The modern poet in the 21st century.

We all know the most popular poets of past centuries, each of us remembers and loves their poems.However, it should be said that in our time there is a considerable number of talented people, delight readers with their creativity and which replaced the great and beloved poets.Perhaps not many people know them in person, because in the 21st century have the opportunity to freely express themselves and showcase their talents.In this regard, many people are public their creativity, and it is difficult to remember all the talented people.The poets of the modern age are doing no worse than the talents of past centuries, so it is worth remembering their names.

modern poet Sergei Zhadov

Zhadov Sergey - modern poet, his works more pleasing a relatively short time.He was born in 1988 in Sverdlovsk.His poetry is so perceptive and fantastic that no reader, get to know them, will not remain indifferent.

must say that the work of Sergei makes the reader a lot of emotions and experiences.His poems make the rea

der think about eternity, about things that were not previously penetrated his thoughts.His verses say they are thoroughly imbued with opposites.Only clearly visible note hatred, and immediately you can see a thin ray of hope.Hatred and love, fear and faith, despair and hope in the verses of the author go very close.Opposites in them as sisters.

most famous works of Sergei Zhadova are "What do you want, my generation?" "Mame," "Blade," "Loop unions" and so on. D. None of the reader does not remain indifferent to his poetry, as they causea lot of emotions and leave behind an unforgettable experience.

Contemporary writers and poets delight readers with their creativity.I must say that they - the real treasure of the 21st century, which is worthy to join the ranks of the best writers and poets of the centuries.

modern poet Yevgeny Chernikov

Chernikov Eugene - modern poet, who was born in 1985 in Kamensk-Uralsky.It should be noted that Eugene is the author of two books of poetry "Through the Noise" and "Trouble".

Most poems Eugene do not have names, and you can tell that this is different from the other poet.Chernikov did not write about love.His poems have a deep sense that every reader will be able to see.Having got acquainted with the work of the poet, we can see that all his poems are full of human experiences, which are peculiar to each.

modern poet David Gordon David Gordon

- modern poet and a very talented writer.He was born on May 1, 1987 in Vesyegonsk.The author shares what to write for him - this is the meaning of life.Poetry and prose he compares to a breath of air.David says of his work, he gets great pleasure, and life without it - not the same.

Gordon often writes about love and human feelings.Poems of this kind do not leave anyone indifferent reader, because lines of poetry can be found David himself.

One of the most famous poems of David Gordon is the "Pony".It traveled around almost the entire Internet, and many of its users know that the author of the verse is just David.

modern poet Alexander Kolobaev

Alexander Kolobaev - modern poet, who was born on August 31, 1951 The man briefly worked as a pathologist, but he soon realized that his vocation - to write the poem.

Kolobaev is the author of poetry collections "Kaleidoscope" and "Children of the stars."

All poems of Alexander sensual and emotional.Acquainted with his work, one can understand that Kolobaev very skillfully uses figurative means of language, giving his poems mystery, strangeness and sensuality.Several poems Kolobaeva devoted to women, their beauty and love for them.

One of the best works of the author of a poem about life.In it, Alexander outlined his thoughts and opinions about what it means to live, and that means life.

modern Russian poets in his poems describe human feelings and emotions, because these topics are close to every reader.They are able to transmit to the reader feelings, emotions and experiences through their poems, which for a long time left on the currently most vivid and unforgettable impressions.