Poetry of Tiutchev F.I .: Analysis "Mind Russia not understand"

Russia, Russian soul, Russian spirit ... These seemingly simple words cause uncontrolled debate and reflection with indispensable ellipsis at the end.In this bundle is difficult and one of the most famous poems - "Mind can not understand Russia" (by Tiutchev FI).What are its characteristics?

on a piece of paper

The work "Mind can not understand Russia" (Tiutchev FI) mass of curious features.First published in 1968, it was written by a poet on a piece of paper in 1966. Today this invaluable piece of stored in the Pushkin House.The work itself consists of only four lines, one stanza, but what!Read, and involuntarily an association with some small deep lake, where the water is so clear that it seems, that's it, bottom, on the doorstep, but no, it is bottomless, and this is sad and sublime, and happy at the same time.

What is Russia?

poem "Mind can not understand Russia" (Tiutchev FI) - a philosophical miniatures on a patriotic theme.By the way, is not the only philosophical miniatures-monostrofa

in the work of the Russian poet ("The nature of the Sphinx," "We can not predict").Written work in the inherent creativity Fedor Tiutchev size - chetyrёhstopny pentameter, which gives the product of a sublime, solemn sound odic.However, along with extolling the fatherland hear and other notes - wide Russian soul, Russian land, love it is impossible to know, to understand, measure, work here other laws - Of course, endless, infinity - which is only possible to pass through itself and feel.Everyone Is it given?Probably not, but the one who is endowed with this gift from above, open other horizons - faith and love.F. Tiutchev believes that the Russian people as a whole was awarded sim amazing quality, and it is, and should only call pride.

Analysis: "Mind can not understand Russia", Tiutchev FI

poetry, poetic text - a multidimensional phenomenon that has attracted and continues to attract the attention of literary critics, linguists and philosophers.Was no exception and the famous poem by F. Tiutchev.The scientific work Golysheva GEcompositional analysis "Mind can not understand Russia" offers to share monostrofu on specific considerations for three main parts: thesis, argument and conclusion.

The first two lines are just the author proposes the thesis: it is impossible to deny the obvious, that Russia has a special character, the special nature of the soul, and hence a special way.In the third line we read the explanation and proof of that, "She has become very special."By the way, the word "become" in this context can be seen in two ways.First, as a portable - "domestic warehouse, internal structure."Second - as opposed to fixed expressions "to match" - "fully consistent with someone or something."Otherwise - as a unit of the Russian soul is impossible to give any definition, and it can not be with anyone and with nothing to compare, parallels do not exist.

What follows from this "conclusion"?About him we can learn in the fourth line: "In Russia one can only believe."In other words - the basis of everything is only faith that lives in only one heart, and to develop or learn it will not work - it's either there or it is not.This line is a parting word, and for the Russian people, and for the stranger.For the latter, the belief - is only one way of understanding all that is associated with the word "Russian", and hence the only possible way of rapprochement and friendship.For the Russian man is a kind of a reminder that faith only is our strength and steadfastness.She - the only helper and savior of Russia from all evils, and it bears an immediate loss of the destruction throughout the country.There is no faith - no people.

ways to implement the ideas of the author

Lingvostilistichesky analysis "Mind can not understand Russia" gives an understanding of how, how the author's idea is realized, what linguistic units to contribute to.According Golysheva GE to transfer the deep meaning of the work, which was mentioned above, the poet uses the verb "believe", "measured" and "understanding."They affect the formation of the "internal motion of the image", and the repetition of negative particle "not" enhances contrast juxtaposition of concepts such as "mind," "reason" and "soul", "belief", "Of course."

continue the analysis of "Mind Russia not understand" - an amazing product Tiutchev FIAt the syntactic level, it deserves special attention an amazing author punctuation, such as dashes and no points at the end of the quatrains, which are not always stored at a reprint of the text.So, the first line of the author inachalno put a dash: "Mind - Russia does not understand."For what?First of all, for the pause that while reading the text, it would seem, it takes only a fraction of a second, but powerful image focuses on the words "mind" and "Russian" and thus separates them apart.To this effect the author used and dashes in the second line, and the comma after the third stanza "She has."

Conclusion In conclusion, everything about her, about Mother Russia, that "the mind can not comprehend Russia ..." The verse continues to be one of the most frequently cited works by F. Tiutchev.Why is that?You could say it carries a kind of eternal prophecy, recalling Russia, the Russian people of his same deep effect, and at the same time all the same negative particle "no" and the word "only" to prevent and men Russian and the other peoples of theimminent catastrophe if the ratio will be different ...