It is not in vain in the novel "Crime and Punishment" there is such a mysterious and gloomy person as Arkady Svidrigailov.Dostoevsky was quite an interesting way to oppose its main character - Rodion Raskolnikov, but more on that later.

Svidrigaïlov described as cynical and immoral man, his world - a dark dens of St. Petersburg.Suddenly wealthy and gain power over the serfs, he embarked on an even more depraved and destructive."We are birds of a feather" - says Svidrigailov Raskolnikov."Crime and Punishment" - a novel with a deep philosophical thought, which deals with the issues of recognition of good and evil, justice, crime and moral responsibility, remorse and punishment.And if you take deeper, and issues of public order, and the socialist revolution.

novel "Crime and Punishment."Svidrigaïlov

The juxtaposition of these two heroes of the author paints a picture of what each of them has its own point of view on life and the circumstances, quite the opposite.Therefore, the penalty will have di

fferent Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov."Crime and Punishment" tells about the fate of these heroes, and that's what's interesting: the killer Svidrigailov, poisoned his wife, at the end of the novel was shot dead and the murderer Raskolnikov had served in prison eight years and received an award of mutual love Sonya Marmeladova that followedShe leaves him to hard labor, to somehow ease his suffering, and deep remorse.

What these characters have in common and what is different because of them?Why such a different fate?

Svidrigaïlov ("Crime and Punishment") characteristic

thing is that on their own, driven by different goals, they have crossed the line and went to the permissibility of premeditated murder.When it became known that Raskolnikov killed the old woman and her niece, Svidrigailov, in contrast to the close circle of Raskolnikov - Razumihina, Duniasha and Sony, took the news quite calmly, he even comforted and encouraged yearning painfully nervous and restless Rodion.

So, who is he - Svidrigailov?"Crime and Punishment" (characteristic of this character) shows that the novel describes him as someone who is unusual remorse for his behavior and actions.


However, very surprised methane and doubts Svidrigailov Raskolnikov."Crime and Punishment" describes their meetings and conversations where Arkady says Rodion that if he so much tortured conscience and moral issues, then why had not taken over the business, and expresses all this in a rude and abrupt manner.

So, if we compare these two characters, it still remains to Rodion something human and alive, that tormented him every minute and second, but in this Svidrigailov did not - there was one emptiness, anger and frustration.Hence, the indifferent cynicism and accuracy of understanding raskolnikovskoy ideas theory, which he accepts as well as his own.His words are as follows: "A single evil is permissible if the main purpose is good."It seems everything is clear and simple, but it turned out not so easy to live with these thoughts in my head.

Justification purposes

Continuing to disclose the theme "Crime and Punishment": the image of Svidrigailov, "should immediately be noted that for this hero moral issues have become completely unnecessary, he believes that the achievement of" good cause "justifies any evil.Its objectives include unlimited lust, for him there are any terrible things, Marfa Petrovna died, killed a young girl, then Svidrigailov is preparing to marry sixteen bride and plotting violence against Dunyasha Raskolnikov, which wants to achieve at any cost.

All further would go on his calculating and cunning plan, because he came to St. Petersburg for the order to get Dunyashinu love at any cost.He set a trap for Dunya and knows that "bird" sure it gets.The poor girl had to come to visit him, to talk about the plight of the poor brother's secret.And this is a saving straw for which clings to Svidrigailov."Crime and Punishment" in these moments glows subject to the limit.Their meeting was a very strong and exciting place to work.

As a result, the fight when Dunya, escaped from Savidrigaylova strong hands, grabbed the gun and pointed it at the offender, he was afraid, and not weapons, and spiritual power of the girl.He stepped in front of his love for her.It was then that he finally realized that he had no escape from despair, and hence, no future, and now it is waiting for an eternity in "the bank with the spiders."