Proverbs about my mother - the wisdom of the people of the most expensive

mom - the most expensive and close person in everyone's life.Their mothers, we have to all of life, but they hesitate to take a bow.

Times are changing, the role and position of women in society are reviewed, but the main purpose remains the same - children.The birth and raise children - is very important, time-consuming and long-term period in the life of a woman.Love, kindness and caring mother endless and unselfish.It is the little of what a person can confidently rely in this shifting world.

Mothers dedicate songs, movies and poems in their honor build churches, schools and hospitals, sayings about mom fly around the country and passed down from generation to generation.

Mom's heart - crystal vase

mother's heart is full of love and concern for their child from the moment, as soon as she learns that the kid is waiting.Even when the "kid" dostegaet venerable age, the mother does not cease to love him and worry about him.No wonder there is a proverb: "For a mother to a child detenok hundred yea


No matter how a person is rich relatives, closer and more mothers can not be one.Particularly acute affection is experienced as a child when the child is helpless, not independent, and at the same time laid relation to the world.In people, a mother's love is compared to the warm sun, gentle and vital to everyone.Proverbs about Mom succinctly but accurately convey the warmth of maternal relation, "Bird rejoices spring - baby mother";"When the sun warm, when the mother - is good."

life - a very difficult thing, resentment and bitterness often we deliver it to those whom we love the most.A native people wound more painful outside.But the mother suffer, to forgive, to step over the pain, swallowing tears, because they love their children: "The heart of a mother to the children of wax, the heart of the children to the mother of the stone."

word "mama" warms even the most "hardened" soul.Mom always with her child, she was his guardian angel: laughing, sad, sick, learning, learns together with the baby.There will never be a happy mother, a child who is ill or unhappy.

Of course, there are also unlucky mother, there are women who refuse to motherhood.Only God judge such women, and only he knows how bitterly they will regret what he had done.

Happiness woman motherhood given by nature.Not only man capable of loving and caring for offspring, do all the animals, so life on earth is going on.As they say: "The blind puppy and he crawls to his mother."


Not always everything goes as it should be.It happens that the mother's place in the child's life takes another woman for objective reasons.Proverbs about my mother and stepmother, and affect such cases: "Mother and beats as stroking and petting someone else's beating."

Even if a woman his soul invested in the child, going through both the mother, time and effort for him does not regret, if the child is grateful and loved her, yet she will always be my stepmother, "Stepmother good, but not the mother native".However, there is a proverb about the stepmother more optimistic: "Not every stepmother foe."

very easy to love and raise someone else's child, but if a woman does it with all his heart, and by the laws of God, it is worthy of respect and caring response.

Mother Homeland in Russia called the most expensive, important, sacred in every human life: our mother, Mother Nature, Motherland.These are concepts that are dear people who give life and blood.Proverbs about mum, Russian folk proverbs about the nature of the country and are familiar to all from childhood, "Native land - mother, someone else - her stepmother";"One man had a mother, one from him and Homeland."

In Russian culture of great importance given to the family, motherhood and the motherland.Patriotic education sometimes gives up the slack, but in general the authorities monitor the attitude of the younger generations.Very important in the issue of education of the historical deeds, glorious history, stories about the homeland and heroes, fairy tales and proverbs about Mom for children for the future of the country.


No one would argue that a child should grow up in a family.Family - this is where we start the way a man and where he can come back, where are always welcome and will be pleased to see him.People say: "Land without water is dead, and a man without a family - empty shell."

family friendly and strong - that's happiness and greatest wish of every person on the planet.

Proverbs about the family and my mother have become part of our speech.In folklore contains a large number of bright and precise examples: "What a treasure, if in the family way."


parental home, the care, attention and advice - the older a person becomes, the more expensive it these concepts.Proverbs about my mother, family, parents have always had their place in folklore and resonates with the Russian people, "Who was he the father, the father does not know the price";"Parental blessing on the water does not sink, the fire does not burn."

Proverbs about my mother for the children, of course, would be incomprehensible to very young children.But the older the child becomes, the more he understands their meaning.The appearance of their children makes a person better understand and appreciate their parents' care.

Take care of the parents while they are alive ...

Proverbs about my mother and father are woven from folk wisdom.Times change, technological progress marches forward, a person develops and core values ​​remain.And not only value, but also the sadness of mothers transmitted from century to century.Children grow up, give birth to their families, live with their concerns and less frequently visited by those who gave them life.This mother and sorrow of all generations and countries, "Take care of my mother, is walking on the ground, and how will fall to the ground, then it is too late";"Without my mother home and the flowers do not bloom withe";"Do not leave your father and mother in his old age, and God will not forsake you."