Twardowski, "Country Ant": summary and analysis

In the mid 30's (1934-1936) s A. Twardowski wrote the poem "Country Ant", the theme of which - taking place in the period of change in the country.Evaluation of the book has been mixed.The authorities saw it primarily the glorification of collectivization, running at full speed in the country.But these writers, such as Boris Pasternak and N. Aseev noted that the apparent simplicity of the poem, but in fact - it's quite a complex work.Let's try to understand the causes of such interpretations.

«Country Ant": a summary of chapter 1.The plot

The poem begins with a description difficult crossing on the ferry, which creaks and spinning from the rapids.Heard the crackling of the rope, the hubbub and noise somewhere heading the people, among which are authorized.This pattern is associated with the changes happened in the village, carrying a new and therefore unknown and frightening life.In a world of thousands of roads, and one of them, their rides protagonist, Nikita Morgunok.Smart, if sent to the feast

, he is a friend-a horse harnessed to a wagon train."Goodbye ... my father's place!" - These words of Nikita finishes the first part of the poem "Country ants", a summary of which you are reading.

Chapters 2-5.In a way

Wandering Morgunok appeared in the village, where the fun going.Nikita stopped and brought to the table: "walk at a wedding ... - it is the last."At the table, where there was no free space, all welcomed the generous host, but neither the groom nor the bride's character is not seen.In response to a question about what is celebrated, he said, and a wedding here and the mention of those who are sent to Solovki.So in the poem "Country Ant" there are images of the dispossessed, who were sent into the unknown edge carts with children and meager belongings.This story is interrupted by a symbolic song of the bird trapped in a cage and dreamed of freedom.

left the village for a long time went Nikita with his faithful horse, whose eyes Forest Beach.The author tells how on the eve of his departure, he came to Gray, who was not a horse for him - the man to consult.

At the end of the day decided to visit brother-hero, with whom was friends for twenty years.Mirthless have their conversation and songs this evening: how their future?Every thought of his.

Nikita married at seventeen, moved to his farm and did not want to go to the farm.Father told him that throughout his time: and health, and good fortune and wealth.And if the latter does not reach forty (Morgunku already thirty-eight), the "look no further."So he went to look for, where is the mysterious land of ants, which affects about his grandfather.He said it appeared that there circle the earth.And everything that goes around, too, is yours.

morning again sent Morgunok the road.The farther he goes, the happier and more beautiful it becomes earth.Here too tired horse, and he does not know Nikita villages or villages along the way.

Chapter 5. Meeting with the priest

suddenly caught sight of a pedestrian in front of the strange character.He was a man, belted with a cord sticking out from under his cassock blades (religious leaders) and behind the casket."Looks like you to handle dispossessed?" - This question refers to the priest Nikita.He told about his bitter life.All parishes have closed, and their servants who are engaged in it.Now he goes to the villages where you need to baptize where marry ... That's just not the horse hard.He suggested the pop Morgunku go further together.But the hero refused, replying that he has his own way, and certainly not as to ask for alms.With that and went.

Chapter 6. The Tale of the grandfather and grandmother

poem Tvardovsky "Country Ant" continues the story that I heard one night slumbering Morgunok accidental counter - came across a lot of them on his long journey.

Century lived in his rickety hut grandfather yes woman.Everything went on as usual, and do not want them to change.That's just the water every year coming to their hut, and once when "spilled water all over Russia all seas and rivers," picked up their hut and rushed.While it is not stuck to one of the estates.Grandfather looked "at the door of the sun", and decided that, to know they now live in a new way.So began the elderly farmers.

Chapter 7. Thoughts of Stalin

Dispatched on Nikita.And suddenly a rumor spreads among the people: Stalin himself riding on a black horse.On the tube, in an overcoat, all examines, asks and writes his book.And it seems Morgunku that moves the leader to meet him.He begins to think about what to ask Comrade Stalin?And there comes to mind the main question: when will the "this suetoriya" in which everything is going to be scrapped?Recalls the hero of the old life, and his desire are quite simple: here would allow the government to continue to remain in hutorke.A place where it is to the country was the most ants, a summary of the story of the grandfather that do not go out of his head.

Chapters 8-10.Stealing a horse

Somehow Morgunka called out, and he saw a beggar who led by the hand like a blind boy.It turned out it was a former neighbor, Ilya Kuzmich.How close, I took his hero: treated and began questioning.The interviewee spoke about life in the land where he had a shack in the snow.From the good old only son and left.Now here's a walk on the ground, begging.Quiet fell asleep that night, Nikita, because next to no stranger - a neighbor.Just I heard a noise in her sleep at night.In the morning, he saw that Gray is not present: Ilya Kuzmich boy on the horse succeeds.Do nothing - went on together to look for where the country is Muravia.Morgunok vpryagsya to train hard and pulled him forward, causing curiosity encountered.

