"Doctor Zhivago": An Analysis.

Boris Pasternak novel "Doctor Zhivago" is often called one of the most complex pieces in the writer.This applies to the display characteristics of real events (the first and the October Revolution, the Civil War and World), understanding of his ideas, the characteristics of the characters, the name of the chief of which - Doctor Zhivago.

analysis works on the role of the Russian intelligentsia in the events of the early XX century, however, the same is not easy, as his destiny.

creative history

first concept of the novel dates back to 17-18 years, but serious work Pasternak began only after almost two decades.1955 marked the end of the novel, were then published in Italy and the awarding of the Nobel Prize, from which the Soviet government was forced to abandon the disgraced writer.It was only in 1988 - the novel was published for the first time at home.

several times changed the name of the novel: "A burning candle" - the name of one of the poems of the protagonist, "death will be," "Innocent

Dudorov."As a reflection of one aspect of the author's intention - "Boys and girls".They appear on the first pages of the novel, mature, passed through the events themselves, witnesses and participants are.Teenage perception of the world persists in adult life, as evidenced by the thoughts and deeds of heroes and their analysis.

Doctor Zhivago - Pasternak attentive to the choice of the name - was the name of the main character.First was Patrick Zhivult.Yuri - most likely George-Victorious.Zhivago's name is most often associated with the image of Christ: "You are the Son of the living God (genitive in old language)."In this regard, in the novel there is the idea of ​​sacrifice and resurrection, red thread passing through the entire work.

image Zhivago

The focus of the writer's historical events the first and second decades of the XX century and their analysis.Doctor Zhivago - Pasternak depicts his life - in 1903, lost his mother and is under the care of his uncle.At that time, when they travel to Moscow, and killed the boy's father, who had previously left the family.Near Uncle Yuri lives in freedom and the absence of any prejudice.He learns, grows, marries a girl that is familiar with the child receives medical profession and begins to engage in favorite work.And it awakens interest in poetry - he began to write poetry - and philosophy.Suddenly, a familiar and well-established life collapses.In the yard in 1914, and followed by an even more terrible events.The reader sees them through the prism of the views of the protagonist and their analysis.

Doctor Zhivago, as well as his companions, alive reacts to everything that happens.He goes to the front, where much it seems pointless and unnecessary.Returning to become a witness of how power is transferred to the Bolsheviks.First, the hero takes everything with enthusiasm: in his view, the revolution is a "magnificent surgery", which symbolizes life itself, unpredictable and spontaneous.However, with time comes rethinking of what happened.You can not make people happy against their will, it is criminal and, at least, absurd - to this conclusion comes Dr. Zhivago.Analysis of the product leads to the idea that the man he wants to or not, is caught up in the historical process.Pasternak's hero in this case, almost adrift, not openly protest, but not unconditionally accepting the new government.This is something most often reproached the author.

During the Civil Yuri Zhivago falls into the partisan unit, where escapes, he returns to Moscow, trying to live under the new government.But to work, as before, it can not - it would be to adapt to the conditions arising, and this is contrary to his nature.It is necessary to work, in which the main thing - the proclamation of eternal life.This will show the character verses and their analysis.

Doctor Zhivago, thus expresses the position of the part of the intelligentsia, who cautiously reacted to what happened in the 1917 coup as a way to artificially change the lives and adopt new rules, originally alien to any humanistic idea.

Death of a Hero

suffocating in the new environment that does not take its essence, the living is gradually losing interest in life and mental strength, in the opinion of many, even degrading.Death overtakes him unexpectedly in a stuffy tram, out of which feel unwell Yuri no way.But the hero does not disappear from the pages of the novel, he continues to live in his poems, as evidenced by their analysis.Doctor Zhivago and his soul becomes immortal thanks to the great power of art.

characters in the novel

product has a ring composition: the scene begins to describe his mother's funeral and ends with his death.Thus, in the pages tells of the fate of a whole generation, represented mainly by Yuri Zhivago, and highlights the uniqueness of human life in general.Symbolic appearance of candles (it, for example, sees in the young hero), represents life.Or blizzards and snowfall as the harbinger of misery and death.

Present symbolic images and poetic diary of the hero, for example, in the poem "Fairy Tale".Here, "the body of the dragon" - injured in a fight with a rider snake - represents a fabulous dream turned into eternity, the same imperishable as the soul of the author.

Poetic collection

«Poems of Yuri Zhivago" - just 25 - were written by Pasternak while working on a novel and make him one.At the center of them is a man caught in the wheel of history and faces a difficult moral choice.

cycle opens "Hamlet."Doctor Zhivago - Analysis shows that the poem is a reflection of his inner world - refers to God asking him to facilitate appointed fate.But it is not because he is afraid - hero ready to fight for freedom in the surrounding realm of cruelty and violence.This work, and about the famous hero of Shakespeare facing difficult moral choice, and cruel fate of Jesus.But the main thing - it is a poem about a person who does not tolerate evil and violence and sees what is happening around as a tragedy.

poetic diary entries are related to the different stages of life and emotional experiences of the living.For example, the analysis of Doctor Zhivago poem "Winter Night".The antithesis, which built the product, helps to show the confusion and anguish lyrical, trying to determine what is good and evil.Hostile world in his mind is destroyed by the heat and light of a burning candle, symbolizing the tremulous flame of love and comfort.

Value novel

One "... waking up, ... we will not refund the lost memory" - the thought of Boris Pasternak, expressed in the pages of the novel sounds like a warning and a prophecy.CASE coup, accompanied by bloodshed and violence, has caused the loss of moral values ​​and precepts of humanism.This is confirmed by subsequent events in the country and their analysis."Doctor Zhivago" is characterized by the fact that Boris Pasternak gives his interpretation of history, without imposing it to the reader.In the end, everyone gets a chance to see events in their own way, and how to become a co-author.

meaning epilogue

Description of death of the hero - is not yet final.The novel is briefly moved to the beginning of the forties, when the half-brother in war Zhivago meets Tatiana, the daughter of George and Lara, worked as a nurse.It is, unfortunately, does not have not one of those spiritual qualities that were peculiar to her parents that an analysis of the episode."Doctor Zhivago" thus refers to the problem of spiritual and moral impoverishment of society as a result of the changes occurred in the country, which is opposed to the immortality of the hero in his poetic diary - the final part of the work.