"Fire," Rasputin: summary.

In 1985, Valentin Rasputin wrote "Fire".Summary This story is presented in this article.

fire started

Ivan, tired, go home.It has never been so tired, but today is not screamed, there were even without shouting, without the hassle.Just open the "edge".Ivan finally got to the house, and suddenly heard screams: "Warehouses are burning!" "Fire!".Summary of the first chapter is over.

first he did not see the fire, but then noticed that the burning warehouse building.There has never been such a serious fire in the history of the village.

Warehouses were well built, and it caught fire in a place that all burned without a trace.On the expenditure side of the building: industrial and food.The fire went over the roof edge of a food, but the ground was thick in the industry.

Ivan helps rooftop

When the yard of warehouses was Ivan, the group began to cobble together only in two places.One roll off motorcycles podtovarnikah, the other looked into the roof in order to interrupt the fire.The protagonis

t climbed onto the roof, where he commanded Afonya Bronnikov, who put him on the edge overlooking the courtyard.Ivan began to tear off the board.Man sent for scrap, and instead returned to the scrap brought news that rolled out the "Ural", the charred motorcycle.

The protagonist looked around, knocking last tesinu.The children rushed madly across the yard, screamed and rushed figures manufactured goods from warehouses.But it accumulates and bosses.Approached the chief engineer of the timber industry, the section chief.This is covered in the third chapter.The whole village came running, but has not yet found anyone who could organize it into a single reasonable force that was able to stop the fire.

meeting with Boris Timofeich

The protagonist jumped down and went to the place where he had seen just Boris Timofeyevich, Head area.He found him in a crowd of screaming, from the food warehouse.He asked to open the door of the warehouse Valya-storekeeper.This relates in the fifth chapter of Rasputin ("Fire").The content of the work presented briefly - we note only the main events.Valya did not agree.Boris Timofeich arharovtsev then shouted to those broken door.And they took pleasure break.The protagonist of the proposed Boris Timofeich put Misha Hampi in the gate, so that he guarded.Section chief did.

Memories of Egorovka

The sixth chapter describes the memories of Egorovka, the old village, which surged to Ivan Petrovich.He traveled from his village for a long time only once - during the war.The protagonist fighting for two years, and a year after the Russian defeated, kept the defense of Germany.He returned home in the autumn of 1946.And his village did not know - she showed him the underdog and nondescript.Here everything remained unchanged and seems to have stopped forever.Soon he met Allen in a nearby village.When the new car was a collective farm, it turned out that, apart from him, for there is nobody to put it.And Ivan Petrovich began to work.Soon after his mother fell ill in the long and severe infirmity.The younger brother of the main character went to the construction site and took to drink a lot of money.Ivan decided to stay in Egorovka.When it was flooded in a new settlement had been brought all the inhabitants.It brought six more just like his native village.I approve here immediately LPH, which was named Sosnovka.

Ivan Petrovich went to the grocery store

summary continues.Fire Rasputin chapter describes how to work, interrupting his memories of the protagonist and his reflections.The seventh chapter tells us the following.When was the last grocery store dropped Ivan, there already being underway.Scary buzzing over schelyastym ceiling.Near the wall tore several ceiling timbers and fire rushed to the doorway.Inside the warehouse never been Ivan, and he marveled at the abundance: no small mountain on the floor were piled dumplings.Sausage circles lay nearby.Oil stood in heavy cubes and red fish - in boxes.Ivan thought about where it all goes away.Dancing with the heat and wrapping his jerkin, the protagonist threw circles of sausage to the door.There, in the yard, someone would pick up and treat them somewhere.We turn to the eighth chapter, describing the summary ("Fire").Rasputin it describes as the fire grew stronger.

relationship with Boris Timofeich

all became unbearable heat.No one seems to put out more - to retreat.Only we pulled that could still stand it.The protagonist thought that stocks can not be saved, but it is possible to defend the store.Suddenly he saw Boris Timofeyevich.He argued with arharovtsev.He prevented the brawl.

Ivan once talked with the head of the plot.This relates in the ninth chapter of the novel "Fire" Rasputin.Summary of the conversation follows.Boris Timofeyevich started talking about the plan.And then the main character could not resist: "I wish we lived without it!".In his opinion, it would be better to have a different plan - not just for one cubic meter, "but also to the soul!", That is, to take into account how many souls lost in this case.I disagree with him foreman.However, the main character in a different way has been arranged.It seemed under daily pressure to compress the spring, and reached such a degree of elasticity that it became impossible to resist.Then Ivan began to speak, hating myself and terribly nervous, knowing that all is in vain.

