The book is about the nature: what to choose for your child read?

Book of nature - it is one of the most important ways to help children learn more about our world, to teach them to love their home country, as well as instill a positive attitude to our younger brothers.Russian writers, who created wonderful works of this subject, pay attention not only to sketch landscapes, but also on the moral and ethical content.You can lead a large list of names of those who wrote about nature.

Books on Nature: The authors

Of course, the first to come to mind at the mention of this genre, as a story about nature, are Mikhail Prishvin and Paustovsky.Their works for children to learn in school.Among these stories there are those which are intended for the youngest readers, but this does not exclude the presence in their arsenal of products and more serious "adult".

wrote about nature and a wonderful writer of the early 20th century, Ivan Shmelev, who was forced to emigrate abroad after the revolution.In his books so much love for his native land, to the Russian people that th

ey just need to read for everyone.Sometimes in his works there is a religious element, all holy days, which the author describes, invariably cause readers awe, a sense of unity with his people.

Another well-known author and naturalist - Zhitkov Boris.He vividly describes the surprising behavior of the animals, changes in the nature that occur with the seasons.

Books about nature and animals written by authors such as R. Pogodin, Aleshin V., I. Ehrenburg From foreign classics: George. London M.Tven and others.

analysis of some works

can not talk about literary works,without analyzing them.The feature works on this topic is that short stories are combined in the whole book.Titles of books about nature, tend to be simple and plain, immediately set up on the main theme of the work.

Prishvin, "the owner of the Forest"

This series of stories, which received its name from one of them.The whole collection is imbued with a common thought: Could it be a man the master of the forest?Prishvin clearly indicates that there is.In the first story, "spider" the narrator appears to the reader as a person with whom he shares his secrets of the forest.He saw thousands of small webs, stretched from one tree to another.When he realized this, they began to go so as not to offend those who have seen.This story is primarily to teach respect for nature, as well as the ability to feel the beauty and charm of the environment.The protagonist of the story, on whose behalf the narrator becomes a witness of how naughty boy set fire to the tree resin.Hero put out the fire.A prankster - "forest owner" - a lesson became a reproach to his girlfriend Zina reasonable.All three characters together wait out the rain under the tree, so as not to get wet.The narrator says that there is nothing more beautiful than to hear a warm summer rain in the forest, and the reader also wants to enjoy such moments.

"Pantry sun"

This is perhaps the most famous book about nature.Prishvin wrote her a very beautiful language.He tries to attract the attention of young readers to the extraordinary greatness of Russian nature, to instill love for her.The heroes of the story - two orphaned children Mitrasha and Nastya.Mitrasha constantly exhorts his sister.Many tells her of what his father told him.It describes in detail the Prishvin forest.He pays attention to each and every berry leaves, and this valuable story.

K. Paustovsky, "Golden tench"

In this story says about fishing.Author lovingly describes the march with his grandfather for fish: the way he whipped the horse sorrel, as he sang the quail in the bushes, began as a summer rain.Heroes managed to catch a huge golden tench, which is envied all the residents of the village.

"hare feet"

This is a very good book about nature.The story of how animals and humans can interact.My grandfather once went hunting, shot at a hare, but missed.And then the fire started in the forest.He began to run away from the fire, but the fire spread very quickly, and already death overtook him.suddenly he saw a hare, who also escaped from the fire.Grandfather knew that animals feel, where is the fire, and ran after the beast.Gray led the grandfather of the fire.The animal was burned paws and belly.Grandfather with his grandson took Vanka rabbit to the vet care for him.So, he recovered and continued to live with his grandfather, but in the wild it is also running.And the old hunter still feels guilt in front of his savior for that shot him.

Books about wildlife are always instructive.They help to explain to the child where good and evil where, how to act.Russian writers have paid special attention to the landscape.Of course, a favorite area - a forest.After all, it is associated with Russia.

not any book on the nature contains such detailed description of it.A striking example - work of Jack London's "White Fang."It is designed for teens reading, brings respect and love for those who tamed the people.

George. London, "White Fang"

son of a dog and a wolf White Fang was initially very glad that I got to the white people.He began to cultivate as a fighting dog.But one of his favorite master of a little before his death he did not score because of the loss.It was then that he bought another white man - Scott.White Fang treated him in disbelief, but then got used to.Scott took the dog with him to California, where at first the animal was unusual.The farm is quiet and calm.But then, Fang used to, he once saved from the death of a person while receiving severe injuries.But strong animal recovered.Scott White Fang repaid for his good attitude of love and devotion.

Thus, the book of nature - this is not just a way to learn new things about the world, but also a good opportunity to develop a kindness, a sense of beauty, all human qualities.