"Notes of a young doctor" Bulgakov MA - plot and moral content

MABulgakov started writing when he was still 15 years old - 17, probably when he wrote not too good, but internally was able to say to yourself: "I will be a writer or anybody."So it finally happened.However, between the 17-year-old writer and well-known classic of Russian literature it has one intermediate station - the Medical Faculty of the University of Kiev.MABulgakov went there for financial reasons - his family physicians are well earned.He probably did not know yet that the medicine will be his springboard into literature.Without medical practice would not be an early masterpiece - a work "Notes of a young doctor."

MABulgakov - anthropologist

all the polls in the country say: "We are delighted" when it comes to "The Master and Margarita."Each student considers it his duty to say that a ballad about the master - his favorite book.Disgraced Soviet writer became the property of the masses - the horror.But "Notes of a young doctor" Bulgakov remained thankfully hidden from the sight of the crowds

, and they enjoy those who truly appreciate the prose of Bulgakov.

All those problems vividly flashed in the main novel of the Soviet classics were already present in his earlier works.MABulgakov as an anthropologist of the Soviet man always interested indestructible characteristics of the latter: ignorance, love of red tape, trembling and servility to the authorities, the presence of it, in spite of the "bright image" vile "human, all too human" "strastishek" - the love of money,sensual pleasures, drinking.All future thematic "pain" Russian classics has somehow presented in a series of short stories, "Notes of a young doctor."

What notes?

If we talk about the collection of short stories, "Notes of a young doctor", a summary of them is reduced to the description of some real and some invented stories with the mandatory moral content.They happened with MABulgakov, when he worked as a general practitioner in the village of Nikolskoye Smolensk region.He stayed there something about a year.

«towel with a rooster»

stories that are part of the cycle "Notes of a young doctor" Bulgakov, open the case of the young girl, whose limbs inadvertently ended up in Mälk.From one leg below the knee left alone "rags", while the other turned out to be badly damaged.The doctor was still inexperienced, he had just arrived at the place of service.Though he is in a state of shock, quickly decides to amputate the leg, from which little remains.After some time (two months) girl in gratitude brings a towel with a rooster.

«Baptism turning»

Another case of a young doctor is when they bring him in giving birth the girl, and her fruit is not got wrong.At the doctor again panic, he rushes to read some medical books, encyclopedias, finding nothing in them necessary and useful, throws them into a corner office and learns from midwives.In the end successfully performs an operation to overturn the fetus.Then, just when it was over, after a while he picked up the book lying in the corner of the room, and began to read, it appears that there are many important and necessary in reality.Perhaps the funniest "thing" cycle of stories "Notes of a young doctor" Bulgakov.

«Steel throat»

In this story the author under the shelling gets illiteracy villagers, who did not allow a long time to make a doctor girl ill with diphtheria, a tracheotomy.Then people thought that the doctor - a magician, and he put the girl instead of her throat steel.


about the unfortunate event: a woman hit her head, she started bleeding, raised the young doctor who had just lain down, saying that without it can not cope.He outfitted sleigh, he reached home sick, but to save it was unable to.Then, without hesitating for a second, he went way back, but bumped storm ... a place in the story is devoted to the struggle with the elements, but then the doctor still gets home.

«Egyptian Darkness»

At the heart of the story once again the story of human ignorance.On the birthday of Dr. miller came to him, as it turned out, sick with malaria.The doctor prescribes the quinine, the miller, is not included in the intricacies of treatment, emptied once every 10 packets, to get better soon.He barely saved.Funny and tragic at the same time the fact that the holiday table doctor colleagues argued that not all villagers are uneducated and ignorant.

title of the story says that there is nothing blacker than human ignorance, and even the "Egyptian darkness" can not be compared with him.

«Missing Eyes»

In this story, the series "Notes of a young doctor" Bulgakov doctor first admires lessons learned and otherwise puts on airs, but then life again puts him in his place.Doctor comes across a patient with a strange formation in the eye, to determine that it did not succeed.And then an abscess (which he was), he is eliminated.And the young doctor giving a vow never to revel in their own greatness and the mythical "experienced".Actually, it is this is the main moral of the story.

«Star rash»

latest stories from the cycle again on the theme of ignorance patients.To the doctor came to the man, who "laid down his throat."He diagnosed syphilis, and he thinks it's a joke and that he had the common cold.Unhappy with the doctor, he leaves.Then comes the woman tearfully explains that her husband in a letter reported on the terrible disease.It examined and did not find the result.It turns out that in those parts rampaged syphilitic real "plague".Many, many suffer from it, but in any did not want to be treated.This piece is crowned "Notes of a young doctor»

For someone wrote "Notes ..."?

answer is obvious to all.They should be read both patients and doctors.First, in order not to neglect the treatment, and the second recall of the natural modesty, which should have a doctor, if he wants to become a professional high class.And the stories of Bulgakov's interesting that they, continuing the line of Gogol in the literature shows how to change the Russian national character in the conditions of Soviet reality.