Ivan helps make oil and flour

ongoing fire.Summary of chapters we are interested in the product came already for the tenth chapter.Completely replaced the fire first food warehouse.Now moved in the second.When dropped in here for the first time Ivan Petrovich, here it was smoky and glowing, but still passable, without fire.It was here and crowded.Boxes with vodka were passed along the chain.Shouts Wali storekeeper came from somewhere.She begged to make the building of vegetable oil, which was in an iron barrel.She threw hard, Ivan Petrovich, but failed to roll out.Then he snatched the chain from someone, and together they rolled out the barrel.

For the second back Ivan, but his team-mate returned to the chain.The protagonist noticed, trying to find that not only the boxes are transferred by chains, but also unsealed bottles.Again Ivan rolled out the barrel with the help of someone, but it was when she rolled, she was without a stopper.Wriggled traces of oil left in the warehouse.Ivan Petrovich said Athos Bronnikov, it is necessary to save the meal.The low construction of a third warehouse holding sugar.There was also the meal, which was dumped into a shapeless heap.First got the bag slung over Ivan and carried him.Together with Sasha Ninth he dumped link fence and put on the road slope.So to get the bridge.After that tore another and put together.Alain decided to find the protagonist of the novel "Fire" (Rasputin).Summary of the works going on reflections of the protagonist of family life.

Ivan thinks about family

The thirteenth chapter, he recalls how he and Alena two years ago celebrated 30 years of marriage.Come on children, taking a vacation.In Irkutsk, the eldest daughter lived.She was in the hospital, where they did not stay long.In Khabarovsk, the son of Boris lived.He got married.The son of a daughter of parents have asked to move in with him, and Ivan agreed.Just could not stand was the last year when logging enterprise established in the new brigade arharovtsev.When they smashed in front of the hut garden, Ivan decided to write a letter of resignation.Only one rescue was: leave.

Mischa Hampe

The events of the fifteenth chapter continues summary ("Fire" Rasputin consists of 19 chapters).The protagonist of pulling off the bag and carry it.At first there were about ten people, to make flour.But then they have only four: Ivan Petrovich, Savely, Athos and some unfamiliar guy.After some time to adjust as Boris Timofeich.The protagonist decided to take a turn: the rump, then the flour.When no strength left, he stopped near the buildings, which was Savely bath.He dragged her into the sacks of flour.Another protagonist noticed an old woman, picks up the bottle from the yard - certainly not empty.Ivan in the middle of the court saw Misha Hampi.We are only a few words describe this character, making summary."Fire" Rasputin - a work in which the character played a significant role.From childhood he was paralyzed and dragged his right hand whip.The only thing that this man could say: "Humpy-oh!".He lived alone, burying his wife for a long time.North left his nephew.Misha Hampi was a powerful force, and used one left to do anything.This man was a born guard.

Reflections Ivan Petrovich

sixteenth chapter begins with reflections of Ivan Petrovich, who began to think all the meticulous and often deciding to move: that a person needs to live in peace?And he thought: work, wealth, home.Athos persuades him to stay, but Ivan does not listen to him.

Death Hampi and Sony

bags thrown out the door, and he dragged them to the fence.Ivan Petrovich called someone a drunken voice, but he did not respond.This was in the 17th chapter says Valentin Rasputin ("Fire").Summary it continues that men began to be delayed more and more - in order to get air.The main character was, without feeling any arms or legs.

from the last warehouse had all pulled out.Uncle Misha noticed the ball of colored rags played two.And then the blow fell on him.It was Sonia.Several arharovtsev beat him.When the protagonist saw that embrace the snow lie Hampi and Sonia, were both dead already.Beater lying five meters.


last two chapters (18 and 19) complete summary."Fire" Rasputin ends with the main character, after returning from a fire, do not lay down.He just sat there, looking out the window, seeing the smoke carries the shore.The next day, the main character left the village.It seemed to him that he is part of the loneliness that silent land, or meeting, whether accompanying him.So ends the story "Fire", a summary of which was presented in this article.