Who wrote "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"?

little old man sitting by the fireplace, telling stories, absurd and incredibly interesting, very funny and "true" ... It seems that some time will pass, and the reader will decide that it is possible to pull himself out of the swamp, grasping the hair,Wolf turned inside out, find half a horse that is drinking tons of water and can not quench their thirst.

familiar story, is not it?About Baron Munchausen heard everything.Even people who do not really get along with belles lettres, thanks go to the cinema will be able to list a couple of fantastic stories about him.Another question: "Who wrote the fairy tale" The Adventures of Baron Munchausen "?"Alas, the name of Rudolph Raspe known not for everyone.And whether it is a genuine creator of the character?Literary scholars still find the strength to argue on this topic.However, first things first.

Who wrote the book "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"?

Born future writer - 1736 th.His father was a civil servant and part-time miner, as well as a not

orious lover of minerals.That explained why his early years Raspe spent about mines.Soon he received a basic education, which continued in the University of Göttingen.First he took a right and then took the natural sciences.Thus, nothing indicated his future hobby - philology, and no signs that he will be the one who wrote "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."

Subsequent years

On his return to his hometown, he chooses his activities clerk and then worked as a secretary in the library.As a publisher Raspe debuted in 1764, offering the world the works of Leibniz, who, incidentally, have been devoted to the future of the prototype "adventure".Around the same time, he wrote the novel "Hermine and Gunilda", became a professor and gets a post of the inspector of the antique cabinet.Journey through Westphalia in search of ancient manuscripts, and then rare items for collection (alas, not his own).Last Raspe trusted, given its solid credibility and experience.And, as it turned out, in vain!The one who wrote "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" was not a very wealthy man, even the poor that led to crime and to sell part of the collection.However, Raspe managed to avoid punishment, but how it happened is hard to say.They say that a man who had come to arrest heard and, fascinated by his gift of the narrator, allowed to escape.This is not surprising, because they are faced with the very Raspe - those who wrote "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"!How could it be otherwise?

appearance of tales

Stories, the vicissitudes related to the publication of this tale, in fact, turn out to be less interesting than the adventures of its protagonist.In 1781 in the "Guide for gay people" meet the first stories with resilient and omnipotent old man.It is not known who wrote "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."The author found it necessary to stay in the shadows.It is these stories Raspe took as a basis for their own work, which has been combined figure of the narrator, possess integrity and completeness (unlike previous versions).Tales were written in English, and the situations in which the protagonist acted, had a purely English flair, they have been associated with the sea.The very same book was conceived as a kind of a warning directed against the lies.

Then tale translated into German (did the poet Gottfried Burger), supplemented and amended the previous text.And the changes were so significant that the major academic journals in the list of those who wrote "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", appear two names - Raspe and Burger.


irrepressible Baron had a real-life prototype.His name was as a literary character - Munchausen.By the way, the problem of transmission of the German names remained unsolved.Roots Chukovsky coined the option "Munchausen," but in today's editions in the name of the hero entered the letter "r."

Real Baron, already in advanced age, he loved to talk about his hunting adventures in Russia.Students remembered that at such times the narrator's face was animated, he began to gesticulate, and then from that faithful man could hear the incredible stories.They have become increasingly popular, and even to go to press.Of course, the required percentage of anonymity was respected, but people who knew the Baron understand who is the prototype of these lovely stories.

last years and death

In 1794, the writer tries to establish a mine in Ireland, but realized those plans prevented the death.Raspe value for the further development of literature is great.In addition to the character of the invention, which has already become a classic, almost from scratch (with all the details of creating a fairy tale, which was mentioned above), Raspe drew attention of contemporaries to the ancient Germanic poetry.It is also one of the first felt the "Songs of Ossian" - a fake, though not denying their cultural values.