"Khatyn story": a summary.

book Ales Adamovich "Khatyn story" was created in 1973.She became widely known not only in the USSR but also in Europe.These stories about the war will never sleep the memory of contemporaries.This work has been created on the basis of documentary stories and eyewitness accounts.Unprecedented atrocities of the Nazis, with thousands of villages burned together with the people, it's all described in detail Adamovich."Khatyn story" tells of the heroism of the Soviet people in the struggle against the German invaders and traitors of the motherland in the territory of Belarus.As this book was filmed feature film "Come and See".

«Khatyn story".Summary

Goes Great Patriotic War.The fascists are fighting with cruelty.Do not stop fierce fighting.In the woods hiding guerrillas who help regular troops.

story begins as an old man, blind from wounds, the former Belarusian partisans, and now a university lecturer, Flair Petrovich and his wife Glasha son Sergei and fellow soldiers going to the opening of the

monument to the fallen partisans.Along the way he remembers the events that took place 30 years ago.Among them going, and their commander Kosach ...


«Khatyn story" is about how the protagonist, a seventeen year old boy Flair, lived with his mother and two sisters-twins in one of the villages.His father was taken prisoner back in Finnish, and so it disappeared without a trace.The young man has long wanted to be a partisan, and wanted to get it to the commander Kosachev as it was heard that he composed one in the unit personnel officers, armed as the paratroopers, and able to fight fearlessly.Flair quickly got a weapon, and he dug his Fedka of soldier graves.Then there were many such graves in the forests of Polesie, as from the 41 th of the year there is always fighting occurred.

Fedka also asked to the front, but his father would not let him.A Flair started with my mother.He went home and confessed that goes to the guerrillas.Seven-year sister curiously looked at his brother and mother were waiting for the reaction, which was very strong and could even derogate belt.However, at this moment tears came to her eyes.Soon they said goodbye.


The guerrillas Flair immediately began to learn the discipline of a serious army, but without the soldiers' tales and jokes can not do.On the record player in the squad constantly played only one song, "Come angry, Masha," and when it was all good, and when brought to the dead and wounded, and when the guerrillas arrived wet and exhausted.

his commander Kosach guerrillas respected, if not, afraid.He was vicious, tough and taciturn, but very brave and resolute man.It is thanks to him in the squad was so strict discipline.Briefs from the field did not run, because they knew that Kosach will decide their fate.And you could not tell it was good or bad, but he had a score to settle with the war, and he was able to command.

Kosach associated relationship with a young partisan Glasha.She once lived with her mother and her father lived somewhere with another family in the Urals and from there had sent her alimony.In summer, the 43rd, when the Germans began to bomb villages, Glasha with the permission of the mother went to the guerrillas.She literally begged Kosach take her to the squad.This vicious man she once loved, as she seemed then.But in fact, she did not know how it applies to it and thinks about their relationship.

squad is not standing still, after the periodical "blockade" had to constantly change the deployment.Germans zvereli and literally walked on his heels.


«Khatyn story" and then continues his story.Flair has always closely followed Kosachev as he was for his great authority, and Glasha was there with the commander and therefore too often fall into the field of view of Flair.

Once Flair went to look at his hazel and horse Goering went pretty deep into the thicket, when he heard someone crying and saw Glasha that suddenly admitted that she is pregnant.Flair began to reassure her, they even cheered in their conversations.Then they came back in the squad.And the next day it was offensive.Flair was wounded and shell-shocked, he had to be treated for a long time, it is almost deaf.

One day he fell asleep near the oak.Opening his eyes, he saw that Glasha examines his face.In her eyes, he realized that, most likely, they have parted with Kosach.But suddenly heard gunfire and explosions of mines.They began to run aimlessly, and after a while realized that the squad he will not break, because it is in a "blockade."Now they had to save themselves.Many long and they had to wander and run by Germans.

White Sands

Then Flair decided to go after them in the village, but guessed that already there is also the Germans, but maybe the people were saved in the "islands" of wetlands, as it was in 41st and 42nd respectively.After a while they came upon escaped from the village of frightened people to death.The bombing was heard everywhere, German planes bombed furiously all life on earth.Flair and Glasha went on and nearly fell into the ambush, but managed to escape.And finally came to his native village Fleury White Sands, but the village is almost nothing left, only scorched earth and burnt furnace as monuments.

