The meaning of the title of the novel "Fathers and Sons" Turgenev.

studying the work of well-known classic "Fathers and Sons", you will notice that the author did not immediately disclose the nature of the characters and their true nature.Describing his characters, he prefers to use a portrait of Turgenev and dialogue.The latter is the author attaches great importance, so it's hard to call it a usual method.With dialogue reveals relevant to people's problems, and most importantly, the nature of the characters.

dialogue as a way of disclosing the nature of the characters

When reading the book you will notice that the dialogues are passionate discussions on philosophy and politics.It was with their help, Turgenev, reveals the meaning of the title of the novel."Fathers and Sons» - work in which the main character is Bazarov presented fairly intelligent person.It often is the winner in the debate, citing a deep and abstruse phrase.Author Eugene makes frequent use of proverbs and sayings.It should be noted also that in the discussions he never does not go into long ph

ilosophical arguments.Bazarov slay all enemies using lapidary.All these factors enable the reader to understand that the character belongs to the Democrats.

The portrait skills Turgenev

composing portraits of heroes, Turgenev used the reception mysterious longing, never once giving all the details.The characters of the novel "Fathers and Sons" described by the satiric, phraseology and lexical resources.It is only after the appropriate background will be drawn, the reader can learn more about the character.This skill Ivan Sergeyevich more like the style of Gogol.

Title novel

meaning of the title of the novel "Fathers and Sons" is enclosed in a main conflict work, which is reflected in the fact that the author does not show the differences of people because of different ages and their relationships, and the clash of new and old, fighting BazarovKirsanov.Turgenev believed that leaving Russia never gives up without a fight, and coming not only abandons him, but also as a result is the winner.

idea and dedication of the novel

Coincidentally, the novel idea came at a time when the author breaks off cooperation with the "Contemporary".The main prototype Bazarov became a doctor Nicholas Dob, who struck him with his personality.The doctor has developed a revolutionary plan, did not like Turgenev, Ivan Sergeyevich decides to write a novel, which was an opportunity to understand the thoughts and reasons for certain actions of new people in the Russian society.The idea to write this work appeared in the summer of 1860, the following year Ivan Sergeyevich all his ends, and by 1862 th came reprint on which it was clear that the novel "Fathers and Sons" is dedicated to Vissarion Belinsky.He was a literary critic and theorist.After his first article people immediately noticed it some distinctive feature.The fact that Belinsky wanted from literature relaxed and easy as possible to do with a person's life than interested Turgenev.Introducing this name on the title page, the author makes it clear to all the readers, what is the originality of the novel."Fathers and Sons» - completely new product in time, which accurately describes the life of a modern estate on the example of Bazarov.

image Yevgeny Bazarov

was a revelation for both the Turgenev, and for the whole of Russia.It is a powerful, solid and consistent figure.Basically, a character opens it in its discussions with the main ideological enemy - Nicholas and Paul Kirsanov.Thanks to all disputes can understand how it was the nobility really is and what he has come to replace the long-intellectuals.It is in these conflicts brightens the overall meaning of the title of the novel "Fathers and Sons", which still remains a mystery to some.Bazarov does not accept everything related to the basics of life of the Russian people and serfdom.He wants to finally emerged in Russia and the new democratic society, which is not to think in the old style.Turgenev explained that if this character is called a nihilist, it should be taken as a revolutionary, and not just as a man who denies the existence of the meaning and value of all human values.The author considers the main problem Eugene that he was not born at the right time and wanted to change society, when it was to this is not ready yet.

Turgenev's novel became something new to Russian society, causing great interest among readers.It shows the struggle between ideologies generation, which was relevant in the 1860s that can be understood even before reading it, just ponder the meaning of the novel title."Fathers and Sons» - book, which acquired great importance in the literature of Russia, is currently one of the most famous classical works, and most importantly, to this day not lost its relevance.