How many fairy tales written Pushkin?

about Pushkin's fairy tales heard even those who have not read any of the works of the great poet.Although there exists in Russia in general such a person?But even if it did, the multipliers were able to breathe new life into fabulous creations of Alexander.And make not very loving rebyatnyu read with interest to see how greedy old woman pays for their own greed and evil stepmother tries to get used to the world rival.

How Pushkin wrote fairy tales?In the famous large-circulation edition of his works placed seven works belonging to this genre.First on the list is a little-known tale "Bride" (1825), and completes the list of "The Golden Cockerel".However, it should be noted that magical, fantastic element in the works of Pushkin was before.However, his early tales, poems can not be considered very successful.They are still deprived of the people's spirit, for which we are so fond of the works of Alexander Sergeyevich.

«There was a pop ...»

to answer questions about how many fairy tales and Pushkin

wrote as they are called, it is necessary to analyze its lesser-known works.For example, the source for the above-mentioned "Bridegroom" is the story from the collection of the Brothers Grimm.The poet, however, did not follow blindly, and gave him the pretext of national flavor.The main character is Natasha, a merchant's daughter who becomes a witness terrible atrocities.And what was her horror when the offender woos her!It was then, at the wedding feast, she exposes his "beloved" for which her honor and praise.

«adult" content "Bridegroom" forces to put the question differently: "How many tales Pushkin wrote, and for whom?"Apparently, according to the author's intention, they are not intended for an audience of children, but their children and loved.This applies to the full extent of the second tale tells of the Priest and His Workman Balda.The plot was taken from Pushkin's folklore - fairy tale, written in the Mikhailovsky.Actually the story, when a greedy ass outwitted laborer, is very popular among the oral folklore.Pushkin in the processing of the source stressed the positive features of the bulldozer, pointing not only to his hard work and cunning, but also on the ability to earn the love of everyone.

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Wow, how many fairy tales written Pushkin!However, not all of them known publicly.Next on the list was listed unfinished "The Tale of medvedihe" (1830).Literary critics it is interesting primarily as closest to the authentic folk style.Although the sources of folk tales could not be found, apparently, its plot is wholly owned by the poet, however much impact on her folk art.This is particularly evident in the scene crying Bear for his murdered wife.Also of interest are the remarkable social characteristics, these beasts of the author, who gathered at the funeral: a noble wolf, fox-podyachiha, baby-serf.

next work, the much-loved children - "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" (1832) - also has folk roots.We know two versions of folk tales, which served as a source for the creation of Pushkin.However, none of them the poet and did not follow through.The story is quite traditional tales: slandered wife and a happy outcome of this situation.However, Pushkin modify the content sources, expanding their subjects happy way, the ideal state, which was headed by Guidon.

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continue to consider how many fairy tales written by Pushkin.Next is the creation doctrine to those who go on about their own greed.This refers, of course, "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish."Its plot Pushkin borrowed from Russian folklore, but legends about the same content present in the works of other nations.Interestingly, in the version of the Brothers Grimm greedy old woman wished to make ... the Pope.By the way, in the work of the Russian poet original character still it was allowed to settle in a huge tower with a tiara on her head.But from such a plan had to abandon Pushkin: such a plot turn would deprive the tale a significant proportion of its national colors.

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Another wandering plot - stepmother, in which whatever was wanted to kill his stepdaughter, so she was not able to surpass it.Finding parallels do not need long to puzzle: it is enough to recall the famous "Snow White", although with a similar creation story are present even among the peoples of East Africa!

«The Tale of the Dead Princess" is almost the top of the lyric poet's heritage.This is especially true scenes of the funeral of the princess and her quest Elisha - here the poetic talent of the Russian genius reaches its climax.

So many tales wrote Pushkin?

Finally remains the most mysterious and inexplicable - "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel".The young audience it is especially a lot of questions.Why cockerel cried for the first time, because no one was attacking?What is the need eunuchs queen?And so on. D. In the meantime, the whole story - "good fellows a lesson".Incidentally, the phrase that became winged, censors cut out, what caused the anger of the poet.Well, share it!A conversation about how much Pushkin wrote fairy tales for children, is complete.They are, as noted above, all seven.