"Heroes of our time" .Description characters in the context of the social and psychological significance of the product

cult novel "Hero of Our Time", the description of the characters and the story line went down in history of Russian literature as the undying classics.Each character is established so that the reader can not help the feeling of presence in the unfolding of the novel.

history of creation

Mikhail Lermontov, obviously, did not imagine that the characters of his story about the infamous ensign Pechorin forever go down in history and will be perceived by contemporaries as the heroes of our time.Description characters left no doubt that the author has made great efforts to transform the existing separate stories in the whole affair.Lermontov wrote it three years, making each chapter separately in the journal "Notes of the Fatherland."

developments in the novel is due to stay the writer in exile in the Caucasus.Literary not fully established the chronological sequence of writing the individual chapters of the work, but found a lot of evidence pointing to the similarity of some characters with personal

ities with whom exile contacted Mikhail Lermontov.

literary methods to transfer the image of the author's characters

Description "Hero of Our Time" can not be credible if you do not specify that this is one of the first in the history of Russian literature, the novel, written in the style of social and psychological realism.It should be noted that the writing works influenced prevailed in those days, global changes in the literary field when novelists have moved to a new level descriptions of their characters.

Mikhail Lermontov first managed to present to the readers the image of the main character from the perspective of several parties.The main actors are the Ensign Pechorin, Princess Mary, daughter of the prince of Bel, Kazbich, captain, son of Prince Azamat, Junker Grushnitski.History weave their destinies in the novel, the narrator reveals three.Written specifically used this technique to the readers appeared as accurately as possible "heroes of our time."Description characters left thanks to this complete and symbolic.The fact that Mikhail is not only well thought up with a description of the events from the perspective of three different personalities, but also resorted to a psychological trick, where the role of narrating were three types of people: the central character of the event, an observer, and, finally, the man nothing to do withevents.

special reception with which the author skillfully coped with its task - to cover all the subtleties of the soul Pechorin - a violation of the chronological sequence of chapters.Lermontov, who decided to combine the individual story into a novel, conceived to heat the atmosphere and make the reader tremble in anticipation of the denouement.

"Heroes of our time" (the description of the characters) - this is the essence of the author's vision of lost souls, defiled contradictory, rushing in a dark environment, being at that time.The main role is played by Pechorin, who became the link between all the separate fragments of the novel.The other characters need to through the prism of their interactions to reveal more facets of the personality of the ensign.

image Pechorin in the novel "A Hero of Our Time".Description characters Bela, Kazbich and Azamat

extremely capacious image of a young ensign was the display of a typical young boys 30s of the 19th century.Being endowed with good looks, wealth and opportunities of this character did not feel satisfaction in life, I could not enjoy all the blessings around him.However, despite deep-rooted stereotypes that a character with mental content was flowing down the river, Pechorin Lermontov assigns a passionate desire to find the meaning of life through constant "dispute" with destiny.

novel "Heroes of our time", the description of the characters and events with absolute precision display all mental depravity generation Lermontov.Written with absolute precision describes not only the characters, but also their appearance, so that the reader can better understand how to "never laughing eyes Pechorin" may appear in a certain situation.

important role in the work and intensive play contradictory characters Bela, Kazbich and Azamat.Lermontov gives each of these characters is unique constraints of the soul with the apparent organic.The author of the novel alludes to the fact that the strength of the traditions and customs have a strong influence on human behavior, but this does not indicate the development of personality.

main focus in the image Kazbich Lermontov makes to the description of the integrity of his nature.Perhaps to this end, the writer tries to confine simple words, speaking about the external features of the hero.Kazbich before the reader a strong-willed and determined man who most appreciate the freedom and exploits - a true mountaineer.Lermontov is not trying to make it a sort of romantic warrior, and indicates a strong connection with the established traditions of the mountain people, for whom above all valued duty and honor.

Azamat looks at least traditionally, in terms of the description of the highlanders.He is like a young Kazbich prototype, which has not yet lost mischief and daring, but in a few years will turn into his brother.

Bela due to the efforts of Lermontov appears to the reader passionate nature, capable of love from the heart.It read, see the beginning of a person wishing to her a decent treatment.It is not devoid of self-esteem, it did not break the spirit of expensive gifts or lascivious attentions.She got meager replicas in the novel.Apparently, the author wanted the reader himself knew about the raging passion in the girl's heart, by analyzing its behavior.

social meaning of novel

description of the novel "A Hero of Our Time" shows that the first Lermontov, who among his contemporaries managed at the center of the storyline to deliver not the events themselves and the inner world of the central character.He was able to describe the spiritual quest Pechorin as an ongoing process, not a static condition.To achieve this effect, the writer failed due to a literary trick in violation of the historical events in the story, which is why the reader is impossible to concentrate on the events, he is forced to turn their attention to the only familiar to him an object that unites all the chapters - Pechorin.

Lermontov so organically managed to describe the characters of the soul that they are forever ingrained in the minds of readers as the heroes of our time.