Famous aphorisms and sayings of great men of war

War - is not just a conflict between states or political groupings.This is - this trouble and sorrow for the people.How many lives with the war takes, and how much pain is causing millions of people!It was written a lot of poems, short stories, poems.And, of course, the individual attention it should be noted the statements of the great men of war.

The reasons for the disaster

philosophers and wise men know what they say.And sayings of great men of war demonstrate this clearly.Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist and a very intelligent man, said the war will exist as long as the person is alive.And he really was right.Man - the top creations of the Lord.But at the same time it was he - the cause of almost all disasters.The bad ecology, deterioration of flora and fauna, GMOs and, of course, war.Only man is capable of provoking it.Only he can "add fuel to the fire", which further inflame the conflict.Unfortunately, the war begins with a man.

simple truth

Bertram Russell, British philosopher,

said a very clever and correct phrase that war does not define who is right, but only one who remains.After all, this is true, but not always.As it happens - the strong attacking the weak, the defenseless, and win them, suppressing their power and training.And after their victory - this is not what should be proud of.Weak simply unable to fight back, to prove their case.Because they have nothing to do there.Such statements greats of the war, despite the fact that they were spoken than a century ago, there were still relevant today.Times change, but people - no.

What makes you think

Ramsay MacDonald, British politician, said that the war - it is not murder, as many claim.It - suicide.And he's right, like many other thinkers.The initiators of the conflict often do not realize that they provoke.They are eager for the fight, but do not even think that they can be defeated, killed.They think they are going to destroy the "enemy."And they did not even occur assumptions that may not get back home.

Many sayings of great men of war are very simple.However, despite this apparent simplicity, they are forced to reflect on the meaning.George Orwell, British writer, said that the quickest way to end the war - is to lose it.And it is true.That's just it is not the best way - to give up, to show their weakness and let the enemy sure he is right.So should do only the parties to the conflict that it is not right.

Questions of truth and honor

Statements and quotes about war and peace do not lose their relevance.Unfortunately, to date, on the peace time can only dream about.But why?What is the cause of conflict?These questions are answered aphorism, owned by Johnson Hayrelyu.He said that the first casualty of war - it's true.And here, even to explain nothing.However, as they say, it hurts.And some so much that they decide the matter, inflame the conflict.

There are very strong and truthful statements about the war.Aphorisms about the war show how terrible this disaster, and how much pain it brings to people.Many great people have tried to tell us that it is - not what we need.Mark Twain said that peace, happiness and brotherhood of man - that's all that we need in this world.And it's true - without a battle to live a lot better.But it must recognize every single person in the world.But, unfortunately, wars begin in the minds of people.And the only way to end the feud - to understand these two simple truths.