"Keep me, my talisman."

Alexander Pushkin - one of the most famous poets and writers in Russia and around the world.He left behind a huge number of works that explored until now.About his life, about relationships with women is legendary.And no wonder: Pushkin extremely attractive to women, most of them he dedicated poem.One of them - "Keep me, my talisman."Analysis of the poem shows that this work can also be attributed to the love lyrics of Pushkin.

Relationship Pushkin and E. Vorontsova

work is dedicated to E. Vorontsova.An analysis of Pushkin's poem "Keep me, my talisman," is not possible without information about the relationship that linked him with this woman.As for the loving relationship with Pushkin's literary Vorontsova opinions diverge.The majority believes that between Pushkin and Vorontsova in Crimea had a romantic relationship.E. Vorontsov struck by her beauty and intelligence.Before referring to Mikhailovskoye Pushkin Vorontsov gives the ring.The poet did not shoot him to death: it removed the dead Pushki

n Zhukovsky.Literary scholars who have studied the work of Alexander, said that on his arrival in Mikhailovskoye poet suffered greatly.Vorontsov wrote him a letter, and Pushkin locked himself in the room to read them.

Another view is contrary to all of the above.Some literary scholars believe that Pushkin could not love Vorontsov: he had a romantic relationship with Vyazemskaya.And she had sent a letter to the poet in Mikhailovskoye.An analysis of Pushkin's poem "Keep me, my talisman," many researchers have tried to do-Pushkinists to find a verse in all the answers.In any case, we will remain true story unknown.

theme poem

whole story contains the poem "Keep me, my talisman."An analysis of the product is impossible without analysis of each stanza.A poem written in 1825.

In the first stanza Pushkin refers directly to the very talisman.He asks to store it in the worst days of his life: remorse, anxiety, persecution, etc.Why is it so use a form of the word "Save" rather than any other product in the "Keep me, my talisman?"Analysis of the poem by Alexander Pushkin can be associated with the words of the prayer, "Save and Protect".Thus the poet identifies the ring with something powerful, miraculous, endowed with divine power.

further requested the poet is specified: he says that ("when the storm clouds strike up") and where ("In the privacy of alien countries"), the mascot must store it.

last stanza written by the poet speaks of unfulfilled hopes and quit the lyrical love.The lyrical hero not only informs about it, he asks his talisman does not remind him of these wounds, as the analysis of the verse.

Pushkin ("Keep me, my talisman") has built his work in the form of prayers to the earthy-keeper, presented the woman he loved.

form poem in literary criticism made in the analysis of poetic lines to determine the size of poems.For their designations, there are 5 basic forms of verse, iambic, trochaic, anapaest, dactyl and amphibrach.In order to determine the size, it is necessary to place emphasis on the words and count the stops.The foot - a combination of shock and one unstressed syllables.Try to understand the product "Keep me, my talisman."Analysis of the poem shows that Pushkin used pentameter - the accent is on every second syllable.All lines, except for the second pass occurs accent - pyrrhic.

So the poem was written pentameter chetyrehstopnym.

rhyme poem

By the nature of the stress rhyme can be feminine and masculine.The poems rhyme with male stress falls on the last syllable of each line, with the women - on the penultimate.If we carefully analyze the work of Alexander Pushkin, it becomes clear that the poet joined the masculine and feminine rhyme.The first and last line of each stanza - male, second and third - women.

By the nature of rhyme rhyme can be circular and cross.Enclosed rhyme - a rhyme first and fourth lines of the stanza, and the cross - the first and the second, third and fourth.What type of uses in the work of Pushkin "Keep me, my talisman?"Analysis of the poem shows that the use enclosed rhyme.

Pushkin's poem all their own way are amazing and unique.It is impossible not to draw attention to the variety of epithets and other techniques that the poet uses.

Pushkin left us descendants, a great literary heritage, including the poem "Keep me, my talisman."Analysis of the poem by Alexander Pushkin only confirms all of the above.Pushkin - the greatest poet.