New sport.

human imagination in pursuit of extreme and popularity knows no bounds.Every year, there are new kinds of sports.Many of them are really interesting and harmless to health.Nevertheless, there are more stringent and uncompromising views.In addition, in recent years become a popular long-forgotten national games.


This alternative offshoot of basketball.Slamball is a team game, founded by notorious media personality Mike Mason Gordon and Tolya.It is worth noting that this new sport in Russia is actively gaining momentum.Success came to him through entertainment and a variety of tricks.

slamball by rules similar to street basketball.However, the main difference is the playground.The designated areas are stretched trampolines.With the help of these athletes jump up to 5 meters up and throw balls.Contacts in the air are allowed.From each team on the field there for 4 participants.


HeadIS - a mixture of tennis and football.This new sport was recognized in Germany because of the student

Rene Wegner.It was he who a few years ago came up with the game on the table tennis, where instead of the racket on the ball with a header.Terms hedisa identical with ping-pong.Instead of rackets used head.Traditional plastic bowl is replaced by a special rubber ball.Participants must match deftly throw a shell over the net on a small table, trying to catch the enemy by surprise.Currently hedis demand among students throughout Western Europe.

Kok forest

This contact game was invented in Central Asia.In ancient times, it enjoyed playing the richest in Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Iran.Nevertheless, over the years of the cook-forgotten forest.The modern version of the game has undergone some changes in the rules, but the foundation remains the same.The sport is similar to horse polo, but instead of a ball used by the carcass of a goat or sheep.Historians point out that before as a projectile appeared gutted wolf.

Each team must be 4 members.The aim of the game is the entry of an animal into a special hole that is the opponent.Beating is divided into three periods of 20 minutes.The game allowed rude nonetheless be prohibited to strike an opponent or his horse whip and push the man out of the saddle.

Summer Biathlon

Rumor has it that in the next 8-12 years will be included in the Olympic program is another rapidly developing alternative discipline.It is a summer biathlon, which can take place either on the ground or on a rubber coating.This new sport promises to be not only entertaining, but also very interesting.Here, instead of the traditional skis used special elongated rollers.The main advantage is that they can be engaged in any weather, while the winter biathlon requires specific conditions (at least the snow).Moreover, training for not need expensive equipment.If

summer biathlon will be included in the Olympic program, you will be able to participate in competitions as immigrants from Africa.


This is quite entertaining and intriguing game originated in the US in the 1970s.Nevertheless, the popularity it has received only in recent years.In Russia, this new sport has two branches: Nat-game and freestyle.The first genre is a game between the rivals.Its aim is to transfer the ball low across the net.If the projectile hits the ground, scored a goal.Freestyle is a technical solo with the ball.Athlete shows with music all his skills obrabatyvaniya projectile in the air.

At competitions are evaluated not only technique and variety of tricks, but also artistic.Where success depends entirely on the imagination.


FlyBoard considered one of the most traumatic memories.This is a new water sport that is quickly gaining momentum among leading adventurers from around the world.The game is named after the eponymous device hoverboard, which is able to lift into the air on a person as much as 9 meters.Flaybord working on special pumps and pump.The motor on the thick hose pumped water.Pump with incredible power shoots it back, thus raising man up.The aim of the game is to stay in the air longer and not fall earlier than rivals.Balancing is achieved thanks to the special position of the hands, which, in turn, announced their separate pump.

kit with the board and the device itself includes other special protective boots.


recently revived the French game in Europe was gaining momentum taken lightly.Today, even in Russia there are a few specialized petanque clubs, two of which are based in Moscow.

It's a mixture of bowling and curling.Players are divided into two teams.The meeting is held on a rectangular site.The point is to throw a heavy metal ball as close as possible to the wooden projectile called the jack.Translated from the French word cochonnet means "pig."Also winning ball position is the release of the ball from an opponent assigned zone.This sport requires strategic thinking and dexterity.You can play at any time of the year.Age restrictions are not available.

Sepak Takraw

The literal translation from Malaysia this game is "a blow to the tissues of the ball."It appeared initially this new sport in Asia.Today, it is popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Canada and the United States.

Sepak Takraw is a cross between the adjacent volleyball, football and gymnastics.The site is divided into two halves.Each team of 3 players.Filing is done in accordance with the generally accepted rules of volleyball.Slugger balls and perepasovyvayutsya can be any part of the body except the hands.Proprietary methods in Sepak Takraw are flips and the splits in the air.

Squash Squash was invented in Britain, but the game reached its peak of popularity in Canada and America.Today, new sports in the world appear with enviable regularity, but only a small part of them really has a bright future.And squash just refers to this minority.An illustrative point is that this sport really claim to inclusion in the expanded program of Olympic Games 2020.Sut game is to rivals, while in a small room, alternately hit the ball in any of the four walls.Manipulation of the shell are carried out only by the racket.If the ball touches the floor more than once, then the opponent is awarded the ball.

New Olympic Sport (winter)

Since 2014 the international committee decided to expand the traditional program of the Olympic Games.For example, in Sochi were presented such new winter sports, both team figure skating, ski jumping for women, mixed relay in biathlon.In addition, the program has entered the halfpipe.This game is a competition in a special concave design with snow.Participants have to move from one wall to the other, performing a variety of stunts and pryzhki.Vse these new Olympic sports have received a lot of positive feedback from the audience and experts.They bring not only the variety and intrigue, but also an additional flavor.It is expected that in 2018 the program will expand the competition even for a couple of positions.

New Olympic Sport (summer)

Since the beginning of the 2000s in the expanded program included both baseball and softball, squash and karate.Nevertheless, many of them were soon eliminated.

In 2012, the program includes 26 sports.For each of them were given a voice in the international committee.But what new sports will be included in the next Olympics?First of all - golf.This popular game in the United States aristocrats received 63 votes out of 90. Also, the program will include a rugby-7.This is a simplified format of the game.He was voted a member of the Committee of 81.Thus, at the next Olympics will neither squash nor karate or roller types.