How many minutes of break in hockey?

In the world there are three main types of hockey.The most popular (in our country) - hockey.But there are also hockey, field hockey.So the question, how many minutes of break in hockey, the answer is not always straightforward.


hockey games take place on a specially marked fields, which are also called sites.

field hockey field has a size of 91.4 m by 55 m. The coating is usually grass, but sometimes synthetic or clay.

bandy field reaches 90-110 m to 50-65 m, with a washer - 51-61 m 24-30 m. In both cases, the game takes place on icy areas.


Regardless of the type of hockey is a collective game.In field hockey with a ball team consists of eleven players, one of them - the goalkeeper.The ice hockey players in the field of six, during the game, they change periodically, with the exception of the goalkeeper.It is a unit constant.

How long break from hockey?

match in field hockey consists of two periods of 35 minutes.and one break every 20 minutes.In hockey with a ball and tw

o periods, but 45 min., And one at the same time break - twenty minutes.How many minutes of break in ice hockey, the most popular game?So, we have three standard period of twenty minutes.Thus, the net time of the game takes sixty minutes.Two breaks.They last for fifteen minutes each and are standard for all competitions held by the International Federation of hockey.What a break in the ice hockey?15 minutes.


However, from January 11, 2013 in the championship of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) breaks between periods increased to seventeen minutes.So how many minutes of break in hockey now?European athletes will rest for two minutes more like their overseas comrades from the NHL.

Extra time and breaks

If during the match and was not opened, or it is a draw, it is usually extra time, the so-called overtime.If overtime and did not bring any results, punched post-match shots (bullets).Their number, as well as the duration (and the necessity of carrying out of) overtime, negotiated in advance during regulation hockey tournament.

From its significance depends on the principle of determining the time of overtime and breaks.Thus, in certain leagues (NHL and KHL) with a tie score is assigned to a break of fifteen minutes and then five minutes of overtime (net time) until the first goal.If neither of the teams could not succeed, spend pouring ice.It takes ten to fifteen minutes (one additional break).Then followed by free throws, or bullets, three from each team.If you continue to draw throws up the first goal or the first slip washer opponent.

the final stages of major championships (World Cup, for example) has a one-fourth overtime to extend the ten minutes of pure time.Then (again tied score) should bullitny option.In the final game, when the regular time (sixty minutes) account was not opened, or it is no one's, overtime lasts until the first of goals.And he can stretch out for a long time.Final - a serious matter, and no winner in it well, or does not do.How many minutes of break in between hockey overtime and bulleted?The same 15 minutes.

Homeland hockey

considered the homeland of hockey Canada, more Montreal.But recently, this claim is disputed, such as Nova Scotia and Ontario.Some researchers have gone further and draw public attention to the paintings by Dutch artists of the sixteenth century, where frozen pond depict people engaged in very similar to the hockey game.However, the Europeans drew attention to hockey as a sport only in the early twentieth century.So Canada is not only traditional but also deservedly carries the title of the ancestors of hockey.