"Money for Maria" Rasputin: summary.

In 1967 was published the first story V. Rasputin "Money for Maria."It identifies the main themes of the writer's work: adoption of the highest moral values, the pain for the future of your country and its people.

The work intertwine two storylines: the trip of the protagonist, a villager in the city of his brother, and a description of the events giving rise to a cause of a difficult decision.Five difficult days, on which depends the fate of Kuzma and his family, described in the story Rasputin."Money for Maria" - a summary of the proposed lower - an attempt to reach the hardened hearts of people often forget the meaning of mutual and unselfishness.

restless night

Kuzma woke bright headlights, beating on the window.He got up, smoked a cigarette and went back to bed.Then he saw a strange dream.As if going to wake up to his car, stopping at houses in which there is a light.This means that there is money, and he takes them to Mary.

Kuzma wakes up the second time, and can not sleep.His tormented

one thought: to go or not worth it?Finally he decides there is no escape.There is no longer ask anyone.We need to go.Morning bus.He lay as if in a trance, until the morning.So begins the story of Rasputin.Money for Maria - a summary of the story is the show - have become an obsession for the hero.Why is that?It will become clear later.

The city

morning Kuzma looked out the window: it was cloudy, as if about to go the snow.The wall suddenly hit a huge wind power.He will accompany the hero of all the long road, first by bus and then a train.

Mary, knowing that her husband still decided to go, said: "I do not give."And when Kuzma found an envelope with the address and sat at the table, said, "... you come back?" While dressing, he heard the cry, but it was time to go.

the Description of bad weather and the long journey on the bus continues Rasputin "Money for Maria."Summary of his condition can be expressed simply.It is located on the last seat, hunching his shoulders.He thought about the wind and the howling.

In one village, the bus stopped at the store.View saleswoman called Kuzma in the memories of recent events.


5 days ago in their house there was a strange man.He came to account in the store, where traded Maria.In the evening of the second day returning from work Kuzma saw at the table crying wife and the auditor, who was sitting with some confused and apologetic.He told me that revealed a large loss - a thousand rubles, that new money was exorbitant sum.The situation was complicated - says Rasputin.Money for Maria - a summary of the conversation confirms men - have never been the purpose of life.Himself she really did not take a penny.And education was such that it deceive others, for example, selpovskim often hand over the goods to someone on the way, I had no trouble.Kuzma noted that he had asked his wife not to get involved in this business, but to work in the store there was no one, and she agreed.

Examiner and he knew that Mary was the victim of.Because ready to hush up the matter, if within five days - as it will go to the villages to check - all one thousand will be refunded in cash.Otherwise there will be a court.With that he was gone.

beginning of the first day

Maria did not get up in the morning.After escorting the children to school, Kuzma went to the office.With this begins the story of the first of five days of Rasputin.Summary (money for Mary needed somewhere to get) it was as follows.At first, the man went to the chairman, who promised two or three months, when the fiscal year ends, to give a loan.After returning home, he found his wife in the same state.After the words that can still be corrected, she suddenly jumped up and begged her husband to save her.Gradually Maria calmed down and fell asleep.Kuzma began to think: what to do?The money they had - even 700 rubles, taken on a new house, not given.Sell ​​cow - you can do without anything left.There was only one: to go to the villagers.All that rise up in his memory was riding Kuzma.

At the station, the tickets were only mild wagon - said Rasputin.Money for Mary - the conversation with the inspector gave it to understand - is urgently needed.Because Kuzma decided that five is irrelevant.Now he could only help a brother, who had not seen for seven years.

first day continued

soothe his wife, the man went to the school principal, who always had money.He has got an unpleasant conversation, the essence of which was to ensure that the need to give, otherwise people will condemn.He promised to remove from the books a hundred rubles.

House Kuzma found komariha she read the cards and assured Mary that the government house she did not fall.When the guests left, the wife suddenly laughed.Then I start talking about what awaits her in prison, and again burst into tears.These bouts of sudden mood change showed severe state of mind of the heroine, which lost in a moment of calm and settled life.

the train

In a soft car Kuzma uncomfortable.He was in a compartment with a colonel, a man in a vest and sarcastic Gennady Ivanovich.It is planned to do with the theme of the countryside and the peasantry, which will develop in their works Rasputin.

