Overtime - what is it?

Quite often in sports reports hears the word "overtime".What is it, many imagine very roughly.Usually, the term begins to sound as we approach the end of the match, which ends with a draw.In some kinds of sports competition rules do not provide for the possibility of such a conclusion.In this case, to achieve the victory for the team additional time, otherwise known as the English term "overtime".What is it and what are the features of the game in the extra period - is determined by the rules and regulations of the competition.For each sport in which there are nuances.

it always needs some overtime?

For quite a long period of history in sports competitions do without the additional period.But as the number of participants in the tournament competition dates for the competition is delayed.And this process need to be adjusted.The easiest way to achieve this - change the rules of matches so as to avoid a draw.Among other things, it gives sports confrontation between two teams especially acute and entert

ainment.The game becomes uncompromising when it can not end in a draw.If extra-time does not reveal the winner, it will be followed by another overtime.What is this if not the ultimate test of their capabilities for all field players and goalkeepers?But exactly this interesting sport, just for the thrill of coming to the stadium and fans and athletes themselves.It should be noted that this principle of the game was borrowed from the practice of the tournament North American National Hockey League.

In hockey

particular significance the game in extra time has such a popular game like hockey.All the fun is often the case after overtime began.What is it - should ask the goalkeepers.It is on them at this point of the match goes to enormous burden and responsibility.Because after one of goals the game is completed, and we can not fix anything.Pressing for the game in overtime to reach the finals of the Continental Hockey League, when the matches are on a "playoff".One missed the puck here can put an end not only in the game, but in the whole championship.Therefore overtime in hockey - it's always a moment of truth.Under the rules of the CHL duration of the additional period of 20 minutes.On the field at this point can host four field players from each team, not including goalies.A special feature of overtime is that everyone is afraid to make a mistake.That is why the game sometimes takes a very protracted.

Overtime basketball

hockey Similar to the principle of regulation time applied in tournament competitions in basketball.In case of a draw in regulation time counting their match extra Orientation meeting to determine the winner.The duration of additional time is half the standard period.Number of overtime is not limited.In theory, the game can go on for a long time, but in actual practice, tournament competition is rarely a large amount of overtime.Of course, the game into extra time greatly exacerbated.

Overtime football

fundamentally different approach to regulation time exists in such a popular game in the world, like football.There is no need to necessarily play to win one of the teams.A draw rules recognized.But quite often by the decision of the chief judge of the match extra time of the game.It is usually two or three minutes.It corresponds to the length of time that has been lost during the match at all sorts of technical reasons.A judge may also appoint additional time if deems that the players of the teams intentionally delaying the game.Typically, this happens when the leading team in the bill seeks to preserve the existing advantage until the final whistle.It often happens that the extra minutes are crucial and fundamentally change the result of the match.