Pleshakov AA, AA Rumyantsev on environmental ethics.

In 2012, a new book, aimed at environmental education of younger students, whose authors - Pleshakov AA, Rumyantsev AA "Giant in the meadow" can be used as an additional benefit to the subject "The world around us."

What dignity of the book and how it can be useful to the student?

How to behave in nature?

This is perhaps the main question that the authors provide the answer."The big man in the meadow" (a summary of this show) increasingly popular science publication, which contains a lot of interesting posts about the plants, animals and insects.Already in the introduction is given by the definition of "environmental ethics" (a combination made in the subtitle), explained the meaning of "Giant" (a person in relation to those for whom nature - the home).Appeal to the realities of life, the description of the events with ordinary children make the book very informative and interesting to young readers.

Consider, for example, how to construct a story about chafer golden.

Summary of the first story
in the book "The Giant in the meadow┬╗

protagonist of the story - mushroom Peter.Often the man returns from the forest with an empty basket.And it's not that he does not know how to find mushrooms.Peter goes to the forest for a different purpose - to observe how its inhabitants live.And he mesmerized watching the bear butterfly or beetle-steed.A day with him was an amazing event.Mushroom pickers noticed that a number of flying green beetle, named for its shape chafer golden.Peter reached out and lifted the index finger.And then something happened that rarely in the wild.Chafer landed on her finger, for some time sat, moving his mustache, and flew further.

What could attract insects?Why it was not afraid of man?The authors believe that kindness and warmth emanating from Peter Petrovich, really loving the world.Only such people can fully comprehend the true beauty of nature - a conclusion in the book "The Giant in the meadow."

Summary chapters on insects

Next product heroes are the smallest inhabitants of the land.Conversations May beetles, one of them tells a terrible story about how in the hands of boys and accidentally broke free.Beetle-mushroom caught in the home of Tanya together with mushrooms and related back to the forest girl and her clever father.Two caterpillar-traveler, one of which was fortunate enough to cross the road, but the others died, because the boy decided to help the insects, but did it clumsily.Medvedkov almost became a victim of the boys, she frightened her appearance.Fortunately next he appeared entomologist, to release her from captivity glass (bottles).

Includes book "The Giant in a clearing," a summary of which you are reading, and the amazing story of the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful horned swallowtail, a school teacher, who landed on the nose by a wasp flies, a hard-working ants.For many, life will be opening the bee-kamenschitsy.

inhabitants of ponds and animals

crabs, leeches, shells, tadpoles, earthworms, slugs, toads, frogs, lizards, Triton ... On each of these authors tell interesting stories from which it is clear thateverything in nature is natural.Kohl being born into the world, then it is necessary.The authors call the guys treat every inhabitant of the planet with respect and once again not to interfere in its habitat.A man for them and in fact "a giant in the meadow."

Summary story of Nadia shows how a person can change the view on the substance, which he considered vile and disgusting.One girl dreamed wise princess frog.They had a long conversation.Waking up, Nadia decided definitely to her encounter.In the morning she went to the pond.On the shore sat a large and important frog.It is enough naplavatsya and now, probably, decided to rest.The girl came closer - the frog was sitting in his place and looked at Nadia for its amazing eyes.She seemed very unusual: shiny, green, with small spots.House Nadia enthusiastically told my mother: "The real beauty!One need only take a closer look at it. "

defenseless animals and birds

On top authors cite stories about animals and birds, are victims of human.This may be intentional, such as when the boys destroy someone's hole, or well-intentioned.Someone decided to take a summer house Hedgehog, and released it in the autumn forest.Definitely, the animal will die, because you are ready to hibernate.

value of the product

indisputable is the educational value of the book "The Giant in the meadow."Summary of each story ends with an analysis of the characters' actions, advice on, as it should do in each case.Will be useful and rules of behavior in nature.How to clean up the garbage.How to light a fire, so as not to harm nature.Why should not I take a dog for a walk.How to behave in the forest, and many others.

We hope that our article describing the book "The Giant in the meadow" (summary), the main lines of which are printed at the end of the book will help you to behave outside the city and will wish to read the work completely.A rule: "Do unto nature as you would like to do unto you" - will be your motto in life.