How to write an essay on the product Fonvizina "Oaf"

Denis Fonvizin - one of the most talented playwrights of Russia, who lived in the era of Catherine II.His comedies "The Minor" is still popular.Theater in which the play is put, it is always full of spectators.The product is studied in school, the children write an essay on literature."The Minor" known comic characters, the prototype of which served the nobles who lived in the era of Catherine.

Creativity D. Fonvizin

D. Fonvizin - playwright, writer, essayist and translator - was born in 1745.Comedy "The Minor" was the product of a vivid, thanks to which he gained literary fame after death.However, it is not only his work.

D. Fonvizin wrote a "Discourse on cut off from Russian form of government", which addresses the issue of the Russian nobility."The top of" society, hungry for power and money, was under the protection of the Empress.When Catherine learned the contents of this works, it is ordered to remove from the writer's life and prohibit the printing of his works.

D. Fonvizin translated th

e one of the most famous works - "Tacitus".Her Catherine is also forbidden to publish.

Without the right to print their works, DI Fonvizin became ill, his literary activity to a halt, except for reflections on European life in letters from abroad and "Discourse on the indispensable state laws."If you write an essay on "The Minor as a representative of the nobility," the main idea can be expressed in one sentence: Fonvizin wanted the abolition of serfdom.

Summary comedy "Oaf»

The work tells about a boy Metrophanes that must go into the army.But his mother, Ms. Prost, raised him as a "mama's little boy" and would not let go of.The house is also home to Prost girl Sophia, who took in foster care.Brother Prostakova, Skotinin, wants to marry her, to get her village and raise pigs.Sophia loves Milo.

Soon Sophia received a letter, which refers to its heritage.Now Prost wants to marry her Mitrofanushka because Sophia - a rich bride.Image Prostakova women authoritarian, uneducated and scandalous, you can open wide, if you write an essay on literature.Oaf, which is the Mitrofan, constantly engaged with teachers and Hamit Eremeevna his nanny.By adulthood, he is not ready.

In the end the home visits Uncle Sophia Starodum who takes her with him from Prost.Sofia marries Milo.

Characters comedy "Oaf»

miraculously Fonvizin comedy "The Minor".The playwright uses speaking family.For Starodum means a person with outdated, it was once the current views of the world.Pravdin - the character who fights for the truth.Mitrofan name translated means "like a mother."Prost - a simple, near the woman.Skotinin - man pertaining to livestock (pigs love this character).In an essay on "The Minor" should definitely include the image of Sophia - honest, chaste girl who fell into the hands of greedy fools.

In the comedy "The Minor" there are also characters who play a secondary role in the work.This nurse Mitrofanushka Eremeevna which Prost did not pay a salary, because he believes that Eremeevna owes family that lives and eats at their expense.

should pay attention to the thoughts Starodum.He talks about how it was before, saying that before the rank given not for the fact that the man - a gentleman, and for his services to the state, and it was indeed true.

Problems comedy "Oaf»

to write an essay on the product Fonvizina "Oaf," need to know what the author wanted to convey thoughts to the reader.First of all, the problem of low level of morality of the nobility.Greed, meanness, selfishness - these are the vices that degrade the nobility.The society, rather than to punish these people for their tyranny, gives them power.

second issue concerns education.School Program for the Study of the play, and then the composition of the product Fonvizina "Oaf," can not do without lighting the problem.Mitrofanushka - a spoiled, to nothing fit young man who would one day become a man.However, Prost still believes his little boy, who study and harmful physical labor.It is worth noting that his teacher - and Tsyferkin Kuteikin - as uneducated people, but is not able to even read Prost does not know.

compositions on the works Fonvizin "The Minor" on "image Mitrofan"

Mitrofan, spoiled son of Mrs. Prostakova, age should go into the army.But his mother, who takes care of him too, the army would not let him.Himself Mitrofan glad he is happy to chase pigeons, sleep till noon and eat.He does not want to study.That this character belongs to the famous catch phrase: "I do not want to learn, want to marry."

Mitrofan very lazy and therefore practically unteachable: he does not know even the basics of elementary arithmetic.By Prostakova he refers dismissively, sometimes it annoys him his tutelage.At the end of the comedy, when Prost all left, she rushes to his beloved son for support on what he hears evil "Yeah fuck off you ..."

Do not forget that there are the father Mitrofan, who have obeyed his wife andIt has a personal opinion.By the education of his son, he has almost nothing to do, although the man's hand Mitrofan would not have prevented.

Mitrofan, spoiled son of nobility, has inflated self-esteem.An independent life, he is not fit.In his house, everyone listened, indulge his whims, but the reader sees nothing good it will not.

People like Mitrofanushka Innocents, in the XVIII century there were many.Maybe his way exaggerated, but it is done to the vices of the younger generation of the nobility were seen against the background of the events, were striking.Image Mitrofanushka became a household word, now so called lazy people.

"Mitrofanushka" - is not a problem of one family, this is a problem in the whole Russia.
compositions on the works Fonvizin "Oaf," you can write not only the image of the hero - it is possible to characterize each.All of them are unique.