In one village they were stopped: porassprosit, seeing the documents, but still released.Again rumble cart.Now the hero is still worried about the fate of Grey, which he asked everyone he met.

once came across a hero in the camp, begged to return the horse.Conclusions him horses - one better than another, but was not among them gray.Nikita night tormented by the thought: it is the Gypsies steal, why he did not take away from them the horse.He even went to the barn, but the caretaker and ashamed with what went on.

Heads of 11-12.Meeting with the priest and Bugrov

three days was pulling the cart Morgunok, and even got used to the "office" horse - continues the story A. Twardowski.Country Muravia - a summary of travel Nikita is very similar to the adventures of the heroes Nekrasov - all did not come across, but the hero found himself far away from home.We met him a tractor, flew above him in the sky, planes, and he was pulling carts, and went after the boy.Once again they met on the way pop, and he was on horseback Morgunka.Hero tried to catch him, but is out of the clamps of a trace.

In one of the towns hit Nikita in the market.He began to look out for horses, a gray suit, but there has not found his horse.Here Morgunok saw standing at the fence of the poor: the conclusion song and holding a hat to charity.Hearing him Ivan Kuzmich, Nikita crushed under her former neighbor, and then led forward.At some point Bugrov was able to deceive the hero - and again no thief, no horse.

Heads of 13-14.Life in the Islands

Hales on his convoy Morgunok.Suddenly he stops beside the tractor, and the young driver offers to drag the cart to the collective farm.After hearing the story of Nikita, boy advised to go to the island, where you could buy a horse.After passing a cart on receipt, the hero went to the neighboring village, barely visible in the sea of ​​wheat.

Collective farm was not here, everyone lived for himself.The first thing I saw our traveler - complete devastation.Squalid huts, fallen fences, sitting around people - describes Islands Twardowski.

«Country ants" (summary of the poem you read) to continue the conversation with his grandfather, manufactures pipes.He led his guests in the courtyard and have a lean horse - gray-haired and blind from old age."Yes, that's how people live here," - says Morgunok and then makes dismal conclusion: you can not do.With bitterness he told friends about the new faithful friend - a stolen horse.Students poohali, then brought about the song heard from his grandfather hero twenty-five years ago.

Heads of 15-17.The farm

Leaving the cart, Nikita got to talk.With pleasure he took over the job: both grain and straw was a shaft.He came to his aid a man who turned out to be chairman.The head of the collective farm decided to show guests homestead.Surprised Morgunka good quality and seriousness in all.Made seriously, rather, forever - said Andrei Ilyich.

and then chairman told the story of his life, which is in his poem "Country ants".Analysis of it shows the typical people, representing the Soviet regime.Born into a poor family with many children, where all the men were strong as the selection.The Civic received six wounds, but survived.Then he participated in the division of land, for which he has repeatedly received threats.One night, the local rich Grachev ambushed him away from the village and brutally beaten.Andrei Ilyich could hardly crawl up to the house, but faith in their cause is not lost.Same willed mother and son - to faithfully serve the Soviet country.

A night watchman started with local Morgunkom talking about the plight of the stranger.Wandering somewhere out of their old collective farm, go on a pilgrimage, or a regular guy goes in search of work, or returning home from a channel with a thought of revenge known Stepan Grachev ... So pushing the boundaries of storytelling A. Twardowski."Country of ants" (the analysis of the poem leads to the thought) becomes a story about the fate of the Russian peasant in the difficult years after the revolution.

Heads of 18-19.The return of the horse and isolation

the morning on the farm to celebrate the wedding of: in a national, in a big way.Heard here Morgunok eulogies of a new life.And suddenly appeared among the fun at the palisade horse and the woman secretly told her husband about the arrival of the priest, ready to marry young.Overheard Nikita immediately understood everything, jumped up, and a minute later hung on the neck of his gray.

And here they are again on the road.Nikita thought: many have seen in that time, but where is the country that described the grandfather?With this question, he turned to an old man sitting on a tree stump.He thought, and then said no more countries Muravskaya.And I was lost, overgrown with grass.At one end to the other: no matter where you looked - the only way left.In the collective farm.Thus ends the poem "Country ants".

analysis and the idea works

Morgunok construction of the poem itself in many ways reminiscent of "Who Lives Well in Russia" Nekrasov.This is another attempt to answer the question, always worried about the peasants, of where lies the best share.

protagonist - is a collective image of the man always lived on the earth, and is engaged in the economy.And suddenly he found himself in a world where traditions existed for centuries were destroyed.His admiration for nature and Eared fields, the joy of working on a collective farm current (longing) show immense love for his native land-nurse.

image of the horse is symbolic in the poem "Country Ant", the content of which is directly related to his theft and tireless quest.He has always been a mainstay of the peasant, its main wealth.That's why it was difficult to take orders under the new beast to the farm where it was not for the proper care.And although in the last chapters Morgunok admires what he saw on the farm and is even thinking about joining in it, obviously, that collectivization has caused great damage to the village, because the peasants are no longer masters of the land.And not just "fist" had made its "wealth" using the work of others.Such

not really funny idea is the poem "Country Ant" A. Twardowski.