Summary: "The Ugly Duckling" of Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen, the world-famous Dane, novelist and poet, was truly a great storyteller.Until now, a lot of time has passed since the publication of his works in the light, his work is still loved and children, and adults.He has written many children's stories, known to us from the cradle, including "The Snow Queen" and "The Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina" and "Shadow".A striking example of the tale "The Ugly Duckling."Hans Christian Andersen wrote a life of seventy years of more than 170 works of poetry and prose.And some researchers of his work say that no less than 200!Many people are aware of their summary."The Ugly Duckling" (fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen) - is no exception.Let us also recall its main plot.

Summary: "The Ugly Duckling" (Andersen)

When a duck there, hatched from eggs, ducklings, among them found an ugly appearance, unsightly and awkward character.And besides all later born.For all these drawbacks he gets the nickname Ugly Duckling.Mature duck who knows everything,

told her mother the baby, that he was actually a duckling and not: likely poult!But our hero sailed reasonably well, although all the inhabitants of the yard it is constantly trying to humiliate and hurt due to its unpretentious and clumsiness.Even his own mother took up arms against his own son, her apparent ugly.As a result, The Ugly Duckling was forced to flee from the courtyard into the swamp, inhabited by wild geese.

The story

continue to present a summary.Ugly Duckling has experienced many adventures in the swamp.He met with the wild geese, even trying to be friends.But hunters kill newfound comrades, and the dog runs past the duck hunters.Our hero is upset: "I guess I'm so unattractive that even the dog does not want to eat me."At night, he runs to the swamp and come into the hut, home to an old lady, a cat and a chicken.Elderly woman not abandon duckling, but chicken and cat begin baiting.And the ugly duckling has to come back to the swamp.So the whole winter, and he lived in the reeds.

Magic finals

spring, our hero sees the swans on the lake, which he loved even earlier, I do not understand why.He's trying to get to them, and (a miracle!) Sees his reflection in the water.It turns out that he, too, became a swan, young and beautiful.Next Duckling joined her beautiful family.

This is a summary."The Ugly Duckling," Andersen's fairy tale, says that every man concealed the hidden forces and inner beauty.And one of the ugly duckling can turn a beautiful swan, you only need to believe in their own capabilities.