Gagarin Cup (hockey).

Gagarin Cup - the trophy of the championship of the Continental Hockey League.The process of establishing this competition, as well as the how the choice of name for the Cup - an interesting and exciting story.

About Gagarin Cup

Gagarin Cup was named after the first cosmonaut of the world.At the time of establishment of the CHL organizers felt that such an honorable name cup is able to unite people.Yuri Gagarin, as rightly noted sports functionaries - a person who is associated by our citizens with the highest achievements, he - one of the symbols of the people.

According to the organizers of the League Cup titles could help the Russian hockey team to become the first in the world to make a breakthrough, besides the astronaut on hearing the name of the inhabitants of the planet.At the meetings, members of the working committee of the League Cup idea to call the name of Gagarin was supported unanimously.Noteworthy is the fact that the cosmonaut himself loved hockey and played it.Suffice it to re

call the song of Yuri Gagarin with words on how future space explorers went to the ice with a stick.Our legendary countryman discovered the world space.In turn, thanks to a sports awards as the Gagarin Cup, hockey Russia could reassert itself on the international scene.

Czech sensation

About who won the Gagarin Cup in 2014, about the club "Metallurg" Magnitogorsk know almost all the Russian fans, and a great sensation of victory this team, according to many analysts, did not.Some sports experts was surprising appearance in the final of the Czech team, "Leo."This is the Gagarin Cup - Results of opposition teams can be very unpredictable.Club Prague has much more modest financial means than many Russian his rivals.This team, experts believe, there are no players who could be considered stars.

All Czech players about the same wages and taxes - are much higher than in Russia.Many experts analyze the game club from Prague, we came to the conclusion that the Czechs showed incredible character, the will to win, and therefore deserve to play in the final of the League.Sensations and beautiful hockey - Gagarin Cup 2014 is demonstrated.


the trophy KHL - is the Gagarin Cup.Hockey - a game for which is not alien to the principle: "The main thing - not to win but to participate."And because in the League established many other trophies - very interesting, although not comparable in significance to the Gagarin Cup.There is, for example, a prize named after the legendary Soviet hockey player Vsevolod Bobrov.It is awarded to the team that scored in the League the most goals.It is the top scorer trophy - it gets the player who scored a total of the highest number of points in the format of "goal plus pass".

There prize "Golden Helmet", which is produced six of the best players of the season - goalkeeper, two defenders and three forwards, forming a "dream team."There are individual trophies - goalkeeper (with the largest percentage rescued washers), most valuable player of the season, as well as the most qualified judge League.There is a prize awarded to the most effective defender (as opposed to attacking chances to score in a game they did not so much, why and valuable role of the players threw the puck).

About KHL

Let's talk more about one of the world's largest hockey divisions - Continental Hockey League (KHL).Gagarin Cup - the main prize of the international competition under the auspices of the sports organization.Many hockey experts note that UEFA can already compete with the world's strongest league in the sport - NHL in which teams play in Canada and the United States.

now playing in the CHL teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, and several European countries.In the club - the world famous hockey players.Previous games in the CHL have such figures as Jaromir Jagr, Dominik Hasek (both - from the Czech Republic), Sandis Ozolins (Lithuania), many famous Russian players.The first draw of the League Cup was held in autumn 2008 - spring 2009.Many experts pointed out that the CHL immediately established itself as one of the biggest and most prestigious sporting events.

chief inspirer

In one of his speeches, Vladimir Putin (then as prime minister) has admitted that the CHL in many ways - his initiative.Russian Prime Minister considered that competition should return to its former hockey sharpness inherent in times of confrontation of Soviet and Canadian teams.Putin explained that recreate the struggle that took place earlier between the North American and European schools play the puck - an interesting prospect.

The Prime Minister also expressed the hope that the CHL has become the league, able to accommodate within its borders the team from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and became a full continental competition - and without regulation by the political and administrative structures.It turns out that due to the state and there KHL Gagarin Cup.Hockey in Russia today, as in Soviet times, attracted the attention of the authorities.

Winner 2014 season

season in the CHL, held in autumn 2013 - spring 2014, the winner was the club Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist".Gagarin Cup hockey players got in a bitter struggle with the Czech "Lion" of Prague."MMK" (often referred to as his team Magnitogorsk fans) - one of the strongest clubs in Russia.Even before the creation of the CHL "Metallurg" has repeatedly won national hockey titles.In 1999, he won the Moscow "Dynamo", two years later - Omsk "Vanguard", in 2007 - Kazakh "Ak Bars".In 2004, "Metallurg" was a finalist for the Russian league, but lost in the finals of the championship Omsk "Vanguard".

structure CHL

Teams participating in the CHL championship, distributed according to the geography of the cities they represent.League is divided into two conferences - Eastern and Western.In each of them there are two divisions (all - named after the great Soviet hockey players).In the Eastern Conference - the name of Kharlamov and Chernyshev, West - in honor of Bobrov and Tarasov.Each division is played by six teams.According to most experts, a special difference in class between the teams conferences there, and there and there are clubs that can achieve the highest results in the championship.

himself draw of the main prize of the CHL is carried out in two stages.The first - a regular season (games in the group), the second - the playoffs (Shootout).On stage, the number one team plays each other twice in their division in the city, and the same - in the other.According to one game - with teams of other divisions.According to the results of games in groups determined by the participants of the playoffs, who play the main prize - the Gagarin Cup.Hockey, analysts say, may be different for entertainment at different stages.If the team can play the championship open and beautiful, in the playoffs, they are afraid to miss the puck and take a more tactical closed model.