Alexander Kuprin - writer and a realist, his name - one of the most well-known and high-profile names early twentieth century.His works "Garnet Bracelet", "Moloch", "Duel", "Gambrinus" (summary and analysis which will be presented below) and others entered the golden fund of Russian literature.Kuprin was very colorful figure.He always longed to experience so often traveled and dabbled in various industries, professions - from the dentist to the porter.

cases from his own life became the basis for many of the works of Alexander Ivanovich.Most of the writer's work is imbued with sympathy for the people who are doomed to eke out a miserable plight, inert environment.Kuprin expressed sympathy is not only in the image lower life (a novel about the lives of women of easy virtue "The Pit"), but in the images of suffering, intelligent characters.The writer was not only the supreme mastery of the literary landscape, the visual perception of life, but also a literary character.This, a portrait of the author and

psychology worked through very carefully - it is noticeable even in the depth and complexity of images of animals, of which Alexander loved to write.The narrative in the works Kuprin are often drawn to the existential problems.His reflections on the will to live, love and hate, weakness and strength, desperate to recreate the spiritual world of the "little man" at the turn of epochs.


life story "Gambrinus", a summary of which is known to everyone else at school program, was created in A.Kuprin chaotic historical period between the two revolutions that have taken place in Russia.It was a striking realistic reflection of symbiotic relationship with the common people of his culture.The content of the product brings to the reader the drama of the life of visitors to pubs with a German called "Gambrinus" located on the famous Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa.Identity and vivid images of the characters, the central character of which is a unique musical nugget - a talented violinist Sasha, fill the atmosphere of that time inimitable flair and charm.Emphasis contrasting looks inspired and sparkling musicians play in the background of the tragic and terrible events that stirred the whole of Russia and mangled fate of many of its citizens.

Man - cane, but thinking

interesting literary device used Kuprin."Gambrinus" the plot contains an idea that touches the eternal themes of immortality and the triumph of art over any manifestation of immorality, meanness and cruelty.The brilliant French scientist B. Pascal his philosophical thought gave a definition of individual man - a reed, but a thinking reed.This idea was picked up and moved Kuprin in his literary work.Word of the central character that can cripple a person, but certainly all true art survive and win, are a kind of transcription of the words of Pascal, sounding as the apotheosis of courage and perseverance.

special magic

¬ęGambrinus" - the story of a small, there a little more than twenty pages.But his every phrase riddled special magic and energy of the literary skill of the author.The narrative excites the reader, holding it in his relentless suspense, leaving indifferent, indifferent to the dramatic events taking place in the Russian Empire at that time.The inexorable wave of pogroms in a few days destroy a convivial atmosphere respectful, friendly relations between residents, burying once cheerful streets of the seaside city in the depths of the poisonous xenophobia.Kuprinovsky "Gambrinus", a summary of which can not convey the author's journalistic accuracy, describes the vandalism occurred committing excesses of the Black Hundreds.In sufficient detail the author describes how they are drunk, brazenly broke into private homes, apartments, shamelessly rummaged in the cupboards and beds, extorted money, demanded the vodka, then the anthem.In each line of the narrative the reader feels journalistic talent of the writer.


Citizenship Kuprina unmistakably reader from the description of one of the key scenes, when in the midst of mayhem Odessa mason ruthlessly kills beloved dog Sasha violinist.In this tragic episode with a powerful contrast expressive neo-realism, the author shows the implacable fury of the wrath of the senseless and stupid people.Ordinary people, deceived and used by the authorities and the revolutionary movements in their own political purposes, become the victim of future dramatic events.His outrage and pain the writer expressed not only in this work.Civil position transmit stories "Resentment" and "Brad" who also wrote Kuprin."Gambrinus" is different from other special emotional and mellow style.This is a true benchmark of literary expression: all the events and objects, described by the author, have completed the form, forming an internal logical connection with each other.

rank creativity

Artwork "Gambrinus" has received mixed reviews.A remarkable assessment of literary works Kuprin once gave Leo Tolstoy, noting its bright tone.Maxim Gorky, the writer proposed to assign the honorary title of the singer of the revolution.However, when after the October events occurred Kuprin emigrated opinion about him and his work has changed radically, and the writer himself never to return in his writings to revolutionary themes.Perhaps this fact is one of the reasons why the story should read "Gambrinus".Summary can not convey the full mastery of the author.