Review of the book "The Little Prince" and summary

¬ęThe Little Prince" - a wonderful book that is easy to read at any age.Of course, a child and an adult have different understandings of the meaning of the work, but the fact that adults are more open and better see the essence of things - a fact to be proven.Review of the book "The Little Prince" and the summary will be reviewed in this article.

mysterious romantic sky

Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a pilot who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and not perceiving happiness with his beloved.Review of the book "The Little Prince" might never have become positive in all respects, if not full of exciting events the fate of the writer.The wife of the writer was noble and beautiful to engage the views of the majority of men.By the will of the debt Exupery often away from home, maneuvering over the boundless expanse of continents.Perhaps this factor played a role in the relations between the spouses, because, according to eyewitnesses, his beautiful wife often did not come home at night.

unfortunate family life, forced to move to New York, as well as the mysterious accidents and incidents at work formed the basis of the novels of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.As a military pilot, writer put their lives in danger.And in July 1944, his plane disappeared not far from his native France.Until now, his body was found, and there are no clues that indicate the possible cause of death, only speculation.

review book

book "The Little Prince" Exupery, despite the easy style and childish manner of presentation, it is very symbolic.The story is based on the story of how the pilot met with the boy, who came from another planet.Daily dealing heroes to know each other better, and the little prince tells about his home and travel.For every innocent story is the hidden meaning.For example, a boy on the planet grow weeds and useful herbs.Most malicious, germinating on the asteroid in 612 - the seeds of the baobab.If they are not removed in time, they will grow rapidly and destroy the planet.Behind the metaphors lurking idea that man is made up of good and bad qualities.If it is not time to eliminate all the negative in itself, it will grow and multiply and eventually enslave his soul.

review the book "The Little Prince" is usually not based on the search for the symbolism of the whole work, and on the comparative characterization of its main characters.Actors: The Little Prince, Rosa, who grew up on his planet, Fox, who taught the boy's friendship, and the snake, which helped him to get back to where he came from.

Rose was beautiful and whimsical at the same time.Like all beautiful creations, she was endowed with sharp spikes to defend itself, but could not at the same time withstand the brute force.Prince watered it, but it takes it for granted, and even showed displeasure, and only when he decided to go on a trip, she admitted that she loved him.

On other planets Prince met with the locals and their device life.Attentive viewers will catch the irony in many respects and learns some human vices.

characteristic image of the protagonist

review the book "The Little Prince" can not be built without attention to the main character of the work.The prototype for the central hero's tale has become a way for children and adults, who have not lost their "inner child."

Little Prince appears to the reader with pure soul, which is not touched by the evil passions of the world.Living on his planet, he used every day to carry out repetitive actions, which are the essence of piety is human nature.Met with Rosa, which made him think about his feelings and actions, the little prince embarks on a journey in search of the inhabitants of other planets.Metaphor of this act is that sooner or later, a person has to meet with himself, and only after a long journey through the labyrinth of his soul, he is ready for this internal dialogue.

usually in the school curriculum includes a review of the book "The Little Prince" (an essay on the free theme), where children describe the symbolic images of the main characters of fairy tales.Among these students usually opt for the prince and his friend, with whom dialogue turned into a catch phrase.

role of Lisa in a fairy tale

his image has always evoked associations with cunning and wisdom.Talking to this animal, the protagonist finally finds himself.Brief and concise statements of the Fox lead Prince to realize what it means friendship and relationships are based on what people reveal the secrets of love and those subtleties of human psychology, which they have long ceased to pay attention.

Each review of the book "The Little Prince" is significantly different from the other.This is due to the ambiguity in the storyline and complexity of translation.Many writers still lead a discussion on what a sense of hiding behind masks Roses and the Fox.But even this can not change the fact that indifferent readers of this tale is not.