Floorball - what is it?

floorball game - this is one of the youngest and fastest growing sports.It is a variation of hockey.It is noteworthy that in some countries, the game got other names.In Sweden it is known as "outdoor bandy" in the United States - "florhokkey" in Europe - "anihokkey."

story of

Today, many people have not even heard of a game like floorball - what it is, what its rules, etc.First floor hockey counterparts appeared in different parts of the world even in the middle of the last century.In the modern form of floorball it originated in Sweden in the late 1950s.In those days were very popular hockey sticks Cosom, issued in Minnesota.

Gradually, the game began to spread in schools and sports clubs.Initially it was called "soft-Bendit."In the 1970s there were the first rules of floorball.What kind of standards?All the rules prescribed in the regulations, first published in Sweden.It is on the territory of Scandinavia the game received widespread and development.It understood its significance and great futur

e, which may have a soft bandy (floorball): it is a unique entertainment will soon win the hearts millionov.Vo many Swedes were right.The game came out really fast out of the country and rapidly spread throughout the rest of Europe.In early 1980 there was the first Floorball Federation.It was the Swedish national organization responsible for the carrying out of tournaments in the country.Next in line, oddly enough, it was the Japan Federation.Next officially registered the sport in Finland, Switzerland and Denmark.

In the late 1980s, regional federations have united under the auspices of IFF.Soon, the International Association of floorball began to join other countries such as Norway, the Czech Republic, Hungary and so on.In Russia, the game was extended only to the early 1990s.In 2012, the country's full national federation came under the Ministry of Sports of Russia.


One of the most popular alternative species is floorball hockey.What is this game, and what is its meaning?Participants are divided into 2 teams.The objective of each party is an opponent to score the most goals.The winner is the team that made it easier for a certain period of time.

competitions are held on the hard surfaces in the room.The ball is controlled by only a special club.Feet are not permitted to give passes and hit the goal.Game time - the period of 3 to 20 minutes.The child discharges inning vary within a quarter of an hour.At the time of the interruption timing is terminated.When the match ended in a draw, it is assigned to over-time of 10 minutes.If he did not reveal the winner, then it is time for a series of penalty kicks (5 on each side).The request command may be up to 20 players.At the same time on the site appear only 6 of them, including the goalkeeper.The number of substitutions is not limited;carried out without stopping the game.Judged 2 match referee.

Inventory and shape

Balls permitted only certified.They must meet specific standards prescribed in the international regulations.For the manufacture of the ball is allowed only plastic.Its diameter should be 72 mm and the weight can vary from 20 to 23 In 26 ball necessarily have circular holes.It is important that his painting was monochromatic.

Stick floorball is also subject to certification.It is strictly forbidden to carry out any manipulation of its handle.Permission is granted only to shorten the winding and slightly above the level of grip.Floorball stick is made only of plastic.Its length should not exceed 105 cm. The weight of the stick can vary from 330 to 360, the hook can not be sharpened, and its total length should be in the range of 25-30 cm. The official competition is allowed a slight bend edge.
form for field players of a team shall be the same.It includes a set of shorts, T-shirt and leggings.In the women's ranks allowed special skirt.Color form has no restrictions, except for the gray shades.Leggings should protect the entire shin.The ammunition also includes goalkeepers gloves, mask, long pants and a sweater, which cover the body and face from hitting the ball.The child discharges the goalkeeper is permitted to wear a special helmet.

Each player must have its own number (from 1 to 99).Shoes can be arbitrary, but without the spikes on the sole.Outfield players are prohibited during a match have traumatic equipment such as watches, bracelets, earrings, etc.

standards platform

The playing field is a rectangle with sides of 40 and 20 meters. On the edges of the small area is closed bumpers with rounded corners.Mini Floorball (4 to 4 players) permissible size of the field - 24 to 14 m.

marking must include the center line, and goalie penalty zone face-off spot.The size of the gate in floorball is 160 to 115 cm. Before each match referee check the net for an open and coming loose (as in soccer).

far from the playground area located 2 replacements.Their length is 10 m each, and depth - up to 3 m. The zone may be replaced coaches and reserve players.Benches should be free to hold up to 20 people.

Rules of the Game: allowed

floorball allowed podygryshe foot, but touch can be only one.Stop the ball housing is permitted in the absence of a jump.

knee can be supported while protecting the gate.During the game allowed one time-out time is limited to 30 seconds.

floorball rules also describe techniques permitted during disputes.When the free-kick all opponents must be at a distance of 3 meters or more, so as not to interfere with the flight of the ball.

Party, which will be carried out by standard hand indicates the judge.During the dispute the ball is given to the player who at the time of violation was closer to him.

Rules of the game: not allowed

During the match, you can not give a pass any part of the body.It is forbidden to play in the supine position and sitting, block or hit an opponent, doing the hooks steps.At the time of the attack the enemy should not be lifted or forcibly hold it stick.Players are not allowed to beat off the ball by hand or foot.You can not throw a stick and lifted above the knee.

If you violate any of the rules the judge appointed free-kick.The point of the standard position may be on the goal net at a distance closer than 3.5 m.

At repeated violation of the rules, a player is disqualified rude behavior to the end of the meeting.For sticking above the knee are removed from the site for 1 minute.