Unusual sports - roller hockey

Often young people are interested in the unusual sports.Take, for example, roller hockey.Photo and this article will help you to solve this.That, however, is not so difficult.Roller hockey - a sport that resembles a normal hockey puck but instead it uses the ball.The player's task is to hammer it into the opponent's net.

bit of history

first game appeared in Britain in the twentieth century.Then she began to play the Germans.Roller Hockey developed in countries with high economic capacity.Currently, there are organizations such as the International Roller Sports Association and the International Federation of roller skating.These organizations are the organizers of the World and European championships.

Necessary equipment for playing roller hockey requires a specially equipped playground.Most of its length is 20 x 40 meters, at least 15 x 35 m. The platform can be covered with asphalt, concrete, stone slabs or wooden planks.The main thing that it was fenced rim, which should not be less than 20

cm in height.

Each player is required to dress properly.Mandatory defense under socks, knee pads, gloves and bandage.Goalkeeper has special shields to protect your feet, their thickness is about 35 cm. For hand protection use gloves, the palm thickened.Also, goalie knee pads and put on a bandage.Often a mask to protect your face.

Roller Hockey - a ball?

very fun and exciting is a roller hockey.The ball used for the game special, it is made of hard rubber.Weight - 155 grams, diameter - 23 cm. A goal is scored when the ball crosses the goal line opponent.

Roller Hockey is such a thing as a high ball.So is any ball that flew after hitting the stick 1.5 meters or more.If he flew so high in reflection hitting the goalkeeper, the mistake is not considered.In other cases, like the cast is counted as a violation.

stick shall be made of wood.Height from 90 to 115 cm and weighing less than 500 grams.

playing technique

team consists of two attackers, one binder, one shot, one defender.In addition, the bench must sit one goalkeeper and two players to replace.Replace the player at any time during a game or during a break.The main thing is that the new member can start the game only when a replacement is gone from the site.

The game is two halves, each lasting 20 minutes.One break - 10 minutes.It is also possible to assign the additional time, if required by the rules of the game.The first extra period lasts for 2 minutes, the second longest - 4 minutes.The game continues until the first goal.

The game is very similar to a regular ice hockey.Athletes should move very quickly, to be collected, noticing every move an opponent.In this game you can train your abs, arms and legs.

very important that athletes play collectively.If each player will do as he pleases, victory this team will never achieve.Everyone in the team is fulfilling its role, but ultimately all work together.

Any player has to move well on the rollers.To be able to rotate and turn at high speed, slow down, slow down.In addition to the ability to move on the rollers, the player must know how to use a stick and be able to take and pass the ball, keep it and throw the net.

What throw?

Throw held at the beginning of the game, during the game period or extra time.If the judge can not accurately follow the game, he has the right to suspend the game and then start it with a throw.To do this, two players rival stand opposite each other in the middle of the field.The ball is on the ground, the club rivals in the 20 cm from it.After the whistle, the game can begin.Here, each player must show the speed and agility to take possession of the ball.

As in the regular game, the judge may impose a penalty or free-kick.During this strike players stand behind the center.Goalkeeper standing in goal, the player who will make blow - on the mark for the penalty kick.

for violating the judge may remove a player for 2, 5 or more minutes.In some cases, when there was a gross violation of the rules, the judge may remove a player to end the game.Remove a player can not be replaced.In this case, the command is to lower the number of players and it becomes more vulnerable.

Playing follow the judge.One major, who, along with the players move on the playing field and ensures that there are no violations.The other two are at the gate.During the goals they raise the flag, thereby indicating that the ball into the net.In any disputes, the judges may give advice or to request a live video of the match.Over time, the game watching judge timekeepers.They consider how long it takes the game, how long it lasted and stop extra time.

to learn how to play roller hockey, you need a lot of time.To get started you just need to ride on roller skates, and then explore various methods of running.Then you can start skating with a stick and a ball, learn the rules of the game.When the main course will be completed and the student starts fluent stick and a ball, you can move on to more difficult exercises.This is a different form of attack and defense, harping, deceptive maneuvers.