Types and sizes of hockey gates

Spring 1975.In the city of Montreal was the first ever hockey game, which uses suitable for the sport gate.Since then and until today the game for real men can not be imagined without such equipment.What size hockey gates and what do they happen?This article will tell submitted.


Hockey gates are divided into three types - training, professional and amateur.The first of them is used to learn the game, hone skills punches develop skills in this sport.Additionally, training gates, as well as amateurs, ideal for non-professional hockey games.They can be set without much difficulty in the yard at home, in the school playground or in any other suitable places.Training gates are also collapsible.The convenience of this type of hockey equipment is undeniable.They are easy to carry, compact disassembled and can be installed wherever there is suitable for hockey ice cover, whether it is an indoor ice rink, hockey court and outdoor playground.


Training gates also called game.Today You

can buy them in stores of sports equipment or on the sites of suppliers.Size hockey gate type training complies with accepted standards.The width of 1.83 meters and height of the level of ice cover - 1.22 meters.It should be noted that these figures are about the internal dimensions of the gate.The frame is made of steel pipes with a diameter of 5 cm. According to the rules, they should be painted in bright red color.Buy training hockey gates can be supplied with a grid and a set of extinction.Options amateur Gate - 1.9 m wide and 1.3 m high.

Professional gates

They are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League).Racks and the crossbar must have a diameter of at least 5 cm. The size of the type of professional hockey goal also is 1.83 meters wide and 1.22 meters high.On the surface of the ice considered fixed equipment with special pins.They are removable and are usually included in the packaging.The frame is painted in red.Reputable manufacturers of sports equipment used to coat steel substrate quality polymer composition with anti-corrosion properties.If you wish, you can buy a hockey gates with a set of damping (packing).It is designed to soften the blows of the rod washer.Regulatory size hockey gates specified in paragraph 130 of the Official rulebook Hockey Federation.

Today very popular hockey courts, which can be practiced at any time of the year.They exist in almost every city.Of course, they are an integral part of hockey gates.They are installed on any court.The most common version of the game is the hockey.What are the dimensions of the gate of the variety of the game on the ice?At first glance, if you look at how the goalkeeper defends his place (for illustration below shows the photo), it may seem that we are describing the equipment for a little, so that the goal is impossible.However, this impression was mistaken.To see this, it suffices to compare the size of hockey Gate hockey.All parameters comply with accepted standards: 1.83 m wide and 1.22 m high.The diameter of the rack should be at least 5 cm. Gates to play ice hockey are equipped with support frame rounded.


Hockey gates can not be imagined without the grid.It must be made of durable high quality material.For the production of this kit uses nylon and polypropylene yarn.Durability is necessary for the material to withstand sharp blows could washers, and was resistant to external influences such as humidity and low temperature.A good grid last a long time.Lifetime must be at least a few seasons.The kit generally includes at sale mesh 2, which may be with protective packing or without it.By the gate said element is fixed by a special tensioning mechanism that prevents sagging net.Such fastening hold it, even the most severe impacts during the game.As mentioned above, the standard size hockey goal constitute 1.83 m wide and 1.22 m high.There are also other dimensions which are expressed in numbers of 1.9 m and 1.3 m, respectively.Today on sale there for different mesh gate.

protective padding

set damping is soft protective material consisting of several layers of volume.This pack can be purchased separately.Protective set includes six parts: two lower profile chipper and four - two on the upper crossbar and the uprights.Stuffing is attached to a steel rope through the woodwork pinching.It is made of durable PVC fabric and is suitable both for training and for professional equipment, exactly corresponding to the parameter of the size of the hockey team.