What is the box office?

Surely, every fan liked the film is not only interested in information of a general nature - a list of involved actors, producers, directors, certain facts about the film.Categories "budget" and "fees" have a special place.On them you can guess what would be the success of the film.Who is the box office of the rental picture, we shall understand further.

from budget to profit - a step

The two important components are inseparable.Explain in simple Russian language, the box office is the difference between investment in production facilities (including marketing and advertising) and means, that ultimately brought the film.But this is not the bottom line.Often take a certain percentage of cinemas, start of the film.Tracking revenue from tickets sold is produced continuously out there specifically designed analytical departments in major film studios and branches in other countries.

For everyone who is involved in the production of film, developed a contract under which a fee is negotiated.It can b

e fixed, regardless of the future success of a picture, or constitute any part, as a percentage retained on then after rolling.It is known that such a method often uses Tom Cruise.During the third part of the movie "Mission Impossible" his fees totaled $ 75 million.Revenue from the movie "Ghost Protocol" consisted of the negotiated fee in 12.5 million, in addition to this we add a percentage of total revenues from the sale of tickets.Box office is private information that companies prefer to keep secret.This is undoubtedly causing fans intense interest, but in most cases they can only guess who and what gets.

box office - the main condition in the selection of the film

Information about the profit speaks volumes.This is an indicator status studio released the film as a prerequisite to, to choose the movie to view.Each viewer of a variety of products provided wishing to stay on what is really interesting.Spend your time on the tape medium quality nobody wants.Thus, the box office can say with great certainty about the value and popularity of a picture, revealing and quality.


While the picture is in the box, weekly analytical reports are compiled, which describe the place occupied by the film.In other comparisons put the tape running at the same time.Such lists are called the Box-Office.They reflect a variety of information: the total budget, the number of weeks of rental, fees for weekends (weekend), total fees.

best of the best

largest movie websites Boxofficemojo.com fees from video monitors constantly.And the list of the most successful films based on data from the ticket sales.This information is not recognized, but it can be considered to be objective, if only because that the total figure does not include earnings from the television show, from video and DVD rental.It also takes into account inflation, which promotes higher positions.The box-office films studied by parameters such as the country and year of issue, provide an opportunity to present those pictures, which occupy a leading position.Among them:

  • "Avatar."
  • "Titanic."
  • "Star Wars."
  • "Gone with the Wind."
  • "The Dark Knight."
  • "Jurassic Park."
  • "Cold Heart".
  • "Alice in Wonderland."
  • "The Lion King."
  • "The Da Vinci Code."

among the most profitable series includes:

  • "Harry Potter."
  • "James Bond".
  • "The Avengers."
  • "Spider-Man".
  • "Lord of the Rings."
  • "Transformers."
  • "Pirates of the Caribbean".
  • "Twilight."
  • "X-Men".
  • "Fast and the Furious."