Characteristics of Tom Sawyer.

¬ęThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer" - a wonderful book, a magical and mysterious.She is beautiful above all its depth.Everyone at any age can find in it something of their own: a child - a compelling story, an adult - sparkling humor of Mark Twain, and memories of childhood.The protagonist of the novel during the reading of each product is presented in a new light, that is,characterization of Tom Sawyer is always different, always fresh.

Tom Sawyer - a normal child

Hardly Thomas Sawyer can be called a bully, so he probably - mischievous.And, more importantly, he has the time and opportunity to do all those pranks.He lives with his aunt, who, though he tries to keep in severity, but it is not very good.Yes, Tom is punished, but, despite this, he lives quite well.

He smetliv, resourceful, almost every kid his age (approximately 11-12 years), it is necessary only to recall the story of the fence, when Tom persuaded all children in the county that work - it is a sacred right and a privilege and not a se


This characterization of Tom Sawyer gives it a person is not very bad.Further, the identity of the famous inventor and bully will open more and more new faces.

Friendship, love and generosity are not alien to Tom Sawyer

other virtues Sawyer - the ability to love and sacrifice - is presented to the reader in all its glory when the boy discovers that love Becky Thatcher.For her sake, he even goes to victim: substitutes its body under the blows of teachers rods for its misconduct.It's a wonderful characteristic of Tom Sawyer, which highlights the sublime attitude of the lady of the heart.

Tom Sawyer has a conscience.They Huck witnessed the murder, and even though not illusory danger to their lives, the boys decided to still help police and rescue from prison, poor guy Meffa Potter.The act on their part not only noble, but also courageous.

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as a confrontation between the world of childhood and the world of adulthood

why Tom was so?Because it has a relatively fine.Tom, though difficult, but beloved child, and he knows it.Therefore, almost all the time living in a world of childhood, the world of dreams and fantasies, only occasionally looking out the reality.Characteristics of Tom Sawyer, in this sense, is no different from any other characteristics of successful teenager.Such a conclusion can only be done if you correlate the two images - Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.For Sawyer fantasy - as the air he breathes.Tom hopeful.There is almost no disappointments, so he believes in invented worlds and invented people.

Huck different.He has a lot of problems, do not have parents.Rather, a father, an alcoholic, but I wish it was not.Father for Huck - a source of constant concern.His parents, of course, disappeared a few years ago, but it is known that he did not die, which means that it can appear at any point in the city and begin again to look down his wretched son.

For Huck imagination - is opium, through which life is still somehow can be taken, but to live in a world of illusions grown man can not all the time (and it was a Finn).

Sawyer even a little sorry because he does not know how things really are.His world is complete without the tragedy, while the existence of Huck - a constant struggle.Quite the same as a normal adult, he goes out of the world of childhood and realizes that he had been deceived.So, ready to another characteristic of Tom Sawyer.

Whatever Tom could be an adult?

Seductive question for all those who read "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."But, apparently, that's why the story of the boy did not say anything about their adult lives.There may be at least two reasons: either this life will not be anything remarkable or for someone on life will present no surprises.And all this can be.

What will Tom Sawyer?Characteristics can be: in the future, it is a normal, ordinary person without any special life achievements.His childhood is full of a variety of adventures, but by and large they have always happened in a comfort zone, and it let that constantly fabricate fantasies.

With Huck's another story.At the end of the adventure Finn leaves the bourgeois world, where there is satiety and morality in the world of the streets, where freedom reigns, in his view.Boy tramp does not tolerate limits.But live forever outside and breathe the air of freedom is only possible, because every life needs some form or another.If the flow of life in a single vessel (person) is not limited, it will break out, destroying the vessel itself.Simply put, if Huck did not elect for itself a certain system of values, it may well become an alcoholic and die under a fence, like his father, or disappear in a drunken brawl.Adulthood is not as bright as a child's life, which is a pity.

This is not too happy note, we said "goodbye" Tom Sawyer.Characteristics of heroes in this ends.