new happiness.Here the reader learns suddenly Prishvina even better and deeper.The writer becomes popular, he is loved and recognized.Later he wrote the autobiographical "Koshcheeva chain."

Association "PassĀ»

story about the life and work of Prishvina can be supplemented by the fact that in the mid-20s the writer closely associate themselves with the literary creative association "Pass".There Prishvin behaves very well with colleagues and editors and tactfully respond to criticism.

from another trip to the Far East, he brings his new novel "Ginseng", written in the tradition of "moody" plotless prose.The terrible famine 30 years the writer continues to operate and carry the light of readers.In his last years he has been writing children's books, which included the book "Pantry of the Sun".

Prishvina Recent works included the novel "Osudareva road" and the story-tale "Ship thicket."It makes no sense to list more than a huge number of works written by this author.But they are all dear readers, because it still give the necessary heat and light, which are so necessary for the upbringing of a normal healthy person.