Appearances are deceptive, or What is Baba Yaga

About that looks like Baba Yaga, known to everyone from childhood, we know thanks to Russian folk tales, cartoons and cinema films.Typically, it is presented as a character is negative, a flighty and even harmful character, and rather unattractive appearance.However, very few people know that is not always in the representation of the people she was an ugly old woman, is building all sorts of machinations of the main characters of fairy tales.How did this fantastic-mythological character, and which external changes have been Baba Yaga, the disclosure of which are found in different sources?We will try to answer all these questions in this article.


This fairy tale character, Baba Yaga, Slavic mythology is present in different nations.In different regions of Russia, it has several names: Yagiha, Yagabova and Yagaya woman.In Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia and the Czech Republic also have similar mythological characters, though under different names, but the appearance and habits of most of them ar

e very similar.Baba Yaga lives away from the people in the deep woods.Witchcraft and communicates with a variety of forest dwellers.People are reluctant to communicate with it, so it looks like Baba Yaga is quite ominous: an old, stooped, with a hooked nose and an ugly face, "adorned with" a variety of warts, with long gray lohmami.And the character, according to the tales, rather harmful: if it helps, then reluctantly, trying to complicate with the life of the protagonist.

Prototypes and prototypes

Having learned as a child looks like Baba Yaga, it is difficult to imagine that in the distant past of our ancestors, she saw a young and full of energy, quite powerful young beauty with blond braids that can take any shape:storm or an animal, bird or cloud.In the pantheon of gods of the ancient Slavic goddess she was good - the keeper of secret knowledge, family and traditions, tutor children and orphans - Yeah Yaginishna, Yogini, later turned into a Baba Yaga.She lived on the border of Navi - dark kingdoms and Reveal - physical reality.Since one foot in the realm of Yaga is dead, and the second is the world of the living, to move it in our world comes by the stupa - a special flying contraptions.Agree, we get a portrait of Baba Yaga is significantly different from the image familiar to us from childhood?This goddess guarding the border between the world of the living and the dead, there is a mythological tradition in most European nations: the German Holda is, or as it is called, Perhta, Greek and Hindu Kali, Hecate.

There is quite a logical question: "How the mighty goddess of beauty, has become a folk tales in the old woman hermit rather unpleasant appearance and the nature of evil?"


About that looks like Baba Yaga, we are told fairy tales, written mainly by researchers and literary processed recently.Until that time, these stories are an element of oral tradition and passed down through the descendants of the story.The conversion of the young goddess in being closer to nature and forest spirits occurred after matriarchy gave way to patriarchy.With the change of social system was a change of supreme gods - the female deity has given way to a more aggressive male.The researchers suggest that this change of objects of worship has been negatively perceived by the priestesses of the cult Yogini Yaga, who left the tribes, betrayed, in their view, faith.Have knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants and practical skills to use them, knew how to heal a variety of ailments, settled witches (Veda know) away from people in the depths of forests.Ordinary people are afraid, though, but often turned to the unknown for them and therefore scary witches.

adoption of Christianity in Russia has led to the fact that the priestesses and followers of the cult of the pagan goddess Yogini came to be regarded as a purely negative characters, and eventually turned into a collective image of Baba Yaga.

On the face - terrible, but kind inside

analyzing the majority of tales about Baba Yaga, it is difficult to say it is a positive character or not.This problem arises from the fact that its actions often seem to be against the protagonist of the tale.However, with the development of the story you know what Baba Yaga, the disclosure of which draws the evil old witch, guides on the right, albeit strange, ways and rescues from various afflictions heroic character.Thanks Yaga become possible transition time good young man from our world Reveal in Nav and his safe return back.

What is the real Baba Yaga, now hard to say.Unlikely as it describe folk legends and fairy tales.But each of us has the ability to dream and imagine it the way we like it!