Science fiction for children

children's interest in science, of course, should be supported by all means, this is common knowledge.Even in the times of the Soviet Union one of the most important factors of professional orientation of schoolchildren served as scientific and popular literature.Books that are accessible and interesting language tell us about, say, nuclear physics led to the engineering colleges in our country a lot of young people.Today, measures are being taken to revive the interest of students to the literature of this genre.Despite the temporary decline of interest in this kind of literature, the prospects for the development of the genre in our country, of course, exist.

why modern children have become less interested in science-fiction?

Compared to previous generations of students today do not show much interest in books, science fiction is no exception.This reduction in interest due to the fact that today there is a huge number of alternative sources of information that a delay of children than a book.It is

much easier and faster to learn that we are interested in, from the TV or the Internet, you go to the library in search of a suitable book.

Another factor that we can not pay attention - this is actually a lack of sponsors able to really interest the child, because the scientific and popular children's literature - quite a difficult genre.Writing for children - it is always difficult, because it is necessary not only to convey information to young readers, but also to keep his attention, captivate the world of books.At the moment there are only a limited number of notable authors.If the 70-ies of the last century can be called the heyday of time abundance of talented authors, the 80th is already characterized by a significant downturn in the 90s had hardly could find a publisher of popular science literature.Substandard work, which are periodically published, did not cause any rapid interest among children nor among their parents, which inevitably led to what genre of non-fiction children's literature was given gradually forgotten.

role in general education

Many believe that the literature of this genre can only serve to enhance the overall content of the subjects taught in schools, but it is not.In addition to the memories of the child, which in itself is an extremely important task, there is another, no less important purpose - motivation.Non-fiction for children helps to awaken a genuine interest in the world around us, take another look at the seemingly boring school subjects.It is important not only the scientific but also biographical component.Pupils useful to know how a child grows from a simple scientist, the discoverer.It is important to have an example of how a person achieves success through knowledge.Science fiction is full of such examples.Thus, we motivate the child to learn, to seek knowledge of the world in order to achieve higher goals.

How to develop a child's desire to read?

Of course, in modern conditions is extremely difficult to interest the child a book, the more scientific.Many parents seems impossible to ever see his own child for reading, not the computer.Of course, not every child can captivate the literature, however, the student is able - quite realistic, if the will to make joint efforts of parents and teachers.The task of the teacher, in fact, is that the time to notice the emerging interest of the child in a particular discipline and to tell him what there is scientific popular literature on this topic.Parents, in turn, have encouraged the interest of the student.Do not forget to take an interest in its success, frequently communicate on topics that he enjoys.Do not make reading such literature by force.We must try to convince the child that it is interesting and necessary, then it has a desire to pick up a book.

Prospects for the development of this genre in Russia

Fortunately, the recent strong growth can be traced to the attention of publishers this genre.Non-fiction is slowly but surely being reborn.For example, a modern publishing house "Education" in 2007, produces a series of children's educational books titled "Your outlook", from which we can learn a lot, for example, read about famous women of ancient Russia, about how people learned electricity, and manyother.It should be noted, and another series of books, which is called "On the verge of the world."It is suitable for those who are interested in history.The series tells the story of the development of relations between Russia and Germany, Russia, Japan, France and other countries with which it fought our state.There are other series, such as the scientific and popular literature about the nature of today enjoys demand.

selection of literature for children

Children's Book Club "Chitarium" offers children and their parents own a selection of works that deserve attention.Oriented books listed below for children six to nine years.If you decide your child's interest in reading, and you want it to read was the most useful for the development of his outlook, you will approach the scientific and popular literature.So, we present you the top five most interesting from the point of view of "Chitariuma" books on various subjects, choose what to taste it to your child.Each young reader is different, so you must take into account the tastes of each to really interest the student, rather than forcing him to read it, that he was not interested.Children will be happy to explore and to learn what they like, that they have chosen.It is important to provide them with the opportunity to choose, it is not necessary to decide for the child than him interested.Do not try to make up their own knowledge gaps by their children.

«Steep mechanic for the curious" (author - Nick Arnold)

In the book interesting, affordable and most importantly, the language describes the basic principles of the simplest mechanisms and machines.Here, not only explains how the one or the other mechanism, but also some examples of their use in life.Follow the instructions set out in the publication, the child can design their own model of the items.

«Why is water wet?" (Gemma Harris)

where you can find the answer to virtually any question children.Scientists have different areas of expertise to meet the most frequently asked questions of the students.The book can be read from the beginning to the end or the middle or just to seek interests with the help of an index.

«Secrets Anatomy" (Carol Donner)

book describes the incredible adventures of twins Max and Molly, who, having become a tiny, were inside a giant organism.Reading the book, the child along with her heroes explores the human body.The author is very successfully managed to turn a boring story about the structure of our body in an entertaining adventure.

«Children's encyclopedia with Chevostikom" (Elena Kachur)

already known to all of the Audio hero - Chevostik - now enters the genre of the book titled "Science fiction".The main characters are sent on a journey, during which know the world.Of course, it is far more interesting than listening or reading litany of scientific facts.

«Kosmos" (Kostjukov, severe)

publication name already speaks for itself.The book is a joint project, which tells about everything that is connected with the cosmos and its secrets.Scientific and popular scientific literature about the vast space, so far away from us, has always attracted kids of all ages.