Esenina Work "swan."

work of the great Russian poet, "swan" is familiar to many from his childhood.Its simple story disturbs the soul.The act of the protagonist evokes a feeling of delight and respect.

Master genre

special melody famous product Esenina "swan."Poetry tells about the world of nature, its joys and tragedies.

The story begins with the fact that the earth has fallen morning.The sky became scarlet.It is the red sun rose.Everything that comes his way, flashes of bright lights.Every drop of wood, flower basking in its warmth.With delicate herbs have not gone dew.The earth rejoices the arrival of a new day.Whispering to each other reeds.

The author introduces us to the main character of the poem - Dall beauty.She is the star of the lake, he came out of the dark cave.Accompany aquatic queen her chicks.

world continues to live.Thousands of miracles happen every second in the forest.All the charm of the morning trying to pass S. Yesenin."Swan" from the first row affects the emotions of the reader.The poem cr

eates a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere.

idyll nature

blue ribbon weaves creek.From the movement of Dall's flawless surface diverging ring.Mother is a cozy place for babies.It spreads on the banks of grass silk.With special affection the author describes how the swan calling children.

whole meadow rejoices sun.Chicks tweak marijuana.The reader is presented a picture of harmony.But the poet gives us a world of cruel and treacherous.

From next story is clear as the poet refers to the swan.He notes that a mother's heart no rest.Delicate bird constantly attentive and worried.She can not relax and enjoy as her kids everywhere in danger.As soon as the next emerging threats mother cackle, and the kids wind swept under the cozy wing.When the trouble was over, guys looking out hugs and fun again.

but did not know the swan that the catch was waiting for her in the sky.

Drama works

young eagle was looking for food in the meadow.His eyes saw the snake, which basked in the sun safely.He was preparing to attack, but the victim felt the predator and disappeared.Then came in sight of a pretty bird.

dark cloud fell on the white-winged family.Mother saw a black shadow on the blue water.She roused herself and gentle voice started to yell.In the arms of kids hiding.

clearly and compassionately describes subsequent events Yesenin.Closed swan chicks from predators, but to save itself did not have a chance.Eagle sharp claws dug into a thin neck.Predator lifted the victim up, but she pushed tabs swans to the bush, close to a safe hiding place.The chicks survived.

bitter sadness envelops the reader.Eagle breaks the mother's body.From her eyes dripping tears hopeless.

nature has not changed.Still enjoys a brighter day.But sitting quietly in the bushes orphaned fledglings.They are waiting for the beloved mother will allow them to look out.

Immortal motive

masterfully develops creative imagination Sergei Yesenin."Swan" - work that makes a new way to discover the world of the author.Especially cardiac work was because of his poetic word very close to people's stories.The image of a swan mother is one of the most sensual in Russian folklore.

Since ancient times this bird was a symbol of fidelity.Her name was called beautiful boys and girls.Kill Dall miracle was considered a great sin.To properly handle such talents as Fedor Tiutchev, Eduard Asadov, Nikolay Z, Marina Tsvetaeva, Alexander Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova and others.Part of the story has become world-famous "Swan Lake".

special feelings Esenina to the heroine.His rhymes not only is it a bird, and animate the character.It does not change the traditions which have developed over the centuries, and selects the most gentle words.

Poetry Juvenile

The goal of every author - to bring light to the soul of his readers.The important idea is viewed through line Esenina.Deep respect and gratitude for the act - that's how the poet refers to the swan.Such experiences, he wanted to grow up at his audience.

Fate bird opens in young readers such qualities as compassion, and indifferent.The poem teaches us to appreciate the tenderness which gives us free dearest person in the world - my mother.Master words most skillfully conveyed the idea.The plot is simple, described hundreds of writers before him, sung by dozens of people.Yet it rhymes Esenina touch the hearts of young audiences.After all, it is clearly separated good and evil, well developed the idea, there are no conflicting components.

Although beautiful bird dies in the end, love will live on in children.This topic is sure to impress the minds of young people.

Addiction author

talent that this gifted poet - a rarity.His work - a masterpiece in the genre of landscape.The paintings, which he painted words, a strong influence on the human psyche.But the main attention to the story itself attracts birds.As a poet refers to the swan, it is clear from the first proposals - he immediately compares it with the star.In the verse, it is not just white and snowy.Also, the poet calls it glorious, that is, giving a direct link to the brave, bold character, who has yet to manifest.

The more grasp the meaning of a poem, the more clear it becomes invisible at first considerable detail.The figure shrouded in unspeakable sorrow swan.Author pierced her every line.It seems that the mother had a presentiment of death.By the end of the works, it remains a symbol of purity and unselfishness.Sergey has put into this work a piece of his heart.

Talent lyric poem

favorite instrument is the personification of the poet.Each item is presented as a living being.Such a mass of metaphors can be seen only in fairy tales.

When reading the lines in the imagination there are bright pictures of forest life.Both children and adults are developing emotional perception.Poet promotes love for all living things, respect for nature.Swan becomes a symbol of self-sacrifice.The main character is worthy of respect.It inspires us to act out.

worth noting the colors, artwork is created in which Sergei Yesenin.The poem "swan" very picturesque.Scenes of nature genius emphasizes these tones.There are dark wood, crimson rays, mildew that lit up the sky of scarlet, silver lake, emerald rings of water, green coast, the golden sun.Eagle, presented in black and is the embodiment of evil, and the white swan - the light of love.

eternal image

leading theme of the work is the figure of the mother.Special Senses at all times Russian poets had for his parents.I was no exception and Sergei Yesenin.

Paradise, which describes the poet, full of tragic surprises.Swan is closely watching the seemingly calm nature.She is well aware that under the fragrant grass hiding an insidious snake, but from a quiet grove can fly a kite.

main character sacrifices himself for the sake of the children.In such an act is only capable of a loving mother.When she feels the approach of danger, the first and only of its task - to protect children.Scene extraordinary loyalty becomes the final note of the work.From finals it becomes clear how the poet refers to the swan.It is for him - the embodiment of endless love and tenderness of motherhood.