What was the name poodle Malvina and what role he played in the adventures of Pinocchio?

Alexei Tolstoy, Soviet writer, with a tale of childhood love Italian Carlo Collodi's "The Adventures of Pinocchio.History wooden doll. "He rewrote it in his own way, and every child knew what adventures of Pinocchio lived through as a poodle named Malvina and who is Piero.

Soviet Pinocchio

In 1934, the writer decided to transfer favorite story in the Russian language and adapt it to the domestic reader.But in the course of Tolstoy got so carried away that basically the story text, a new, original idea.In his interpretation also translate the names of the main characters.

So Pinocchio becomes Pinocchio, Geppetto - a father Carlo.Those who have read the work of an Italian, he knows who Medoro - that's how a poodle named Malvina in the original version.And she was a fairy girl.

first author tried to adhere to the content, but then there were the key focus and that have become a highlight of the work.In addition, the heroes of Tolstoy alive they crave adventure.

first adventure doll

Master Giuseppe found a piece of wood and started whittling it and it screamed.In the course of events gives a strange wood carpenter friend Carlo.He carved out of her boy.The child should bring joy to the old man, but in return it has created a lot of problems.So Pinocchio sold ABC that his father bought in the last money.Instead, the school went to a puppet theater.There he finds out who the Malvina and Piero.Pinocchio meets crossed lovers from whom Runaway Bride.

appearance of this play dolls rips.It angers director Karabas Barabas, who wants to throw a piece of wood into the fire.He saved the boy that tells the story of his house and remembers the picture with the center.The bearded man is happy and gives Pinocchio five gold coins for the poor Pope.

Friends hero

The next day the boy goes home, but met with Alice and Basilio.Those tell him about the Land of Fools."Comrades," stop at the inn for the night.When the boy wakes up, the owner says that the fox and the cat went ahead and told him to catch up with them.He comes out of the tavern, he is attacked by bandits and hung on a tree.Then it makes a beautiful girl and Pinocchio learns how poodle named Malvina.

So he met with his friends.Dog Artemon nobles.It is great haircut and combed.He had a ponytail with a black bow, and on one leg - his watch.He is very lively and always ready to help his girlfriend and hostess.That dog called doctors to barely live Pinocchio.

When he got better, the beauty began practicing his upbringing.The girl is not by chance lives in the forest.There she is hiding from a tyrant Carabas.The author gives a description of the Malvinas: she had curly gray hair, upturned nose and a pretty mouth.

But Pinocchio - unable to student.The teacher punishes a boy in the closet and closes.From there, it escapes to Alice and Basilio.

Exposing the secrets

With "comrades" a boy puts a coin and waiting to grow a money tree.But the fox runs the police and expresses homeless.Of wood taken to the police station, and divide the money scammers.

Law enforcers decide to drown Pinocchio.But he did not drown in the lake meets Tortilla with a turtle.Russian Pinocchio tells the story of how he had been deceived Alice and Basilio.The sad boy aunt gives key.

Later in his life again burst Malvina and Piero.Although the girl was not a love poet shouted her name.It turned out that he was being chased.This artist accidentally discovers the mystery of Carabas, who tells Pinocchio.After talking, the guys went to the house of the girl, who was very happy to see them.Once the doll had lunch, I came a frog, and said that the director of the theater will be here in a few minutes.Friends began to gather quickly.

Pinocchio is well remembered as a poodle named Malvina, because he helped to escape.It loaded all the necessary things and hit the road.

Heroism Artemon and final adventure

Immediately they saw Karabas.Girl and Piero ran to the lake, and his son Carlo climbed a tree and called forest dwellers.For poodle chased Bulldogs.He boldly defended himself from the pack.When tired, came to help animals.At comrades beat the evil police dogs.Applying trick Pinocchio made so that Karabas beard stuck to the pine tree.

friends took refuge in a cave, where the brave poodle podlechivat wounds.Pierrot, Artemon and Malvina were safe, and the main character followed the director to find out the secret of the secret room.

road opened a tavern in the thieves' Three minnows ", the boy hid there for a pitcher.When they found him, he ran to his friends in the cave, but there was nobody there.It was necessary to free them from the clutches of the detectives.Next on the road began to Alice Basilio Karabas and Duremar.But saved dolls Papa Carlo.Then he took them home.Pinocchio opened the secret door.Behind her friends waited for the best theater in the world.There they put the good magic of the play.