Chekhov's works: a list of the most popular

creative periods of Anton Chekhov covers more two decades, for which was written some 900 works.It is shorter and more voluminous stories, novels, plays, essays on current issues.

early works of Chekhov

List open printed first, "What is most common in novels, stories and so on. D." And "Letter to the scientist neighbor."This was followed by many short stories, sketches, wearing a humorous or satirical character and ridiculing the realities of life, the vices of men, including callousness, servility, servility, and so on. N. This is familiar to the modern reader "Unter Prishibeyev" and "Chameleon", "Thickand thin "and" Horse surname "," Joy "and" salty "," Burbot "and" Surgery "," attacker "and" Daddy "," blurred "and" Tosca "," Death to the officer, "and many others.In total more than 400. The brevity, expressiveness, the special role of artistic details, saying the names - that's their main symptoms.Stories 80s were published mainly in comic magazines under pseudonyms.

Rounding out the early period of more voluminous works of Chekhov.This list includes the story "Late Flowers", "A Boring Story," "Drama on the hunt", "Steppe".The latter marked the turning point in the outlook of the writer and the transition to a new stage.

mature work

90s often called Melikhovo period of literary activity Chekhov.It was a time when he tried to get close to the people as possible and to understand his difficult fate.The symbol of the era are many works of Chekhov.List them too great: "The House with the Mezzanine", "House number 6", "student", "Grasshopper," "The Lady with the Dog", "Darling", "bride", "Guys", "In the Ravine."The peak of Chekhov's prose became "Little Trilogy" ("The Man in a Case," "Gooseberries", "About Love") and "Ionich."Heroes later stories and novels are, as a rule, the intellectuals, cut off from the surrounding reality and live in a comfortable little world, or poorly educated, driven by human indifference to a state of indifference people from people.

Drama Theatre has always played a significant role in the life of the writer.Visit him at the age of thirteen to become Chekhov's passion.A first drama was written during his studies in the gymnasium.Of course, the play "Fatherless" is not to gain fame, but to some extent determine the future of the dramatist Chekhov.

sad fate awaited and work "On the Road" in 1885 - the censorship did not miss it in the press.Thus, if we consider the dramatic works of Chekhov, the list should begin with the play "Ivanov."Next will be the one-act "Bear", "Wedding", which came to the forefront in the creation of the writer's mastery of comic scenes.The undoubted masterpiece of dramatic talent Anton Pavlov considered "The Seagull" (1996), "Uncle Vanya" (1896, revised version of the product "Goblin" - 1889, criticized by friends), "Three Sisters" (1900), "The Cherry Orchard" (1903).These plays have an important place in Russian literature.APChekhov was one of the founders of the new drama, align the classical traditions of Russian prose and late Heritage Ostrovsky.His heroes, humble and charming, open-hearted, and sometimes helpless, worried about the search for meaning of life in a rapidly changing historical conditions.

works on Sakhalin

1990 was marked by a writer in that he went to Sakhalin.The purpose of the trip was the fight against hunger.But what he saw left a deep imprint in the soul of Anton Pavlovich, which eventually became the new works of Chekhov.List them small: a book of essays "Sakhalin Island" stories "in exile", "Murder", sometimes referred here as "House number 6".But they more acutely than ever before, there is a protest against the prevailing order in the country, restricting the normal life of its citizens.

Chekhov's works for children

list here is not great, as Chekhov wrote mostly for adults.He believed that there is no need to invent something for a small audience.Just choose from good literature that can be read to boys and girls.And even those works of Chekhov's characters who were children ("Vanya", "Grisha", "sleepy") is clearly addressed to adult readers.So, if you reconsider everything you wrote Chekhov works, the list of children limited "Kashtanka", "fronted" (writer jokingly referred to these and similar stories with animal) and "Boys."Success certainly enjoyed the story about the dog.But the last two stories of junior high school students and young people often prefer to "Joy", "thick and thin", "horse's name", "Chameleon", "BurbotĀ» ...

Of course, in one article is not possible to bring the entire list of works A.P.Chekhov.But that's not the point.Much more important to the modern reader took a volume with the name of the writer and the full story behind the story, praised the beauty of the language and Chekhov, and Chekhov's humor and irony of Chekhov ...