Hunting animals.

Every man experienced in his life passion, even playing football, even in the snow, though doing arm wrestling.There are times when the desire to be first, to be a winner prevails over all others.Hunting of animals is directly linked to this feeling.

to pass a couple of dozen kilometers through a windbreak or drifts in search of traces of wild animals, a physical training is not enough.If used as weapons shotgun, hunting turns into a real competition with nature.Effective combat range does not exceed eighty meters, and we need to use all his strength, cunning and skill to get close to a firing range to the animal or bird that was initially faster, better, hear and smell.

types of hunting

This activity implies a search, tracking the beast, pursuit, followed by capture or killing.The following types of hunting:

  • fishing,
  • sports,
  • amateur.

hunting of animals involves the destruction of the animals in order to get the feathers, fur, meat, bones, horns, fat and so on. D. In the Soviet Union

there was a chain of stores "Gifts of Nature", where you could buy meat wood grouse or wild boar, animal skins and more.

The sports direction aim is to show and to practice their hunting skills.In order to give greater visibility to the case and effectively advance the beast caught cling beacon.Sometimes the animal receives a dose of sleeping pills, not lead.There pritravki in which trained dogs, and sport hunting there is a possibility for the people.

thing for the soul

Amateur hunting beasts - a lesson for individuals and small groups of people who have purchased a license.Hunters in this case have the primary purpose of a good time on the nature of the animal production is not the determining factor.They regularly buy license metered kilometers of forest, swamps and steppes and enjoying nature, resting from their everyday city life.After all, the hunter - a poetic nature, very loving wildlife.Even winter hunting with their drifts, cold and blizzards are not frightened man, as a pastime - it's a passion!

As fishing

Professional hunting was highly developed in the Soviet Union.Now such an extent it is no longer engaged.In addition to the production of hides, meat and others. In the hunt have different goals.It happens that as a result of small natural disasters or adverse human impact on the territory predominate prey animals, they destroy others.To adjust the population requires the efforts of professional hunters.

professionals have remarkable patience, in addition to guns, they use snares, traps and other traps.This method is not as entertaining, but as effective as the others, and sometimes even superior.

also hunting skills are required for the capture of live animals for zoos, circuses, migration of species.

hunting season

Depending on the season the fishery opened on different animals and birds.Terms of hunting depends on the marriage period the beast, and the time required for the education of the young.Also sometimes open hunting excessively bred species.This activity - it is a way to control the population.

Spring - a season, which always argue.This period is a marriage for the majority of animals and birds, and their number per square kilometer increases dramatically.Many advocate a total ban on the shooting of game in this period, but at least 10 days open hunting.

Summer - time to put in order a hunting tool to bring their dog on pritravku.In these months, the hunting of fur-bearing animals, usually closed, mined moles, gophers, organize raids on wolves and culling of deer and elk.In August, the open hunting upland game and lying in wait for the bears.

autumn fishing continues upland game starts hunting traps water rat, muskrat.Toward the end of the season are beginning to catch other types of fur-bearing animals.

Winter hunting is not less interesting than the spring.Extinct, as it seemed, snow-covered woods are full of life and surprises.The hunt for fur animals: sables, squirrels, martens, foxes.Boar and elk have brought their young, to do their full fishing.Also it begins shooting grouse, capercaillie, black grouse.

Men deal

Nowadays, a man with a weapon causing apprehension, it is perceived as an aggressor and perpetrator.But the weapons and men's nature has always stood.Children playing in the "war games" adult paintball and more.But the real knife and a gun that is not replaced.Those who served in the army, with admiration and a little bit of fear remembered as sound machine guns and artillery.

main value in the modern world - this is the life, so to keep a weapon, you need to either work in law enforcement, or to be a soldier, a hunter or a bodyguard.Hunting license will cost some money, depending on the animal, which gathered to catch.But it's worth it!

Even if you no one shot, a walk through the woods with a gun on his shoulder, faithful barking another, fresh air, birds singing in the early morning, the rustle of the hare in the bush - all this is a great experience, awaken primal male spirit, the spirit of the hunter!