The best tales of Pushkin.

Alexander Pushkin made an invaluable contribution to the development of Russian literature.This is the greatest poet of all time, his works - the golden fund of Russian literature, the wealth and pride of the Russian people.The name of Pushkin's fairy tales, poems, poetry is well known not only in Russia and the CIS.The whole world is familiar with the work of the great poet, playwright, writer.


Alexander was born in 1799.Education of the poet began at home, thanks to the French tutors from a young age, Pushkin spoke excellent French and loved the book.Basic training was held in the Tsar's Lyceum.It was there that begins the great work of Pushkin.Comrades, and the first teacher familiar with his work.In high school Alexander wrote the first lines of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and finished it just three years later.

Despite the taunts of the young Pushkin, experienced by his companions, they spoke it well.The most familiar with the entrance examinations and the end of life was I

van Leo.

all stages of life, travels, thoughts and emotions of the poet and playwright reflected in his writings.At Alexander Pushkin with his wife had four children.The descendants of the greatest writer now living in different parts of the world.

winter of 1837 the writer was mortally wounded.The reason for the duel became Pushkin's wife Natalia, who is rumored to envy, had an affair with J. Dantes.

works of Pushkin - great heritage of the Russian people

From the works of Alexander Sergeyevich sign everyone in our vast country.In schools devote lessons and recitals.At the Pedagogical University Pushkin's special attention.The theater stages plays, the actors are often the scene read poems and quote Alexander Pushkin.Movie filmed his vision of creative genius.

heroes of his works have become favorite for people of different generations.Almost everyone can recall the lines from the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and the immortal novel "Eugene Onegin".These great works in the verses are read and stored very easily.

readers and book lovers admit to re-read his works, each time discover something new.Works not included in the school curriculum, are no less interest in and love of children.The name of Pushkin's fairy tales, his novels, poems and poems close and familiar to the Russian people.

Pushkin children

If foreigners think that the work of Alexander Sergeyevich enters the heart from the Russian reading of Eugene Onegin, they are very wrong.From early childhood the parents introduced their children with tales of Pushkin.And not only from books.The film for children and cartoons of the Soviet period laid Pushkin's fairy tales.Full names of their stay such as the creators intended.

Although children today have a vast selection of fairy tales, cartoons and books, parents and educators do not forget about the years of proven products.Well remembered, develop imagination and teach all good fairy tales of Pushkin.List the names of your favorite works of each determines its own.

Tales Pushkin

As befits the author of fairy tales, Pushkin learns through them the most important things: kindness, patience and faith in miracles.Each tale - an occasion to reflect for an adult.

Tales of Alexander are not only the brightness of images and characters.The main distinguishing feature - the harmony of poetic form.The name of Pushkin's fairy tales are very clear and reveal the secret content.Not all modern tales adhere to this principle, the name of some remains unclear even after reading the text.

If the reader has forgotten, what are the tales of Pushkin, the names of their pleasure recall:

  • «bride».

  • «Tale of medvedihe."

  • «The Tale of the dead Princess and Seven Knights".

  • «The Tale of the Priest and His Workman Balda".

  • «The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish."

  • «Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son the glorious and mighty warriors Guidon Saltanoviche and the beautiful Swan Princess".

  • «The Golden Cockerel".

  • «Tsar Nikita and forty of his daughters."

  • «Cupid and hymns."

Inspiration and tales

Tales belong to the flourishing of Pushkin.Meaning, mortgaged author, description of the struggle between good and evil were originally designed for adults.But soon the Golden Cockerel, goldfish, beautiful swans, heroes, squirrel and other characters and characters of fairy tales have won the hearts of children and firmly entrenched in children's literature.

Alexander very precise eye for everyday life, culture, people, images and transfer them to their tales.Folklore breathes his every creation.In those years, the main transmission of folk wisdom was interpretation channel, and the writer was able to perpetuate Russian folklore in his works.The name of Pushkin's fairy tales will forever remain in the hearts of the Russian people.