Genre works "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

If Mark Twain said that he would write imperishable creations are not only for children but for adults, and is a favorite author of many future classics of American literature, it's probably very surprised would have said, "ButThis can not be. ""Please excuse us, but this is the case," - responded to his grateful readers.

Mark Twain loved by everyone: women and men, old and young, rich and poor.His prose is extremely democratic, because it is beautiful.Which genre include "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", the most famous work of Mark Twain?Very difficult question.To answer it, we need to see what all the genres present in this work.


genre works "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is difficult to define, because in this epic narrative mixes several literary trends:

  • adventure (the first thing that catches the eye);
  • comedy (also clearly visible);
  • tragedy (already less obvious);
  • biography (incredibly).

Now, first things first.


is well known for both experts and ordinary bibli

ophiles that each piece can be read many times and find new meanings and new - a sign of good literature.

As for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, they immediately appear to the reader in all its glory: Tom and his friend Huck managed to get on a desert island to find the treasure, to see how ruthlessly, but not cold-bloodedly killed a man to help unmask the killer,go through the fear of death, to get lost in the cave, and even find love in the face of Becky Thatcher.All this is extremely exciting to read.This is a superficial cut text of Mark Twain - the semantic layer of product easily recognize and adolescents, and adults.

So the first answer to the question about what genre of works "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is ready.


With this also seems clear.Yes, someone may not like the antics of Tom and Huck, but no one will deny that they are funny.Especially hilarious how easily Tom painted the fence by attaching to the problem of a little ingenuity, and even without dirtying hands.Everyone who read their favorite places in this timeless book.It makes no sense to list all here.And those who have not read, put it all: work, school, children, wife, husband, lover - and ran to read with the utmost agility.All of Mark Twain's fiction (not only the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer") is impregnated with a unique sense of humor author who admired Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Vonnegut, and many other writers.

This is the second answer to the question of what kind of genre works "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

tragedy.Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as the two images of childhood

And now the bad news.The tragedy of "lurking" in the image of Huck Finn.One would think that such an unusual boy, tramp, whose father is drinking?Hopelessness position Huck Finn Tom Sawyer emphasizes safely.

Huck and Loneliness "nepotism" Tom.Please note that although Tom always tries to somehow pry his aunt, he still loved her dearly, and she loved him.Near Huck does not have such expensive and close friends.

Tom lives only in the world of their (children's) fantasies, Huck, on the contrary, there is in the world of children and adults in the world.When he wants pleasure, he goes and plays with Tom, but he has to deal with and very adult problems: what to do with a drunken father and how he even be in a world where he does not have any own soul?

dvoemirie It allows Huck look at the antics of Tom sometimes with ill-concealed skepticism, in other words, through the eyes of an adult.Volume is not yet aware of life, and Huck unfortunately knows.And she reminds him a taste of watermelon sugar.

There is a third answer to the question, what is the genre of works "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

«Biography» Childhood

Mark Twain managed to "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" not only tell the story of an ordinary boy, but also to capture a special "biography" of childhood, its archetype.Indeed, no one came so close to the mystery of the gentle youth, as Mark Twain.

Of course, fans of the works of Ray Bradbury exclaim: "But what about the" Dandelion Wine "?"Artwork Bradbury, unlike "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", not only on the child.It is everything.It can be interpreted as an existential parable.The "Wine ..." there are motifs of life, death, human loneliness, aging.It is there and childhood, but it is not the first cast.In Bradbury's childhood involved in the carnival of life on a par with all the conditions of human existence.

This is the fourth and last, philosophical answer to the question, what is the genre of the work of Tom Sawyer.

Why writings of Tom Sawyer is still so popular?

This question gives the answer in part that "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by genres are extremely diverse, as shown above.But it should be noted and skill Korney interpreter Chukovsky, who brilliantly passed not only the style of Mark Twain, but also a unique architectural imagery.

Language Mark Twain's fascinating: it is simple and yet profound.Under the guise of a cynic hiding a great humanist.After all, a man can love in different ways: blind, unable to see the disadvantages and it is woven from a single subjective solid virtues - it is immature love.But some luck, and they love a person, even despite the fact that he has shortcomings, and they are quite clear - it is a mature love.That's the same Mark Twain loved the man, but very distinctly seen every defect of his nature.

In parting, only one remark: I do not deny yourself the pleasure to read, and even with "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn."From the biographies of two teenage brats is the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn."