Tiger Woods - the best golfer the world

Tiger Woods - the golfer from the USA, one of the wealthiest athletes of all time.The only player who has 14 senior titles in golf.


Tiger Woods was born in Cypress (CA) in 1975.The present name of the athlete - Eldrick Tonto.Nicknamed Tiger gave him his father, who called his son in honor of his colleague - Vietnamese army officer.

Today, Woods is known all over the world, but only a few aware of the fact that his first record set Tiger when he was only nine months.Thanks to the activity and the desire of his father to the kid scored the ball well.This happened in the United States in one of the tournaments.That episode filmed a lot of reporters.Eldrick not only hit the Guinness Book of Records, but also became the darling of the Americans.Subsequently, the boy was often invited to various TV shows.

first tournament

In 1984, Tiger Woods, whose biography is described in this article, has taken part in his first competition in golf.This championship was held for children aged 10 to 1

2 years, but the eight-year gifts have made an exception.Little golfer easily bypassed rivals and won the first trophy.

Transition to professionals

In 1995, a series of numerous victories in amateur golf Eldrick opened the door to the world of professionals.The debut tournament Tiger Woods failed, once on the 60th place.But the golfer won the next two tournaments and was named "rookie of the season."

first serious competitor results showed in 1997, when he won the Masters.This event is repeatedly reported in the press, and soon became a favorite of Tiger million fans.His favorably distinguished two things: the color of the skin (it is necessary to thank him multiracial family), as well as the charm and youth (the majority of his rivals were old rich).

best golfer the world

In the 2000s, Tiger Woods has won a number of tournaments allowed him to become the best golfer in the world.Here are the most important: the Masters, the US Championship, UK Championship and Championship PGA.In 2000 and in 2001 received a sports Eldrick Oscar as the best athlete in the world.

There was not a professional tournament, which would not have won Tiger Woods.Golf became an athlete meaning of life.Eldrick very long time occupied the first place in the rankings.And only in 2004 it became Woods' failure.Then he could not win in any competition.But then Tiger focused again took first place in the rating of players.

Few know about the period in the life of Woods when he seriously thought about becoming a military ("sea lion"), like his father.He even held a special military training, but in the end decided to link their lives with golf.

richest athlete

addition to sporting achievements, Woods is known for its high income.Over the past ten years, he is in the top 10 most highly paid athletes in the world.And according to the rating of the magazine "Forbes", Eldrick - the highest paid athlete in the world.Much of the revenue goes into the pocket of a golfer on the sponsorship contract with Gillette, Buick, Nike, and others.

record for prize

In 2012, Tiger Woods is an athlete set a record for the amount of prize money.He was the first in the history of golf was able to earn over $ 100 million.Now Eldrick interested not only participate in the tournament.He is involved in charity work and designing golf courses.Athlete Foundation also opened for the development of golf among the poor.


In the beginning of a professional career Woods became the hunted beautiful women all over the world.To woo the Tiger, these girls were numerous tricks.

Duchess Sarah Ferguson suddenly decided to become a reporter and went on to shoot a movie Eldrick.Model Tyra Banks persuaded Woods to a series of lessons on the golf under the pretext of charity.But all clearly surpassed Monica Seles (tennis).She not only lost 9 kilos, but threw the billionaire Paul Allen.However, none of them managed to win the heart of a golfer.

Chosen Tiger became regular nineteen student Joanna Jagoda.According to the US tabloid 'The Globe', it is in its embrace Woods lost his innocence.Earlier this prevented overbearing father, insists on the incompatibility of course and sex.

In 2004, the island Barabados Tiger married the beautiful Elin Nordegren.Three years later, the couple had a daughter, Sam, and another two - the son of Charlie.But in 2010 because of the numerous changes Eldrick took divorce.Since 2013, the golfer encounters skier Lindsey Vaughn.