World classic literature: Hermann Hesse, Kurt Vonnegut and Henry Miller

World classic literature boundless as the sea.And the further steps while his firm step, the more the classics arises in the memory of mankind.In the Internet age, and lists of books that are distributed according to a variety of criteria, naive and presumptuous to write about works that are well known.Therefore, we will focus on prominent writers, but they are not too well-known works.The company will be strange: it got one German and two American - world classic literature.The list is as follows:

  • Hermann Hesse;
  • Henry Miller;
  • Kurt Vonnegut.

Hermann Hesse - the author is not only the "Glass Bead Game", "Steppenwolf," "Siddhartha»

When a person hears the "Hesse", he brings to mind the three above-mentioned works, so the first two for sure.However, there are some readers who are on the Nobel Laureate for Literature in 1946, and have not heard anything, and it's unfortunate, but fixable.Since the raising of the internet works about the wolf and the game already rather tired of all, the article

suggests at least a decent, but not very popular among the general reader work."Gerdtruda" - this is also exactly world classics of literature, but for some reason she did not pay enough attention from the public.


novel about the composer Coons, who was behind normal life overnight: during one of the country winter walks with his fellow students at the conservatory, he sat in his sleigh with aspiring singer Liddy and slid her a very steepslope, but he lost control and crashed.Liddy got off lightly and chopped by hand (it was just a scratch) and Kun so badly broke his leg that was lame forever.

In the novel, interested in everything, but above all, the process of transformation Kuhn: its internal transitions from personal hatred towards others, to humility, self-acceptance and dissolving in creativity.Love ordeal protagonist and women close to him.Of course, Mr. Hesse's prose is unthinkable without music and philosophical intentions.

Kurt Vonnegut and "Breakfast of Champions»

With "dad Kurt" (S. King) is the same story as with Hesse.We say "Vonnegut" mean "Cat's Cradle," "Slaughterhouse number 5" and maybe "Player Piano" (classics of world literature, the list of products is quite decent).And yet Vonnegut also wrote a lot of great books that few people pay attention.

«Breakfast of Champions", even though the adaptation of a great and mighty Bruce Uilissom not become a cult product in the eyes of the venerable, the reading public.

Two heroes as the story moves towards each other.And in the process of this movement happen with them a variety of adventures.To tell the truth, the plot of the book have not Vonnegut is critical, important that frames the story - a unique vonnegutovsky humor sometimes, cynical, hard, but almost always contains a secret, hidden love for man.Sam K. Vonnegut put "Breakfast ..." 3 on a 5-point scale, t. E., This was not the favorite of his own production work, and yet it is - world classics of literature, and it should not pass by the reader.If anyone is interested, the firm five K. Vonnegut made it a "Sirens ...", "Mother darkness," "Slaughterhouse ...", "Cradle of ..." and another two or three pieces, but the "breakfast ..." hit thedisgrace to its creator.So it goes.

The assessments are taken from recently published books in Russian K. Vonnegut's "Palm Sunday."

«offensive» literary classic Henry Miller

World classic literature can be presented also in this writer, whose sovetstkih time to read, probably, it would be simply indecent.Most of his works, as they say, the level of tolerance 18 or even 21.This, of course, we are talking about Henry Miller.It has two main trilogy "Rosa crucifixion" (it consists of "Seksus", "Plexus", "Nexus") and "an autobiographical trilogy" ("Black Spring," "Tropic of Cancer" and "Tropic of Capricorn").

«Tropic of Cancer»

In principle, it would be possible to take any work of G. Miller, and there would be about the same as in "Tropic of Cancer": a minimum of plot, the most artistic and philosophical content.Many of the books are autobiographical G. Miller.He not hesitate detail about their sex lives.When you read, it seems that the whole world really is impregnated and smelled of sex, but still in the novels of H. Miller, sensual pleasure - is not the alpha and omega of the narrative.His works - it's a bottomless reservoir of images and thoughts.Specifically, "Tropic of Cancer" is good for its sublimely low reflections of a woman.If anyone is interested in world literature classics (the best), it did not hesitate even one second can be called the prose of Henry Miller.It is not only exciting, delicious, and fun, but also beautifully written, as is well known, such a book can not harm humans.This applies to almost all the writers of the category of "world classics of literature", a list of their extraordinarily extensive.

However, Mr. Miller read better after 18 or 20 years, but not because of the saturated eroticism, but because many of his thoughts and turns of style may be incomprehensible to a person under 18 years of age.

Thus, classics of world literature (the list of products recommended for reading after reading this article) is as follows:

  • «Gertrud" (H. Hesse).
  • «Breakfast of Champions" (B. Vonnegut).
  • «Tropic of Cancer" (Mr. Miller).