Dante's nine circles of hell.

In a wonderful, awesome creation, "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri in paints paintings depict punishment of sinners.The term "9 circles of hell" has received vivid visualization, which undoubtedly greatly affected the faithful.And in our time and study the work of Dante interpreted, as much as there will be a religion, the same will be relevant punishment for transgressions before God.Our article describes the known circles of hell to the product.Imagine yourself as a unique picture and that extends in front of the eyes of the heroes of "The Divine Comedy".

Generalized particular hell of Dante

Traveling through terrible circles of hell, you can see the pattern.The first circle represents eternal punishment for the excesses in life.The farther away, the sins of the people less material, that is, affect the moral aspects of life.Accordingly, with each circle of sinners terrible tortures.The way to provide readers of Dante 9 circles of hell, causes a storm of emotions and how we hope to author

hoped that the old, warn people away from evil deeds.

picturesque view of the geography of Dante's hell, of course, was not the original information.The poet expressed his experience and theories of philosophers and scientists, precursors, describing the 9 circles of hell.According to the Bible similar view is expressed in the seven levels of cleansing the souls of sinners.

So, Dante in his work is based on centric structure of hell, where community groups are characterized by varying the weight of sin.As we have already noted, the closer to the center, the grave sin.

Aristotle in his "Ethics" classifies the sins of the ranks: the first - intemperance, the second - violence against others and himself, the third level - deception and betrayal.

Now we embark on a journey around the world, where there is the punishment for each offense, and rewarded in full - starting out with circles of hell.

First Circle.Limb

In the first circle of hell suffering sinners painless.Punishment here - everlasting sorrow, and it fell on the share of those who had not been baptized.

Thus, among the mourners shower Limbe there are the righteous of the Old Testament (Noah, Abraham, Moses), the ancient philosophers (among them Virgil).Charon dogging circle - the same carrier souls across the river Styx.Next - an interesting, which contains the "Divine Comedy" by Dante, in other circles.

Second Circle.Sensuality

On the second lap, created for punishment in the life of intemperate love sinners guarding the king Minos, the very father of the monster Minotaur.Here, he also acts as a fair judge, distributing the soul of the relevant circles.

In this circle of constant darkness, which rampaged hurricane.The souls of those who cheated on his / her spouse, mercilessly throws the wind.

third circle.Gluttony

the third circle of hell torments are those who during his life was intemperate habits.Overeaters pouring cold rain, the mud underfoot eternal.

Glutton Guardian to put in charge of the infernal dog with three heads -Tserber.Those sinful souls that come across his legs, he chews.And we will continue to deepen in the way presented by Dante 9 circles of hell.

fourth circle.Greed

on the next round of punishment become even tougher.Here are the souls of those who had been greedy in different spheres of life.Looks punished as follows: on a vast plain two masses souls pushed towards each other huge stones.When the lines are facing, it is necessary to disperse again and nachinach work again.

Guarding the greedy sinners is Plutus - the Greek god of wealth mentioned in Homer's "Odyssey".

fifth circle.Anger and sloth

fifth circle is a broad swamp.Violent and lazy soul constantly fighting, swimming in swamp water.To circle the charge of guardian of terrible punishments FLEG - founder of flegiyskih robbers, son of Ares.

sixth circle.False teachers and heretics

Anyone who preached the other gods and introduced people astray, falling on the seventh (Dante) circle of hell.The flame of the city are the souls of sinners.There they suffer in the outdoor hot like a furnace graves.Guard their terrible monster - mythical sister Furies with snakes instead of hair.Between the sixth and the next round delimiting fetid moat.Begin distant area where tortured for more Serious sins.

seventh circle.Murderers and rapists

presented 9 circles of hell Dante continues seventh - a place where tormented soul killers different plan, including suicide tyrants.

Killers and lie to violence are middle of the steppe, over which the pouring rain of fire.He scorches the wicked, as they are torn apart by dogs, caught and tortured harpies.Even the trees, always standing helplessly turn killers in the seventh circle of hell.Monitors regularly subjected to torture souls terrible mythical monster Minotaur.

eighth Circle.Betrayed

We have a most impressive of the 9 circles of hell.According to the Christian Bible, exactly as in other religions, liars exposed one of the worst punishments.Here Dante and they got a place so devastating that only the immortal soul and can exist here.

Eighth circle represents Zlopazuhi - 10 trenches, which are among the filth diviners and soothsayers, guilty in the office of a priest, hypocrites, sorcerers, false witnesses, the alchemists.Sinners are boiled in pitch, hit hooks, fetters into the rocks and splash your feet on fire.Torturing their various vermin and disease.Sentinel is worth the giant Geryon.

ninth circle center.Traitors

In the center of hell, in Dante, is frozen into icy Lake Cocytus Lucifer.His face is turned downwards.He tortures and other famous traitor, Judas, Brutus, Cassius.

Among hellish cold tormented the rest surrendered soul.Guard their giant Antaeus, the traitor Ephialtes Spartans and the son of Uranus and Gaia Briard.

Conclusion Finally, we got out of the hellish world created by Dante Alighieri."Divine Comedy", the contents of which we are so covered, - the product has come down to us through the centuries thanks to its property to impress the minds of readers.The product is deservedly considered a classic, a must read.

We now know, based on what has created the legendary Dante's nine circles of hell, and what they represent.Note again that the picture appears to the reader, striking the scale and content: if the whole man's fear of death and the afterlife is embodied in a single thought, expressed by the poem "The Divine Comedy".If before you have not this book lies open, 9 circles of hell, and it is ready to place your soul ...