After a while, they met a stranger who led them through the marshes to the island.There, they saw women, children and a few partisans.Not finding them among their relatives, Flair groaned like an animal.Later he found out that all the inhabitants of his village was burned alive in a barn.From this high stress he could not recover.

He soon began to hear again.He and three other guerrillas sent for provisions to make at least some food reserves, because in addition to potatoes and hare sorrel nothing people did not have.

Glasha standing with Stepan, Magician, "the commander," Leningrad, leaving her to look after the wounded.Women prayed: "Though not leave us rodnenky, here and your wounded!"."We're not paying alimony!" - Protested and joked Belarusian partisans abroad.


They began to steal up to the very lair of German in order to capture at least some carts with groceries.The air was something terrible and irreparable.Guerrillas guard and the "Leningrad" will soon captured.Flair and remained abroad, who never for a moment forget that the "island" waiting for them.Baby one seemingly tranquil village, they slipped back.And they inexplicably failed to withdraw the cow.And now they're in a hurry on the "island".But after a while the German stray bullets killed the first partisan Limit, and then their cow.

Flair had to go back to the village.But before he could escape, he again runs into the Germans, who were chained on the field and approached the village.Seeing them, people fleeing in all directions, in all directions.What he saw Flair then, it is simply impossible to describe in words.He, like many villagers, first captured and then imprisoned in a barn and began to set fire to the thatched roof it first and then everything else that human death was painful and slow.People with fear and pain cried inhuman voice.Some ran out of the barn, but then they are overtaken by the bullet.Others tried to throw in the small windows of their children, but they fell to the burning straw.Still others have tried to get out through other passages.


And Flair did not understand how was free, he was seized by the Germans and flung from the barn, leaving alive, like a few other people.The Germans forced them behind a column of infantry chasing cows.Flair did not abandon hope for vengeance, as if he felt that is about to appear ours.And they came and took revenge on these soulless creatures.

When Flair Kosach saw, seated on a horse, with a group of "friends", he almost lost the power of speech.Then he told the commander that must be saved Glasha, the wounded and all remaining residents on the "island."But this was not to happen.The Germans reached the "island" before, and everyone there was prepared for its terrible meal, one - painful death, others - a concentration camp, and the third - forced labor in Germany.

After the war, in 1946, passed Ozarichsky concentration camp Belarus and had been ill with typhus, Glasha came back from Germany, decided to look for Kosach, who worked in the executive committee, in the same area where the guerrillas.She dreamed of the meeting, but her expectations were not justified.After all, if it is in the meadow, and his love, and the baby just nafantazirovala, and so they suffered from their far-fetched love.And after some time just ran away from him.

«Khatyn story" further says that after the war, half of the country has been devastated, burned and killed, in addition, the drought began.From the villages were only maple birch yes, sometimes dug and benches near the overgrown grass fires.

I went to her house Kosachev where they were to tear, and the doors and windows, but was never able to get used to this.It seemed to her that during the war it was still possible to somehow endure, but there Glasha was not myself, and she just ran away.She realized that her reassuringly acted memories of Fleury and forest glade, where they chatted.She was sure that Flair has died in hospital, and therefore did not seek it.

And in 1953, she went to go to college on correspondence department, and suddenly in the corridor met Flair, by the time he was a young teacher.And their joy knew no bounds.Glasha screamed and ran around his neck.And then she told him everything that had happened to them while on the "island", and what it was inhumane tests.

Adamovich "Khatyn story".Analysis

truly great work of Ales Adamovich wrote."Khatyn story" and now is able to awaken humanity to remember about fascism.

When the Nuremberg court reporters, judges, public and soldiers guard showed documentary footage of the atrocities of the Nazis in Europe and throughout the Soviet Union, showed Auschwitz and Katyn, after seeing the hall light went on, and people are turning to the defendant punitive, as much as 15 minutesjust silently they looked at them with a wild terror.

Tale of war compel us to take another look into the eyes of fascism.