«Money for Maria" - a summary of the conversation in the coupe it underscores - a story in which the author is more concerned with the impact of the material aspects of life in the spiritual world.Gennady Ivanovich reproaches village that she lives on all ready and enjoys many advantages to the city.Most of all he resented that the workers were sent to harvest.This conversation was confused Kuzma, and he gladly agreed to move to another compartment, to give way to player preference.

Damn store

Summary story of Rasputin "Money for Maria" continues the story of how Mary became trade.Its not the first accused of embezzlement, because the seller to work no one wanted.And Mary somehow persuaded by accident.First agreed to go to the store, closed for several months, Nadia Vorontsov.But only after the birth of a child - is 4-5 months.Mary lived near the shop, and a loan for a house had to pay.After much consideration, she agreed to work temporarily.But it took four months, and Nadia said it changed its mind.But Mary accustomed, and conducted at its request records showed that everything is in order.Children have always been under the supervision of, and in the store there was no need to sit all day.She could do things, and when it came to the buyer, ran to let him go.So everything went on as usual until Maria did not insist that it is necessary to conduct an audit.And the result - it is not clear how the loss arose, and even such a large, checking that he was in a daze.A woman's life suddenly cut short.Her attempts to reach people came to nothing - a childhood friend just burst into tears, without offering concrete help.And it is now in its third day out of the house.I cried and begged for death, imagining how she will remain without Kuzma, and four sons.

the train Sleep

Her husband was driving in another compartment.A couple of old men aroused in him memories of his wife and only recently relaxed prosperous life.Falling asleep, he saw another strange dream in which farmers have decided to collect - describes in detail all Rasputin - the money to Mary.Summary it boils down to is that the chairman proposed to count all the people and divided them by the thousands.It turned out that everyone had to hand over all of 4.40.Rounded and formed by 5 rubles.It turned out more than the amount.When the special hardship allowed to take from the balance as needed, it turned out that all the money had disappeared.Kuzma has experienced in his sleep and woke up terrified.So the feelings of the tortured hero Rasputin.

«Money for Maria" - a summary of the chapters gives it to understand - the story of how unpredictable life of a person and how easily it can be changed by accident.

End of Day

After returning from the director Kuzma long listened to his grandfather who came Gordeev, then visited his old friend, Basil, who also could not help anything.In the evening he first thought of her brother, who lived well.The last time they saw each other at the funeral of his father, and three years ago Mary stayed with them in the city, but came to the conviction that she was not happy there.Kuzma did for a conclusion that the brother - cut a slice, and did not try to meet him.But now it was another matter.

With Basil went to Stepanida that took the money, but to no avail.Kuzma tired in the evening to sleep quickly and soundly.

second day

The next morning, my grandfather Gordey brought 15 rubles, which took my son.Then Vasily Kuzma led to his mother, and she, as if "from another world", has given more than a hundred rubles, deferred to their own funerals and memorials - did not want to burden the children.Then, out of despair, he looked into the office, where he met with the chairman.The latter was a difficult fate.He spent seven years in prison, as the harvest on their own money to buy fuel for the skipper of the collective farm.It is qualified as sabotage - the ship was state-owned fuel - and gave real time.After the liberation of several years are not allowed to post, and then come to ask themselves.Innocent victim Chairman Mary knew better than anyone, so find a way out.He invited experts to give a month's salary - it was 640 rubles - Kuzma.If not immediately, but all agreed.In the evening, the director brought the promised 100 rubles.I get a decent amount of money, and Kuzma, having experienced the whole day incredible embarrassment and shame, yet could not help but be pleased.

third day in the morning, when I went to the office for the money, met with a mechanic.He complained that he was visited one, and there is no money - Kuzma give him 30 rubles.Then he listened to the unpleasant and stinging speech accountant, who said that his salary, he has already spent.Home Kuzma to come for the money the wife of a veterinarian.So yesterday the mood of the hero will soon be gone - the money gets a little more than half.Before the arrival of the External Auditor remained for two days, and the hope was only a brother.

The city

Released from Kuzma car stopped.Everything was covered with fallen snow, and the wind did not seem to happen.The man took as a good sign and headed for the bus stop.Sitting on the right bus, he suddenly felt lost and alone, and the whole story of the money seemed insignificant compared to the fact that it now expected.

Kuzma found the brother's house and knocked."... Pray, Maria!Now it will be opened. "

So ends the story suddenly Rasputin Valentin."Money for Maria", a summary of which you read, has an open ending, and every reader has the right to think out the subsequent events.