It offers reading good books on the history of Russia

Few studies of national history in school was easy: dates and events that are difficult to remember, not always logical cause-and-effect relationships.One of the reasons that have been used for this are not that good books on the history of Russia.

Types historical books

All the historical books can be divided into several types: feature films and documentaries devoted to specific periods or wars.

begin studying the history of art books for the better, but of course, their disadvantage is not always a real reflection of reality.Therefore, we try to consider the best books on the history of Russia, who did not demonstrate an alternative way of development of the country, and try to show how it was in reality.They may not be at the same time very famous and popular, but be worthy of public attention.

course, the opinion of the author may differ from the opinions of others and is a recommendation.

Top 3.Most good books on the history of Russia: artistic genre

  1. A. Rand, "We live" not the most f
    amous writer of this book, but certainly worthy of attention.It intertwined love and hate, betrayal.And all this is happening against the backdrop of post-revolutionary events.
  2. Ivanov, "Shadows at Noon": a long and incredibly fascinating family saga, some events it sneaks up shivering, catch all the strings of the soul.It will be interesting even to those who do not like to read Soviet prose.
  3. I. Lazhechnikov, "Ice House": a terrible novel about the difficult period under the name "Biron" of a time when the rules of Anna Ivanovna.Strange entertainment, useless and stupid decisions - this book and amazes and fascinates.

Top 3.Non-fiction historical books

addition to fiction books, be sure to refer to the presentation of the documentary history of Russia.

So, certainly enthusiastic lover of the past should refer to the following works:

  1. N. Karamzin, "The History of the Russian State": quite voluminous and hard work, written quite pleasant and easy to read language.He will not leave anyone indifferent lover of history.
  2. L. Gumilyov, "From Russia to Russia": this writer is often accused of unhistorical and trying to bring everything under his theory.Yes, to some extent it is, but it is also, of course, is worthy of attention.Be sure to read it, even if you are already familiar with "passionarity" and "theory of ethnogenesis."
  3. De Custine, "Russia 1839": a book written by hand "stranger" who had visited our country and was able to so astutely described the Russian character and the mentality that it is still relevant.By the way, it says that after staying in Russia there is, how much easier and freer to live in European countries.

Top 3.The best children's history books

To a child interested in history, you need to use exciting and really good books on the history of Russia.Because children quickly distracted, and if the book is not full of events, and the fuse read soon disappear.It is necessary that it is kept in suspense until the very end.

So, imagine the attention of parents are good books on Russian history for the younger fans of the mysteries of the past:

  1. E. Vereiskaya, "Three Girls": this story has two parts, the first of which the reader learns aboutthree girlfriends, their hobbies and adventures, in the second - the war begins, so all will be devoted to this topic.The subject of the blockade and growing up in this background.Be sure to read the Book of teenagers.
  2. Bykov, "Sotnikov": a worthy book, by the way, located in the school curriculum.The story of the courage and dedication, treachery and cowardice, and all this during the war, but it can not yet be considered exclusively military.This is a book about the character and about how different people are.
  3. B. Malik, "Ambassador Urus-Shaitan": an incredibly entertaining novel about the adventures of Cossack Arsene and his friends.They were taken prisoner, got out of it, they were beaten and tortured, but they still stood firm to carry out the task of their chieftain.

Top 3.Books on the history of Russian WWII

This top could not be more relevant now.Firstly, this year celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, and secondly, gradually the memory of the war goes, it becomes less and less veterans, but this terrible event should not be forgotten.

So really the best books on the history of Russia (and the Soviet Union as a whole), covering the period of the Second World War:

  1. Boris Vasilyev, "Tomorrow Was the War": The book tells about how fast the maturation of former students after graduationwhen starting such a difficult time of war.The author tells about the difficult, sometimes short and sad fate of each.
  2. Kuznetsov, "Babi Yar": in this book all - the truth, the author describes the reader his difficult childhood elapsed in the occupied Kiev, all the horrors of that time: the mass shootings and deportations to work in Germany, battles and uprisings.All that you need to know.
  3. Alexiyevich, "War is not a female face": books of this writer documented since built on the memories of participants of certain events.In the present case raises the issue of women's participation in the war, they were not just witnesses, they, too, went into battle, also actively participated and helped, not holed up at home.Their uneasy fate of this book is dedicated.

Did not everyone say that the article lists the most interesting books on the history of Russia, but they are really worth to be read and find their readers.